Handpicking and hiring the best blockchain marketing agency for your business is not that simple. In fact, we’d even go as far as to say that it can be overwhelming if you are planning for a long-lasting relationship. Even so, you should take the time needed to shop around. With the right research, you can find a reliable marketing agency that is willing and able to address all your inquiries.

Why should you even hire a blockchain marketing agency in the first place?

Every business in the blockchain sector needs the help of a blockchain marketing agency. That’s because blockchain marketing experts understand how the market works and how to reach your target audience. Not to mention, they can also help your business achieve greater success. If you take the time to hire the right agency for your business, they will be like an extension of your marketing department.

Most blockchain startups find it difficult to set up an in-house marketing team. That’s because you can’t justify this move, especially when they’re just starting out. In some cases, they’re usually more focused on community management and don’t have the resources to spare for a separate marketing team. Even with experts on board, you may still need a different perspective when it comes to marketing.

That’s where a marketing agency comes in. Blockchain marketing experts can serve as an extended part of your company. As your team focuses on developing a reliable project, blockchain marketing experts will take charge of your publicity.

9 Benefits of hiring a blockchain marketing agency

Let us discuss the benefits of hiring a marketing agency for your blockchain startup in more detail:

1. The cost savings

At first, outsourcing your blockchain marketing might not seem very cost-efficient. However, it has long-term benefits. That’s because it’s cheaper to sustain agency services than it is to sustain in-house employees. You will not have to worry about marketing resources or tools. Neither will you have to worry about benefits and salaries. In addition, you can always adjust your plan to fit your budget. Furthermore, hiring an external marketing team means you are exempted from learning curves, which can be time-consuming. In some cases, you can also benefit from tax deductions.

2. More time on your hands

From experience, managing a business in your business is no easy task. When you’re trying to be the jack of all trades, one or more of your business departments will suffer. However, if you delegate all the marketing responsibilities to a specialist, you’ll be reducing your burden. As a result, you will have more time to invest in other areas of your company.

It’s also worth noting that you can’t be good at everything. Just because you’re great at project development or community management, doesn’t automatically mean you’ll thrive in marketing or other tasks. The sooner you identify and outsource areas where you’re struggling, the better off your project will be.

3. Professional brand development

The main objective of marketing in any industry is to carve out a space for your brand. Marketing helps with establishing brand recognition and, most importantly, securing a significant share of the market. Professional blockchain marketing comes with both short-term and long-term benefits. With the help of a blockchain marketing agency, you can establish a long-term PR plan.

4. Efficient use of resources

Marketing is a time-consuming task that also requires many resources. However, when you outsource it, you will be reducing the strain on your company resources. As a result, you’ll be using your resources more efficiently. As much as you want to run everything in your company, you might find yourself wasting money on strategies that simply don’t work. Delegating roles like marketing to experts makes you more effective at running your business.

5. Proven approaches

Many blockchain companies have a hard time establishing their brand in the market. Brand development is even more frustrating when you’re just getting started because other areas of the project will need your attention.

The specialists at a good blockchain marketing agency will have spent years perfecting their strategies and working with other clients just like you. As a result, they know what your business needs to succeed.

6. Flexibility

An established blockchain marketing agency will have worked with various projects in this industry. As a result, they will be aware of the challenges that might come up and the best way to deal with them. By hiring blockchain marketing services, you can rest assured that your company will get personalised services that are unique to your needs.

In addition to developing a custom PR strategy for your business, a good marketing agency will also be able to offer you different options based on your budget.

7. Updated industry knowledge

The blockchain industry is highly dynamic. Yesterday’s news might be old news by tomorrow. As such, you need a team that can keep up with the industry trends, otherwise you will be employing outdated strategies. Marketing agencies have a specific role to play because their employees are plugged into industry news. Marketing agencies need to stay relevant and they’re always trying to outdo each other. For this reason, they invest all their resources and time into developing the best strategies for their clients. Therefore, if there’s a change in the market trends, they will adapt to that change to ensure your business can keep up with rivals.

8. Scalable services

Every business aims to grow. With the right marketing strategy, a business can reach great heights. However, that doesn’t mark the end of building brand recognition. You still need to reach more audiences and expand your market reach. Marketing agencies are well-placed to deal with this kind of change. They can keep up with your business needs as it grows and offer you services suited for each stage of growth.

9. A more balanced perspective

Marketing can be more effective when you have knowledge and passion for the business and product. However, as a business owner, you can easily be biased. You may not be able to view the product from the same angle as your customer. When you employ a professional blockchain marketing agency, they can offer a fresh perspective. They will be able to look at your business from the customer’s angle. As a result, they will identify what your clients need. In turn, they will have insight into what aspects of your project they need to highlight.

Questions to ask when you’re looking for a blockchain marketing agency

To help you get the right answers, we’ve put together the following list of questions that you should ask. Asking these questions will help you choose the right agency to hire for your business.:

  • How do you measure success?

It’s important to keep track of your marketing campaigns. More importantly, it’s vital to measure and determine the success rate of your marketing strategies. With the data from this, you can identify what needs improvement and what’s working well. Therefore, before you hire any agency, they should explain how they measure their success during marketing. Are you able to access that data as the business owner? You can even ask for a demonstration or a walk-through of the systems they use.

