White-label products and services are re-brandable and resellable goods manufactured by one business for rebranding and reselling. In other words, white-label providers produce a product or service that a reseller business can rebrand and resell to their end customers as their own. White-labeling allows providers to tap into a vast distribution network through their reseller partners. On the other hand, resellers can quickly broaden their product and service offerings without having to start from scratch. What makes white-labelling such a successful business model is the anonymity it comes with. In other words, customers are unaware that a white-label supplier produced the finished product.

Common types of white-label include B2B white-label, B2C white-label, and white-label SaaS. Important elements of white-branding include:

  • Written copy like blogs, ads, web copies, case studies, ebooks, and email copies produced. Offered anonymously as a product or service kit, marketed under a company’s name, and resold to a customer.
  • Dashboard, which is re-brandable on white-label software. This dashboard is provided to resellers’ clients so that they can manage multiple solutions from one location.
  • Digital advertising, which is a service that builds search engine marketing and social advertising campaigns for resellers’ clients under their brand.
  • Marketplace, where re-sellers can personally curate a selection of digital products, apps, packages, and solutions to their clients as their own.

Others include reputation management, SEO, social media management, and websites.

What is white-label marketing? 

As mentioned previously, white-label marketing is when a company sells a marketing product under its name. The initial company with the expertise will do the work, after which a second company markets the product as their own. White-label marketing is a low-cost way to add a new product to the lineup without having to hire new employees or invest in new software. Finally, white-label marketing enables companies to expand their business portfolio.

There are several reasons why a business would want to white-label. These reasons can include the desire to expand their offerings, land more and bigger clients, enhance their brand image, and get back to focusing on their core competency.

White-labeling marketing helps companies increase their current reach by attracting new customers and retaining those they already have. Moreover, companies will attract the attention of “bigger fish” if they can offer more products and services through white-labeling. Additionally, it helps a company be seen as a serious competitor in the market because putting their brand name on a white-label product or service provides customers with a level of quality that would be hard to achieve otherwise.

Top 15 White Label Tools For PR Agencies 

1) Pressfarm 

Pressfarm is a PR agency that works with startups and companies of various sizes to create newsworthy content to distribute to journalists and media professionals to gain media coverage. Their PR professionals and expert writers work one-on-one with clients to understand their goals for media coverage. With their PR packages, companies can gain access to features such as press release writing and review, professionally designed press/media kits, a personalized PR action plan on strategies and PR industry trade secrets to maximize press coverage. Clients also get tailor-made PR media lists created by their account executive and submission of their startup or business to multiple directories and review websites to improve their SEO and gain exposure. Finally, Pressfarm gives each client access to their database of over 1 million reporters, bloggers, and influencers for continued press coverage after initial outreach.

2) DashThis 

DashThis is a marketing reporting tool that helps PR professionals to gather data across marketing tools and platforms to create automated reports for each of their clients. They can have multiple accounts, send automated email dispatches, and, of course, have the reports branded. DashThis offers white label marketing reports to give their clients a report 100% branded to their company.

With DashThis, PR professionals can create white-label reports that their clients will appreciate, including social media reports, PPC reports, e-commerce reports, and other marketing reports depending on their client’s needs.

3) Mention 

Mention is a powerful but straightforward media monitoring tool that enables companies to listen to, interpret, and react to what is said about them online. This real-time reputation management platform assists companies in increasing brand recognition and engaging new consumers while also enhancing their online reputation. The tool instantly generates an analysis of the mentions of competitors, a company, and their clients. It then has that analysis data automatically sent to the client’s preferred email address. Their white-label options also enable professionals to customize their reports with their client’s logo when the automatic email is sent to them.

4) Active Campaign 

Active Campaign is a marketing automation tool for email marketing, CRM, digital marketing, and messaging. Their white label services include custom domains, HTML/CSS rebranding, custom button colours, borders, font colours, font size, etc. They can also remove all references and links to their brand and add the brand of a PR professional or third-party client instead.

