Are you looking to breathe life into your brand stories through captivating and authentic narratives? Look no further! In this article, we bring you a curated list of 20 lifestyle journalists who are masters at bringing stories to life. These talented writers specialize in creating compelling narratives that engage your audience and leave a lasting impact.

From thought-provoking features to immersive travel tales, these journalists have a knack for finding the pulse of your brand and transforming it into powerful content. With their expertise in storytelling and their deep understanding of the lifestyle industry, they have the ability to connect with readers on a profound level. Whether you’re a fashion brand, an eco-conscious company, or a wellness startup, these journalists can skillfully craft narratives that align with your brand values and resonate with your target audience. They know how to strike a chord and create a genuine connection that goes beyond the surface.

Join us as we explore the work of these 20 lifestyle journalists who have the power to bring your stories to life and make your brand stand out in today’s saturated media landscape.

The field of lifestyle journalism is generally characterized by a lack of clear distinctions, both between subfields and between soft and hard news. For example, hard news genres have been adapted to soft news. Likewise, topics like health can be presented as “soft news” in one context (e.g. “how to improve your health”) but as “hard news” in another (e.g. “smoking causes economic expenses”). Constructive journalism, a relatively new field, is an example of how lifestyle and service journalism approaches have migrated to more traditional hard news fields.

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Let’s look at some of the top lifestyle journalists at the moment:

1) Hayley Lyndes – Editorial Assistant at Popsugar 

Hayley Lyndes

Hayley is an editorial assistant at Popsugar with a focus on the outlet’s lifestyle stories and she is also in charge of the magazine’s strategic features. She has a keen interest in all things related to the lifestyle industry. She is originally from New England and now lives in San Francisco. Hayley was the fashion and beauty editor for Society 19 before joining Popsugar. As an undergraduate at Lyndon State College, Hayley also spent time working as a multimedia journalist.

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2) David Fischer – Editor in Chief of TitelMedia 

David Fischer

David is the founder and editor-in-chief of TitelMedia. He and his team run Highsnobiety, one of the most popular lifestyle websites today. Highsnobiety is one of the most visited global sources for inspiration in the areas of fashion, sneakers, music, art, and lifestyle culture, with over 21 million unique visitors across all platforms. Highsnobiety’s core values include innovation and progression. The team at Highsnobiety prides itself on always being one step ahead of the curve.

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3) Noma Nazish – Lifestyle & Wellness Columnist at Forbes 

Noma Nazish

Noma is a seasoned lifestyle journalist and writer who is passionate about food, travel, and wellness. She’s published over 500 by-line articles and features in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, OneWorld South Asia, and The News Hub, among other publications. She is also skilled at social media management and has excellent research, communication, and copy editing abilities. When she isn’t writing articles or chasing deadlines, you can find her tweeting about a variety of topics to her followers.

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4) Amy Packham – Lifestyle Editor at Huffington Post UK 

Amy Packham

Amy is the Huffington Post’s lifestyle editor and one of the industry’s most prolific lifestyle reporters. She tweets about a wide range of lifestyle topics to her nearly 8,000 Twitter followers.

She oversees the entire editorial content for the site as the editor of lifestyle at the Post, and she personally covers a wide range of topics for the website. Amy also contributes to the Lifestyle section, writing about fitness and healthy living. Additionally, she specializes in parenting news and features.

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5) Wendy Gould – Lifestyle Reporter at NBC News 

Wendy Gould

Wendy works as a lifestyle reporter and photographer for NBC News, but her work has also appeared in Allure, Total Beauty, Popsugar, and Spotlyte. She also works as a contributing editor for xoVain and contributes content to Refinery29.

She is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and writes about various lifestyle topics, such as health and beauty, mental health, and physical fitness. Wendy graduated from Indiana’s Franklin College’s Pulliam School of Journalism with a journalism degree.

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6) Jenny Xie – editor at 

Jenny Xie

Jenny Xie is the editor of, where she oversees daily coverage of all things home, from real estate and architecture to decor, and technology. She also oversees the Curbed Handbook, a one-stop shop for how-to guides. She draws inspiration from surprising stories, practical ideas, and beautiful things.

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7) Lucas Coll – Lifestyle Writer for Digital Trends 

Lucas Coll

Lucas Coll has been a freelance writer for nearly a decade. He specializes in technology, video games, travel, automobiles, and men’s lifestyle. He’s been fascinated by computers and consumer technology since his mother brought home a Nintendo Entertainment System when he was four years old, He’s written everything from news articles to deal roundups for laptops, Apple gadgets, smartphones, smartwatches, and pretty much anything else that runs on electricity. When he is not rounding up tech deals for Digital Trends, he covers upcoming UFC fights for The Manual.

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8) Hattie Gladwell – Lifestyle Reporter at Metro UK 

Hattie Gladwell

Hattie is a digital journalist with experience writing both original and trending content. She has a passion for writing relatable, eye-opening, and engaging pieces. She is particularly interested in creating inspirational, moving content that focuses on brilliant people with incredible stories.

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9) Alison Millington – Lifestyle Journalist for Insider 

Alison Millington

Alison works with a team of reporters who cover everything from Conor McGregor and MMA to influencers, viral and trending news, celebrities, flight hacks, and bucket-list travel. She also specializes in psychology and mental health, and all things food and drink. Alison also oversees and often personally contributes to Insider’s lifestyle, entertainment, health, sports, and Royals coverage.

