Did you know that 70% of customers prefer to get information from articles over targeted advertising? So, how do you see your business name appear on articles, blogs, and news reports? There is no magic wand that you can swish and flick and hope for it to make your name appear on the top online magazines or portals. That’s where a public relations (PR) campaign comes to your rescue. But again, with millions of new businesses starting every year, making some noise in this clutter can be an uphill battle. If you don’t take the right approach, you’re likely to be among 65% of businesses that fail every year due to poor internet space and marketing. That’s why it’s essential to have the right tools in your tech stack.

In this article, we discuss the top tools that will take your PR campaign to another level and help generate a significant buzz around your business.


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Top 4 Online Tools to Aid You in Your PR Campaign

Here are four must-have tools in your PR tech stack.

1. Pressfarm – Media database search tool

PR without a media database is like preparing to share your business narrative, only to realize that the room, which should be full of reporters, is empty.

Moreover, There is no one to hear your news or announcement, just your marketing team and you.

Regardless of how revolutionary your announcement is, if you don’t have a way to connect with the best journalist and media houses, your announcement will never make it past your own social media channels.

That’s where a media database search tool like Pressfarm comes in.

From finding an ideal media outlet to press release templates to startup directories, Pressfarm is your one-stop destination for your PR campaign. Since its inception, the company has effortlessly helped hundreds of startups establish strong groundwork. Using their diverse pool of professional journalists and reporters, you can get top-quality press releases, reports, and reviews about your business.

How to use Pressfarm for your PR campaignHow to use Pressfarm for your PR campaign

You can choose from a list of over 1 million journalists working with top brands like Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, New York Times, Mashable, Fortune Online, among others. Using their advanced search filter, you can connect with a journalist in your niche and industry.

Pressfarm provides

Apart from providing access to an ever-growing journalist database, Pressfarm provides unique press release templates for different occasions. Moreover, From news to product launches to events, you name an occasion, and you will find a press release template. Interestingly, if you don’t wish to use a template, the team at Pressfarm will write a press release from scratch if you choose their Campaign or Launch plan.

With this media database search tool in your arsenal, you no longer have to worry about writing a press release ever.

What’s even better is that this tool targets your audience and increases your press release visibility across major search engine platforms.

In short: From helping a business present a story to creating press releases that inspire positive action to distributing the material through various channels – Pressfarm is a tool that can help you get the undivided attention of media outlets and your target audience. 

Pricing: Charges $90 for the Starter pack, $180 for the Launch pack, and $480 for the Campaign pack.

2. Happy Scribe – Transcription tool

PR is not a silent whistle. It speaks to your target audience and raises awareness about your brand, increases sales, and drives attendance to events. When breaking a story in real-time or making an announcement, your PR team may conduct interviews, prepare material, edit and publish them to increase your online visibility.

But all these processes are demanding and can take your PR team’s productivity for a toss. Businesses looking to create a successful PR campaign need to quadruple their team’s productivity with minimum input.

Enter a transcription tool like Happy Scribe.

Moreover, With your PR team having gigabytes, perhaps terabytes worth of audio information from interviews conducted and conference attended, you need to break this information into text for publishing on different channels.

Using Happy Scribe, you can accurately transcribe MP3 recordings to spend more time writing reports and press releases. Moreover,  You no longer have to start and stop the MP3 recording to manually transcribe its content to create a compelling writing piece.

How to use Happyscribe for transcription

Happy Scribe seamlessly replaces human transcription with an AI-powered computer, which has a fast turnaround time and boasts an accuracy of 85%. The AI-powered automatic transcription tool listens to and transcribes your audio to text in 60+ languages.

Text transcripts

What’s even better is that Happy Scribe lets you create searchable text transcripts. It ensures that you don’t waste time listening to an audio interview to search for a quote that you want to include in a press release. Due to the accuracy and speed of transcription, it will help share announcements and news in real-time with insights from informed sources.

In short: A transcription tool like Happy Scribe will fast track your PR activities and will help you improve the productivity of your PR team by freeing up their time.

Pricing: Automatic transcription with a turnaround time of 5 minutes cost €0.20 per minute, whereas Human-made transcription with a turnaround time of 24 hours costs €1.70 per minute.

3. Hemingway Editor – Writing and editing tool

Putting a brand story or a press release is like fitting together different pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. There will always be pieces missing from the puzzle, and once you go back, there will be more missing pieces.

So, how do you ensure all pieces of the puzzle remain intact, and you don’t have to return to your writing piece?

That’s where Hemingway Editor comes to your rescue. The tool ensures your target audience understands what you want to convey.

From providing a readability score to highlighting sentences that may be difficult to read and comprehend, the editor is your one-stop destination to make your writing more concise and readable.

How to use the Hemingway App for writing

This distraction-free writing and editing tool helps you polish and tighten your writing. It highlights confusing sentences, overuse of weak adverbs, or excessive passive voice usage.

When you write, you can switch between the writing and editing modes. You can easily mouse over the highlights to fix potential issues with your writing. Though you can remove adverbs with a click of a button, you will have to fix any passive voice issue manually.

After completing your writing, you can import your files in different formats and even publish them to WordPress.

In short: It’s a minimalist but powerful writing and editing tool that improves your writing style.

Pricing: Offers a free editor with limited features and charges $19.99 for desktop applications.

4. Moosend – Email marketing tool

Email marketing is often one of the most overlooked aspects of PR and media, but important for its success. When your brand and PR piece results in the influx of traffic to your website or social media pages, lack of an email marketing and lead capturing strategy will make this influx of traffic short-lived.

So, before sending a quote to a journalist or submitting a blog to a publication, businesses must ensure that they have a solid strategy to capture potential customers and subscribers.

This is the reason you need an email marketing tool like Moosend.

From email marketing to landing pages to subscription forms, Moosend helps you perform all your marketing activities in one place. You can use the email marketing platform to send news releases to all your email subscribers.

How to use Moosend for email marketing

Also, using Moosend, you can grow your email subscribers, collect valuable data and share your forms across different social media channels to boost your PR efforts.

In short: Don’t be a business that is capable of securing a big media win but let it fizzle out as soon as you achieve it. So, consider investing in Moosend because even though PR and email marketing may not seem inherently connected. Moreover, it could be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful PR campaign.

Pricing: Offers a free plan, and Pro plan starts at $8 per month.

Choosing the best tool for your PR campaign

Moreover, All these tools make up a great starter kit. Modern PR tools like the one mentioned above can effortlessly help you perform the most mundane task, increase your productivity, and result in a successful PR campaign.

Moreover, With these tools in your arsenal, you and your PR team will have more time to focus on things that matter the most and can increase your clients’ online presence.

However, remember that these tools can help you only when you follow the proper PR process. You may need all these tools, or you can use one tool at a time based on your requirement.

Did you try any of these tools? If, so how did it aid in your PR campaign?

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