If you enjoy exciting and thrilling fantasy novels, then you’ll be thrilled to hear about The Tuatha de Danaan Chronicles by Nelle Mack. This series offers a fresh perspective on the magic that surrounds us every day while taking readers on a journey to meet fairies across idyllic Ireland.

The first book in the series – Ancient Paths – is already available in stores. It is a captivating story filled with adventure, danger, and intrigue. The characters are inspiring, and the plot is engaging. You can get a copy of this first book of The Tuatha de Danaan Chronicles in both paperback and ebook format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Booklocker.

The story behind Ancient Paths

This is the first book in a fairy fantasy series about the close relationship that once existed between mankind and fairies. However, due to the dangerous and selfish behavior of mankind, the fairies went into hiding in a different dimension. Ancient Paths tells the story of a young Irish boy whose destiny is to restore things to the way they once were.

This young hero embarks on an exciting and dangerous mission into the mystical world. He brings three companions along with him on this daring journey. The young boy also meets interesting characters – each of whom has a valuable lesson to teach him. To find out what unravels next, get your copy of Ancient Paths.

About the author

Aside from being a gifted author, Nelle Mack is a spiritual guide who teaches children, empaths, sensitive people, and star children how to use their spiritual gifts and healing energy. She had her awakening to the spiritual world in 2018, and as she learned more, she opened herself up as a channel for the divine. By drawing on this connection to the divine she’s helped others to harness protective and healing energy.

Nelle has developed several healing techniques that she uses to transform people’s lives through her services at Sapphirestar Codes.

What inspired the writing of this series?

Nelle Mack is passionate about the magical dimensions and enjoys helping people open their eyes to the magic that surrounds us every day. She was struck by inspiration for a story that would enthrall fantasy enthusiasts while giving them a chance to explore magical Ireland.

Nelle enjoys talking about new-age spirituality. This story is just one of the ways in which she’s chosen to share the magical realms with those around her.

What makes The Tuatha de Danaan Chronicles unique?

Most stories about fairies feature magical creatures such as fairies, dwarves, elves, and other mythical beings. They often take place in a fantasy setting and include themes of adventure, friendship, and romance.

However, this fantasy series takes a unique twist. It comes with a unique story about a young, courageous hero – a character that you don’t find in most other fairy fantasies. It’s a coming-of-age story that is also exciting, witty, and full of adventure.

What kind of readers would enjoy Ancient Paths?

This book is suitable for both adults and children over 12 years. Readers who enjoy fantasy fiction or a good coming-of-age story will find themselves reeled into this magical tale about Faelan O’Broin’s daring journey.

In this book, Nelle Mack has created a rich and captivating world that readers will enjoy exploring. The characters are not only inspiring, but they are also relatable. And the icing on the cake is the journey that the Irish Boy embarks on – one filled with many meaningful moments.

What readers will get out of Ancient Paths

  • A sense of comfort

Everyone loves a happy ending, but this kind of conclusion can especially help children to feel safe and secure. Stories about a harrowing journey that ends in a happy ending provide a sense of comfort and reassurance. They also give readers more hope for trying seasons of life – and we could all do with a little more hope.

  • Empathy

Ancient Paths weaves a tale of several inspiring characters whose paths meet to help the young boy realize his destiny – to bring the fairies back into our world. These characters face multiple obstacles and near-impossible situations along the way, and it’s hard not to empathize with them. The empathy that this kind of story creates helps readers to put themselves in other people’s shoes more often.

  • A sense of morality

Ancient Paths provides lessons that readers from different backgrounds can learn from. These lessons can help you to understand right from wrong and to develop a strong sense of morality. This is especially useful when children are still developing a perspective on the world.

  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills

This book shows characters making difficult decisions or figuring out solutions to complex problems. This can help you to develop problem-solving skills and to understand the consequences of different decisions.

  • Language and comprehension skills

Ancient Paths is filled with rich, imaginative language that can help readers, especially children, to improve their reading and comprehension skills. This is particularly valuable, given that only a third of 10-year-olds are reported to have good reading and comprehension skills.

  • Enhanced imagination

This tale is full of magical characters and objects, that can inspire imagination and creativity in readers of different ages. A touch of imagination can be valuable whether you’re solving everyday problems, or you want to tell a captivating story of your own.

Why you should get yourself a copy of Ancient Paths

It’s not every day that you come across a book that weaves in both fantasy and a coming-of-age story. If you enjoy either (or both!), Ancient Paths would be a good read for you. Ancient Paths brings to life a mystical world through vivid descriptions and imaginative storytelling.

This book is a must-read for anyone who loves magical stories filled with exciting adventures and meaningful moments. It’s the first in a series that many readers have anticipated for a long time. Get your copy today and explore the exciting twists it has to offer.

Even better, you can follow up on the release of the next book by following the author on social media – more specifically Facebook or Twitter.


Can children read this novel?

Yes, the book is ideal for children and adults alike. It also comes with valuable lessons that can help them with their language and problem-solving skills. Beyond nurturing the reader’s imagination, it also boosts self-esteem and confidence in readers of all ages.

Can an adult read The Tuatha de Danaan Chronicles?

Adults will derive just as much enjoyment from this book as children do. If you enjoy a good fantasy story or a good coming-of-age story, Ancient Paths will make a memorable read., The story is filled with magic, surprising twists, and thrilling moments that you will find both inspiring and exciting.