5) Page One Power 

For their partners, Page One Power provides link-building high-quality SEO solutions. Their SEO services assist PR agencies in achieving more organic search growth for their clients (such as Google). Individual connection placement, as well as comprehensive SEO campaigns, are among their services. Their white label services come with unique advantages and affordable pricing for SEO agency clients.

6) ProofHub 

ProofHub is a cloud-based project management and collaboration tool that helps PR professionals plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects on time. It gives professionals the option to personalize their account with their white labeling options by having it in the colour and theme of the PR and marketing agency.

7) My6sense 

My6sense is a software technology company that offers publishers, media training companies, and advertisers a programmable white-label native advertising platform. The platform leverages artificial intelligence and big data to help clients to control their assets and grow their in-house native offerings. They also offer complete white-label configuration. This allows the seamless rollout of native advertising within a matter of days under a marketing partner’s business and brand.

8) Vendasta 

Vendasta is a White Label software that serves as a marketing, sales fulfillment platform for marketers specializing in local business marketing. They have in-house marketing strategists and content creators who can take care of a PR agency’s clients using their digital agency under their brand. They offer many different services including digital advertising, website creation, native advertising, review and listing management, social media management, and even blog writing.

9) SE Ranking 

SE Ranking is an all-in-one search engine optimization platform that includes a position checker, website auditing, a backlink checker, competitor analysis, and other SEO tools. The white-label feature allows agencies to personalize the SE Ranking platform, making it look like their own SEO software. Agencies can use their domain name to link the SEO tool and customize the logo, interface, colour scheme, etc. Additionally, there are no extra fees for the platform’s white-label options.

10) PromoRepublic 

PromoRepublic‘s White Label Solution is designed for agencies with a large client base that wants to use a third-party platform for managing their client’s social media marketing but still want to operate it with their branding. The platform’s white-label options can be used to make any marketing company’s social media management software branding with their logo, colours and hosted on their website domain. As a bonus, they will also provide white-labeled sales materials and ready-to-use templates. Their white-label options are available with the annual smart planner and collaboration plan for a one-time fee.

11) Invoice Ninja 

Invoice Ninja is a free invoicing tool that marketers and agencies can use to host and create invoices and payments for their clients.

Invoice Ninja has customization tools that can be used to add a logo, modify its colours, and adjust the fonts and style to match a specific brand identity for free. For clients who choose not to pick the self-host option, they can have their white-labeled platform for $20/ year.

12) Landingi 

Landingi is a landing page builder tool for digital agencies. The Landingi white label plan is designed for agencies that work with multiple clients and keep things in order. Their white-label plan includes unlimited landing pages, leads, and visitors, as well as 40 active sub-accounts under the agency’s brand. Therefore the Landingi platform is available via their domain, with their branding. They can also set their login page, 404 error page, and branded emails.

13) Sendinblue 

Sendinblue is a white label email marketing solution offering email and SMS messaging services. With Sendinblue, agencies can automate and monitor their email and SMS marketing campaigns. When an agency becomes a white label partner, they get new services. They can create a personalized URL for their client’s login, and adapt the solution to match their theme (Logos, colors, etc). Clients can also manage and share email credits to sub-accounts, and manage email templates across sub-accounts.

14) Lumen5

Lumen5 turns text into social media videos in minutes. This relatively new product to the white-label market allows agencies to automatically create white label social videos by automatically analyzing the text through AI and putting music, video, and images together accordingly.

15) Weblium 

White Label website builder is a web development agency that agencies can use to create sites for their clients.

Website building with Weblium is relatively easy because they have many ready-made templates to choose from as well as an AI Design Supervisor, which automatically corrects their design mistakes. In other words, Weblium can help web design agencies and white label marketing agencies create websites with minimal effort.

As you can see, there are many white label providers to choose from if you want to create quality content while also investing in time for product development. At the end of the day, the best provider for your brand will depend on your specific goals. Hopefully the above list is a good starting point.