Uniplay is on a mission to make play accessible to everyone, everywhere

UniPlay has just announced the launch of a new blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is tradeable within the UniPlay decentralized gaming platform as well as in the real world. Players can earn UniPlays (UNP) by playing and winning, then use them to buy NFTs from the marketplace or sell them for real money.

How can gamers benefit from UniPlay’s model?

The gaming industry has expanded dramatically in the last year. In fact, the gaming industry generated a revenue of $155 billion in 2020, a figure that is predicted to rise to $260 billion by 2025. More gaming companies are setting up shop in this competitive market to capture the hearts of gamers across all skill levels.

Gaming is no longer simply a hobby but, rather, a serious profession. In fact, over 100,000 gamers have registered themselves as professionals.

Despite this rapid expansion, many gamers live in regions with strict restrictions on gaming activities like games of chance. In fact, in countries like Qatar, Lebanon, UAE, and Poland, playing games of chance is actually punishable by law. UniPlay is a decentralized return-to-player (RTP) online gaming platform that offers an untraceable means of monetary exchange. This makes it a safe platform for gamers in restricted regions.

Thanks to the UniPlay platform, gamers no longer need to worry about how to get around restrictions. They can also forget the frustration that comes with paying taxes on their gaming earnings or playing on unfair centralized online gaming platforms that offer little to no rewards. The solution from UniPlay is a player-centric ecosystem that rewards players and creates assets that have tradeable value both on the platform and in real life. With this ecosystem, they also offer a token that is bound to appreciate over time.

Beyond offering gamers a safe place to engage in their gaming without restrictions, UniPlay is developing a microeconomy that will offer players multiple revenue streams.

What value does UNP offer crypto investors?

While there are other tokens and iGaming platforms out there, UniPlay’s project is truly one of a kind. UNP is an ERC-20 token that has no mint or burns functions and no internal gas fees. Thanks to these unique features, the token is bound to appreciate in value over time, earning high returns for token holders.

Additionally, the fact that the UniPlay token has several use cases both within the UniPlay ecosystem and outside the ecosystem makes it that much more attractive. As a result of its applications, UNP is attractive to a larger user base – cryptocurrency investor or not.

On the UniPlay platform, players can use the token to play games or buy NFTs. The UniPlay token can also be traded in secondary markets, including markets that run on fiat currencies.

The UniPlay team will also be introducing UNP to other gaming platforms and metaverses. This will increase the token’s applications along with its value. As the UniPlay token adopts more platforms, token holders will get higher and higher returns. Since the UniPlay token is tradeable in the real world, it’s also perfect for startups that do not trade in cryptocurrency.

What gaming platforms is UNP currently used on?

Initially, UNP will be part of the new extended ecosystem PlayPearls Ltd. This gaming company has established a name for itself in online gaming – with over 10 years of experience in building platforms for both online marketing and traditional gaming. The PlayPearls Ltd. team designs all their games 100% in-house.

PlayPearls Ltd. has a huge portfolio of games that UniPlay offers on its platform. Some of these games are also rented to customers. After over a decade of being a frontrunner in the world of gaming, PlayPearls Ltd. is on a mission to create a microeconomy on their Social iGaming Platform. With its unique tokenomics, UNP is the perfect tool to help PlayPearls Ltd. achieve this mission.

The PlayPearls Ltd. Social gaming platform already includes over 140 games. The purpose of this platform is to take gaming to a whole new level by combining basic blockchain technology with smart contracts that will govern the distribution of rewards. This not only expedites the entire process but also keeps operating costs low. All the transactions on this Social iGaming platform – including placing wagers and receiving rewards – can now be carried out using UNP.

Following the adoption of UNP by PlayPearls Ltd. UniPlay plans to create NFTs with a minting feature, combined with their own Metaverse – MetaManhattan.

UNP will be introduced to different platforms in the second quarter of 2022, with a focus on in-house platforms like Slot cash. Outside the PlayPearls ecosystem, crypto investors can also purchase UNP from UniPlay’s customers, beginning with the Swedish Company FSPORT, a Nasdaq-listed company. As the token introduces to other gaming platforms, ecosystems, and metaverses, both its circulation and its value will appreciate. Over time, this will generate earnings for token holders.

“We’ve built our token – the UniPlay – to function as both a medium of exchange and a tradeable asset that can exchange in return for real-world currencies,” says UniPlay CEO Frank Grauperg. “This token powers the economic model that we’ve built and will soon be used to power other gaming platforms and Metaverses. With the UniPlay token, gaming platforms will be able to overcome regulatory challenges like region-specific restrictions on games of chance.”

UniPlay offers a tangible product with the potential to become the most popular gaming project worldwide. With UniPlay, people around the world can earn and play wherever and whenever they want. By combining the play-to-earn gaming model with a token that offers unique value, UniPlay is launching an ecosystem that will spark new creative opportunities for web3.

The UniPlay token has passed the Solidity Finance audit. UNP works with metamask.io, atomicwallet.io, and trustwallet.com. To enable UNP on these wallets, use this contact address:


Want to learn more about UniPlay? Check out their website to read more about what they have in store.

About UniPlay

UniPlay (UNP) is a gaming cryptocurrency that will power the future of decentralized gaming platforms. UniPlay decentralized gaming builds a better way for gamers to play online, getting paid for their time.