Aroma Haelo designs the first face mask infused with essential oils for aromatherapy

The concept of aromatherapy has been around for quite some time, and research has shown that aromatherapy has plenty of health benefits. So many health-conscious people turn to aromatherapy for its holistic healing and ability to alleviate symptoms like congestion and anxiety.

As we adjust to living in a pandemic, face masks have become an everyday accessory. Much like every other trend, companies and designers have gone one step further, transforming face masks into fashion statements. People everywhere have started wearing colourful face masks whose custom designs set them apart from the typical blue surgical mask worn in examination rooms. We’ve accepted that face masks are part of our new reality. So, why not also give them the added benefit of aromatherapy?

Aroma Haelo has designed the first face mask that combines safety and wellness with the added luxury of aromatherapy. Approved by the CDC, Aroma Haelo’s unique design allows it to drape beautifully around the wearer’s neck like a scarf when not in use. Aromatherapy pods infuse the face cover with genuine therapeutic benefits.

The face cover is stylish and prioritizes safety with double-ply fabric in the front and a single layer in the back for comfort. The mask is designed to offer protection without the restrictions of a traditional hospital mask. Aroma Haelo aims to transform the anxiety and fear around face covers into feelings of safety and wellness.

The magic of Aroma Haelo pods

What sets Aroma Haelo apart from other face masks is its unique inner pocket for aromatherapy pods. Aroma Haelo pods are all made with also 100% natural, clinical-grade essential oils. These high-quality custom aromatherapy blends support your wellness at any part of the day. You can Breathe Deep, with a blend of eucalyptus and bay laurel that opens airways and clears congestion; you can Breathe Joy, with a blend of citrus to lift your mood throughout the day; and you can Breathe Calm with a combination of lavender and chamomile to help you relax at the end of the day.

Aroma Haelo is unique, and the story behind its creation is inspiring. After a life-changing flight, Founder, Lea Riemann, sat down to write a business plan and Aroma Haelo was born. The face mask went through quite a few obstacles to become what it is today. 2020 has a challenge for many businesses, but the Aroma Haelo team powered through to create a unique face mask that offers both protection and wellness.