The best crypto marketing campaigns are unlike successful marketing campaigns from other industries. For starters, the industry is filled with fierce competition. Moreover, challenges like burnt campaigns on certain platforms, market volatility, and new technology give crypto marketers a nightmare. Luckily, with the right guidance and strategies, overcoming these challenges is easy. To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of tips from the best crypto marketing campaigns to guide you as you develop a marketing plan for your own crypto project.

What exactly does crypto marketing entail?

Successful crypto marketing requires the implementation of cutting-edge marketing strategies. The goals here are user acquisition, building awareness, and boosting sales and growth of crypto investments or products.

Unfortunately, the marketing techniques used in other industries don’t work for crypto products or industries, so you can’t employ a copy-paste technique here. The best crypto marketing campaigns include elements of social media marketing, community building, influencer marketing, and collaborations with PR agencies like Pressfarm

Top channels for the best crypto marketing campaigns

As we go into 2023, it’s not news that every business needs to establish a presence on social media. It’s no different for crypto or blockchain-based businesses. This is true whether your project is just starting out or already established. The following are the top social media channels where your crypto project needs an account:

  • BitcoinTalk

Way back in 2017, BitcoinTalk was a giant in the world of cryptocurrency and other digital assets. During that time, all crypto sites had to link to it. While we are way past the initial days of cryptocurrency, BitcoinTalk remains a powerful site with high traffic composed of crypto enthusiasts. For this reason, this is one of the sites we recommend to our crypto clients, whether they’re trying to promote their projects or they just want regular and reliable updates.

  • Steemit

If you’re looking for a Medium alternative, Steemit is a great platform. It allows you to host blog content. However, you should not use it as an alternative to your blog site. Rather, you should combine both Steemit and your blog, using each to complement the other. Establishing a presence on Steemit is a good way to attract new clients to your project. However, the content you post here will have no impact on your domain ranking.

  • Instagram

By early 2022, Instagram was already ranking high among the fastest-growing channels in the crypto industry. Thanks to Instagram Stories, you can constantly update your audience on developments with your project. Instagram is also a great platform to use if you want to establish a memorable personality for your crypto project. Through the posts you publish, you can connect with crypto investors and teach them more about the project you are building. In order to keep your followers updated, you can keep refreshing the Instagram feed with market updates or the latest crypto news.

  • YouTube

If you have long-form marketing content in video form, then YouTube is a great platform to use. It supports long-form visual content. Using this platform, you can both educate and engage the crypto community.

The best crypto marketing campaigns include elements of community building on YouTube. Here, project developers connect with their subscribers directly through comments and feedback. If you’re looking to branch out from purely text-based content (which you should be doing anyway), we recommend using YouTube.

Rather than produce a long text-heavy post, you should convert this post into a YouTube video, which will be more engaging and more enjoyable for your audience to consume. After all, long-form content is easier to consume when it’s in video format rather than text format. Once you’ve published videos on YouTube, you’ll find that it’s also easy to share links to other platforms. In essence, you will be creating content that can be repurposed on other social media sites.

  • Twitter

Twitter is the best platform for capturing the attention of crypto enthusiasts. As such, if you’re hoping to build a winning crypto marketing campaign, then you absolutely must establish an active online presence on Twitter.

  • TikTok

Despite being a fairly new social media channel, TikTok has drawn the attention of crypto enthusiasts. This might be surprising, given that the platform is popular for short, entertaining video clips. However, TikTok’s worldwide popularity presents a valuable opportunity for crypto developers who are looking to capture the attention of different segments of their audience. Remember that different content formats appeal to different audiences. For example, some crypto investors prefer the long-form video format on YouTube while others prefer to consume short and punchy videos. Since cryptocurrency isn’t fully established on TikTok, there’s a valuable opportunity for crypto developers to establish thought leadership on this platform. With the right tactics, you can easily create and establish an account for your project and become a voice of authority here.

  • Reddit

According to the global ranking of the most visited platforms, Reddit is at number 15. That shows you why it’s important to establish a project account there. This platform offers access to a wide crypto community that you can tap into. This community is especially valuable for developers who are building DeFi projects. Once you have set up an account, you can explore various crypto subreddits with your target audiences.

  • Clubhouse

Clubhouse is also a fast-growing social channel with access to an audience of crypto enthusiasts, most of whom are well-connected. After getting viral at the beginning of 2021, Clubhouse attracted a significant number of crypto fans.