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10) Madeline Stone – Lifestyle Writer & Correspondent for Business Insider 

Madeline Stone

Madeline is a Business Insider lifestyle writer and correspondent who focuses on retail and home improvement. She previously worked as a freelance lifestyle writer. She’s contributed articles to various publications on topics ranging from real estate to travel and restaurants.

Madeline is a native of California who studied American studies and Spanish at the University of Notre Dame. She currently resides in New York and can regularly be found tweeting about important lifestyle topics.

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11) Jian DeLeon – Lifestyle Writer for Highsnobiety 

Jian De Leon

Jian DeLeon has over ten years of experience as an award-winning writer, podcast host, and author. He oversees digital, print, video, and brand marketing for Highsnobiety as the editorial director, reporting on the intersection of streetwear, sneakers, and luxury fashion.

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12) Lila MacLellan – Lifestyle Reporter for Quartz at Work

Lila Maclellan

Lila MacLellan is a reporter for Quartz at Work, where she covers topics such as leadership, workplace wellness, and management. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, The Globe and Mail,, Institutional Investor, Natural Health, Western Living, and Vancouver magazine. She’s also been featured in other business and lifestyle publications in the United States and Canada. Lila has lived and worked in a variety of cities, including Toronto, Montreal, Sapporo, and Vancouver. She is currently based in the city of New York.

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13) Candice Pires – Lifestyle Journalist for The New York Times 

Candice Pires

Candice is a respected lifestyle journalist who works for various publications, including The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Observer. She splits her time between the United States and the United Kingdom. She previously worked as a lifestyle reporter for Marie Claire and iD magazine.

Candice is always on the lookout for new article ideas and inspiration, and she covers a wide range of lifestyle topics. Reading through her active Twitter profile will reveal the most common themes and issues that she writes about.

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14) Jane Dunford – Lifestyle Journalist for The Guardian 

Jane Dunford

Jane Dunford is an experienced editor, journalist, author, copywriter, and content creator who is focused on travel, lifestyle, and well-being. Her work spans the entire editorial process, from concept to final product, print and online, for both consumers and businesses.

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15) Brittany Smith – Deputy Editor at Men’s Journal 

Brittany Smith

Brittany Smith is the digital deputy editor at Men’s Journal. Here, she oversees the website’s verticals and the magazine’s Blueprint (health/fitness) section. She specializes in writing and editing stories about adventure, travel, fitness, and gear for people who live an adventurous lifestyle. Brittany has mountain biked 155 miles across Africa, finished third in the ITU World Triathlon Series amateur age group in Bermuda, and climbed the Rotstock Via Ferrata near the Eiger’s infamous north face. She lives by the following motto: If the journey doesn’t frighten you, go bigger and wilder.

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16) Leanne Bayley – Digital Head of Lifestyle at HELLO! 

Leanne Bayley

Leanne Bayley is HELLO! ‘s online Head of Lifestyle and she reports on the latest fashion trends or the newest beauty must-haves. That is when she isn’t obsessing over Duchess Meghan’s latest ensemble or Duchess Kate’s gorgeous hair.

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17) Louis Peitzman – Freelance Lifestyle Journalist 

Louis Peitzman

Louis Peitzman is a freelance writer based in New York who previously worked as the deputy entertainment editor at BuzzFeed. While his vertical focuses on film and television, Peitzman has become an expert on Broadway and the revival of classic shows in modern times. His interpretations of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Golden Girls are fresh, modern, and passionate. In addition, he’s been recognized for his writing and work in the LGBTQ community and its intersection with the arts and entertainment industries. Louis has established himself as a highly respected writer in the field.

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18) Joshua Yehl – Comics Editor at IGN 

Joshua Yehl

While Marvel and DC’s massive forays into film and television have catapulted comics from niche to mainstream in the last two decades, Joshua Yehl’s beat covers more than just the latest who’s who. Comics have grown into a massive mainstream industry. In fact, the modern comics industry spans everything from publishing to film, television, and video games (and generates billions of dollars). Joshua’s expertise covers all of these fields, making him an expert on how comics and their derivatives are portrayed in the media we consume.

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19) Annie Colbert – Lifestyle Writer for Mashable 

Annie Colbert

Annie features New York Times and WIRED for her early success as a marketer and trendsetter in the social media sphere. When Twitter exploded and became the place to be, it didn’t take long for Mashable to notice her, and she quickly rose through the ranks to become the Executive Editor of one of the industry’s most prestigious tech publications. Annie’s work is firmly planted in the lifestyle Venn diagram that connects technology and culture.

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20) Charlotte Triggs – Deputy Editor at People 

Charlotte Triggs

Charlotte Triggs is more than what her job title as People’s Deputy Editor suggests. She covers so much more than just the “rich and famous lifestyles.” As a mother of three, Charlotte allowed the publication into her life by documenting the problematic task of potty training her triplets. She began as an editorial intern and quickly advanced to Senior Editor of TV. Here, she covered all platforms for the People brand and educated readers on television’s latest trends.

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Lifestyle journalism has experienced enormous growth in the media over the past few decades, causing scholars in other fields of journalism and communication studies to pay more attention to this sector. In the past, it was sometimes seen as a lesser kind of journalism because it goes against the “traditional” scholarly content, nevertheless, with a more urgent need for in-depth exploration and contextualization of the field, lifestyle journalism has now earned a lot of respect. In fact, thanks to an increase in relevance for 21st-century consumer culture, lifestyle journalism has come to the forefront as an important sector of the journalism industry.