  • Can you provide samples of blockchain marketing agency services you’ve provided for previous clients?

Trust and transparency are vital to any working relationship. It’s even more vital in the blockchain sector where anonymity is the order of the day. It’s completely normal to be uncertain about whether working with a specific blockchain marketing agency will pay off. In this situation, you can ensure your investment is going to the right company by asking for previous work samples or case studies.

In order to be sure the agency can deliver on its promises, it’s important to scrutinize these work samples and ask as many questions as you need to. By looking at these samples, you can determine whether they were able to provide similar results for blockchain projects like yours. References and reports, among other resources, should shed light on the expertise of the company you’re considering.

For confirmation reasons, you can contact some of the contacts they’ve listed as clients. You can ask them about the experience they had working with that particular marketing agency. When combined with a decent amount of industry experience, positive reviews from previous clients should give you an indication of how reliable this particular blockchain marketing agency is.

  • How will your blockchain marketing agency experience benefit our company?

This is a classic question that can help you learn a lot about a given company. Of course, it seems arbitrary, and you could probably find the answer on their site. Even so, it’s important to hear the answer directly from the representative you’re speaking to. Carefully examine their answers. Are they using numbers to support their responses? Are they using a customer-centered approach? The answers to these questions will help you determine the type of relationship you will have.

  • Who will you assign to work with us and what is their level of experience?

The significance of the answer from this depends on the type of services you need for your business. It also depends on the budget you have allocated for marketing your blockchain project. Either way, having a specific expert working on your campaigns is resourceful. Having a dedicated team member assigned to you gives you a direct contact who you can reach out to at any time – whether you need clarification on something or have a concern to discuss. Having an assigned person to talk to also evokes a sense of responsibility and ownership.

Additionally, having a direct contact means you can review their skills. You will be able to determine if they can help grow your business through marketing. Asking about their skills ensures that you are not working with a client rep but instead with an industry expert.

  • How will your team help us achieve our business goals?

As a startup owner, it’s important to determine that the marketing agency can help you deliver your business goals. Thus, the important question to ask before hiring them is how they will help you achieve these goals. A good blockchain marketing agency should have answers for this. Regardless of how they answer this, they should indicate how they will:

  • How do they respond to your budget?

A budget is an important part of running a successful business. It helps sustain various processes. Therefore, when picking an agency, you must ensure your budget can sustain their services. If you don’t have a specific budget in mind, simply allow the agencies to send a few quotations for your to review. From there, you can hone in on practical services that fit into your budget. As you look for value for money, don’t forget about the quality of service.

Keep in mind that the best blockchain marketing agencies guarantee ROI. Before you even hire their services, you should have an idea of the tangible benefits you can expect and what these benefits mean for your project. If an agency can’t give you an idea of what to expect, then you should take your business elsewhere. It’s also important to remember that just because they are asking for less money than you expect, it doesn’t mean their service is great. We understand that saving money is important to you, but you need to confirm whether they have the right skills or expertise to help your business reach more clients.

  • I have a relatively smaller blockchain project than most; will I get the same attention?

Unfortunately, some marketing agencies will invest more time and other resources in bigger companies than smaller ones. Therefore, you should get the answer to this question before hiring their services. Ensure they will provide the best service to your business even if you have a smaller budget than their other clients.

Additional questions to consider

  • What refund policies do you have at hand in case of a market change? And what currency do you accept? Is it fiat currency or crypto coins/tokens? If you accept the latter, what kind of cryptocurrency do you accept?
  • What options do you offer clients in case of extreme fluctuations in the market?
  • Can we have a receipt listing all the services we’ve paid for?


Hiring a blockchain marketing agency is an important job. After all, your choice of agency could make or break the success of your PR campaigns. If you make the wrong choice, you will have wasted valuable time, money, and effort on a useless endeavor. On the other hand, if you pick a skilled marketing agency like Pressfarm, you can be sure of positive results. Keep the questions above in mind and you should be able to find an agency that is the right fit for you.

How Pressfarm can help with your blockchain marketing needs

Pressfarm is a PR agency that has experience working with blockchain-based startups to create newsworthy content. Beyond that, the experts at Pressfarm distribute this content to media professionals and influencers within the industry. Pressfarm is armed with a team of PR specialists, expert writers, and certified designers. With this expertise, Pressfarm can create everything from email pitches and press releases to guest posts and media kits to help you gain the media coverage you desire. Additionally, they will handle the distribution, and monitoring of the content. At the same time, they’ll work closely with you to make sure that your unique knowledge and passion for the industry are not forgotten along the way.

By submitting your content to the right media outlets, professional networks, and startup directories, Pressfarm can boost your online presence. This distribution strategy design helps you stand out in relevant search results across different search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing!

Finally, as a Pressfarm client, you custom media lists built personally by an account executive who curates these lists with the best media contacts in your niche. Additionally, you get access to a media database of 1 million+ journalists, bloggers, and influencers. With these contacts, you can continue to do extended media outreach for your crypto project for up to a year.

Do you want to get a better idea of how working with Pressfarm will benefit you? Have a look at these case studies for some examples of blockchain marketing agency services that Pressfarm has provided other clients.