How to measure your marketing efforts

Unless you measure the success of your crypto marketing campaigns, you’ll never know what’s working and what needs adjustment. Having said that, by its very nature, marketing allows you to experiment with various campaign strategies and measure their success. To be more specific, you can leverage two top tools for measuring the success rate of crypto campaign techniques:

  • UTMs

Urchin Tracking Modules (UTMs) allow you to analyze the success of your campaign strategies. You can use them to track and determine the success of your promotional campaigns. UTMs generally evaluate 5 different elements of your campaign:


  • Content
  • Term
  • Name
  • Medium
  • Source

However, you don’t need each one of these elements for this tool to work. With the last three, you can successfully analyze your campaigns. Most importantly, the UTM model allows for customization. With this model, you can analyze all types of links coming to your site.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics can help you determine whether your efforts are eating into your profits or paying off. While Google Analytics is commonly used in other industries, it also works effectively for crypto-based businesses. In addition, it’s free so you don’t need to put aside a huge budget. Using this tool, you can analyze your traffic, and identify who’s visiting and from where.

Top tradesman tools from the best crypto marketing campaigns

You are only a successful tradesman when you have all your tools. With the following tools, you can make sure your crypto campaign features among the best crypto marketing campaigns in 2023:

Best SEO tools for crypto marketing campaigns

  • Ahrefs

If you are looking to pursue search engine optimization, then Ahrefs needs to be in your toolkit. Ahrefs is a powerful tool when you need to identify the best keywords your project site can rank for. By using Ahrefs, you’ll have a bit of an idea of what to write about when you’re creating marketing content. If your project is a startup, the standard or lite package should be enough for your project’s SEO needs.

  • Audit tools for SEO

Some factors can hinder the high ranking of your site on Google. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to identify some of the critical issues manually. However, if you can access a reputable audit tool for SEO, this task will be much easier.

Best email marketing tools

According to research, you can earn $32 for every $1 you spend on email marketing campaigns. For this reason, it’s not surprising that the best crypto marketing campaigns rely on email marketing as one of their tactics. Investing in email marketing can benefit your crypto project immensely. The following marketing tools can help you make the most of email marketing:

  • Hubspot

If you’re looking for a comprehensive marketing tool for crypto marketing, Hubspot fits the description to a tee. It’s also known as the top tool for customer relationship management (CRM). Beyond that, it’s an outstanding tool for email marketing.

Unlike alternatives like MailChimp, Hubspot still supports crypto marketing on its platform. With their email marketing system, you can leverage a variety of templates. You can also track CTRs and open rates, among other key features.

With access to advanced plans, you can set up automatic follow-up emails. These will prompt clients who are not responding to provide their feedback. With this feedback, you can do a more effective job of curating your content to give these people what they want.

  • Mailerlite

If you’re using a newsletter as part of your marketing campaigns, then Mailerlite will be a useful tool. It can make the process much easier to manage. It’s a basic tool with all the features you’ll need. Given that the basic package goes for $10, it’s very affordable for startups.

  • Constant Contact

It’s true that Hubspot is undoubtedly more advanced than Constant Contact when it comes to email marketing. However, many startup crypto project developers find it difficult to afford Hubspot’s rates on a consistent basis. If Hubspot’s pricing is a little on the high side for you too, you should consider using Constant Contact. This platform will give you access to similar services at an affordable rate.

Graphic design tools


Graphics can help boost your marketing campaigns. If you’re looking to enhance your crypto marketing campaign with eye-catching visual content, Canva is the perfect tool for you. It allows you to design beautiful marketing graphics for your crypto project. We would even go as far as to say that Canva will offer you Photoshop quality without the hassle required for Photoshop design projects. What makes Canva stand out is that it’s easy enough for novice designers to use, and it offers everyone (including skilled designers) a design workflow that is much faster. To make a good deal even better, Canva is much more affordable than the likes of Photoshop. You can already access lots of features with the free account, but you can upgrade to a paid plan for additional features.

What kind of strategies, channels and methods do the best crypto marketing campaigns use? 

  • Crypto influencers

Influencer marketing is increasingly becoming a primary strategy for many companies. So much so that crypto developers are now allocating a specific budget just for this strategy. What stands out in influencer marketing is the higher level of trust it generates compared to paid media, which leaves audiences skeptical.

If you’re thinking of investing in this strategy, the best platforms to connect with crypto influencers are Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If you need help connecting with these influencers, you can also sign up for a PR package with an agency like Pressfarm.

The PR specialists Pressfarm will help you connect with relevant influencers to market your crypto project.

