UAmp is the portable amplifier for your smartphone that you having been waiting for

There is a new device that’s been making the buzz on Kickstarter this week. Uamp is a small amplifier that is meant to bring back the real music. For a long time the audio from most gadgets has been forgotten and no matter how good the headphones or earphones are, sometimes the music doesn’t just sound right. Often, most people keep wishing and shouting, ‘Can the real music please stand up!’. Well, this small startup on Kickstarter is here to help the real music back on its feet and in style.


The amplifier has for a long time been the reason why music sounds just perfect. Without the amplifiers on earphones or headphones the disparity between the music you listen to on high-end audio equipment and the one you listen to from your laptop or smartphone has grown negatively large. Uamp is a portable amplifier that’s small enough to fit in your pocket together with your smartphone.

This device is the missing connection between your headphones and your smartphone. It fits in as an intermediary and amplifies the music from your smartphone then through your headphones you can listen to the amplified music. According to the startup, the device also allows your headphones to go two-and-a-half times louder than normal without hurting your ears or distorting the sound quality. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts for 10 hours when listening to music making it a convenient device to carry anywhere you go to.

UAMP Kickstarter

All that is topped up with the device’s Eq settings that allow the user to change the Eq mode to whatever mode you want as well as bass settings. The Kickstarter campaign has now received more than 2000% of the initial $15,000 funding goal with 18 more days still to go. If you are looking for a project to fund on Kickstarer this is one of the  hot cakes on the platform right now.


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