When you partner with an influencer who fits your brand, then attaining your business goal is possible. By drawing from their artistic abilities, significant following, and expertise in the crypto space, they’ll market your project successfully. At Pressfarm, we’ve deployed successful crypto influencer strategies for many brands. With our exclusive crypto influencer list, you can partner with the best team in this industry.

Our experts at Pressfarm can help crypto developers create newsworthy content that will appeal to the media as well as target audiences. They craft all your content personally, from press releases and email pitches to press kits. Our PR database of over 1 million journalists and our customized media lists also give you the ability to find and connect with the best media professionals in your industry. These are people who can help share the story behind your project and draw potential investors to you. We also help increase online content visibility by optimizing your branded content to appear in relevant search results on various search engines.

  • Crypto SEO

Despite being the most inexpensive marketing strategy, crypto SEO is very effective. This strategy is the best for generating more traffic and creating a memorable brand.

  • Email marketing

As mentioned earlier, email marketing has the potential to generate an impressive ROI. To put this into perspective, when you invest $1, you’ll  gain $32 in returns. This ROI makes email marketing a must-have campaign strategy.

  • Telegram marketing

Telegram is now a major communication platform between crypto developers and their communities. Therefore, if you want to establish a close relationship with your audience, this channel is a must-have. It’s also a wonderful place to set up a crypto community. It allows for easy management of the community and allows you to create more than one channel.

  • Crypto PR

Whether you’re developing a DeFi project, launching an ICO, NFT, or any blockchain-based project, crypto PR is very helpful. This strategy involves developing stories, press releases, and other creative content, then pitching all this content to respected media professionals in the crypto niche. Doing all of this from scratch can be very exhausting, especially when you already have to worry about developing a crypto project. As such, it’s best to hire a qualified PR agency like Pressfarm to take care of all the aspects of your crypto PR.

  • Crypto podcasts

Hosting podcasts can get you the attention you need for your project. However, the real challenge lies in executing this technique. Not everyone has the time and resources for podcasts. Luckily, you don’t have to be a podcaster to use it for marketing. You can simply hire the services of an existing podcaster and collaborate with them to develop an engaging script. You can also pitch a qualified expert from your project development team as a podcast guest on a respected podcast.

However, if you decide to host your own podcast, you can enjoy a few more benefits. For example, you’ll be free to share more content. Furthermore, you can create as many episodes as you want. Owning an active crypto podcast also builds a reputation for your brand as a trusted authority. It turns you into a thought leader that people can rely on. And once people trust you, they’re more likely to invest in your crypto assets.

  • Social media marketing

Social media marketing is very important, and this is especially true on platforms like Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit, among others. Therefore, your project must have a presence on as many of these platforms as possible. You may need more resources for this because it’s not just about building followers. You’ll need a team to manage the community feedback, questions, and comments.

  • Display ads and crypto banner advertisements

Display and banner advertisements are typical marketing tools in any industry. In fact, these are among the oldest marketing tools on the internet. The concept behind these ads is pretty straightforward. You need to showcase your content to as many audiences as possible. However, the major setback is the fact that so many people use adblockers these days. Even so, this strategy generates positive results and works well in modern times.

Why do the best crypto marketing campaigns work with PR or marketing agencies?

Crypto marketing is a complex world. Developing marketing resources and choosing the strategies independently can be costly and overwhelming. What’s worse, your choice of marketing technique may turn out to be ineffective – after you’ve invested so much time and energy into it. If you have a crypto startup, we recommend reaching out to a crypto marketing company for help developing your crypto marketing campaign.

Pressfarm is a top marketing agency in the crypto space, and they offer packages for every budget. For this reason, even if you’re just starting out, they can help you accomplish your marketing goals with quality results. Furthermore, they have worked with various types of crypto projects. For starters, they have experience with promoting DeFi projects, NFT projects, and ICOs, among others.

The importance of trust when you’re running a crypto marketing campaign

Establishing a trustworthy brand is critical in any industry, but even more so in the crypto space where people tend to be more skeptical. How trustworthy your project seems is a determining factor among crypto investors and enthusiasts when they’re choosing a project to invest in. Having said this, the more thought you put into your crypto marketing campaign, the more trustworthy your project will seem. This is yet another reason why you should consider working with experts who know what it takes to get a growing crypto project in front of the right eyes.


As the geniuses behind some of the best crypto marketing campaigns will tell you, getting your crypto project in the spotlight and earning trust among your target audience is not easy – it never has been. You’re bound to encounter challenges, especially when you’re just starting out. Luckily, if you put the tips in this article into practice, you will have an easier time running a successful crypto marketing campaign.