For most people, the bathroom replaces the bedroom as their relaxing space. Thus, there are more providers of high-quality bathroom products to improve people’s bathrooms, from elegant and lighter bathtubs, to walk-in baths and shower stalls and other fixtures. These elements help people relieve their stress and restore their peace of mind.

Given the size of bathroom equipment and furniture available and the investment involved, finding the most appropriate shower stall to fit your needs and preferences is essential.

What is a shower enclosure?

A shower enclosure or stall is a barrier between the dry and wet areas in the bathroom. It surrounds the shower area and may include curtain rods or railing. Some are fixed to the walls or ceilings. A shower enclosure provides privacy, organises the space, and prevents water from getting out of the shower area.

Things to do to purchase the right shower stall

You have several things to consider if you want to install a shower enclosure in your bathroom. The essential ones are listed below.

1. Measure the space

You determine the size of the shower enclosure that you need by measuring the width and length of the shower, which will determine the space you need in your bathroom. You can get help with the measurements by checking out with shower enclosures UK suppliers. For example, you can get more information on their shower units, including dimensions, prices, and additional features.

2. Know the types of shower enclosure doors 

You have several choices for shower doors. First, consider checking the styles shown by shower doors UK suppliers to get a comprehensive knowledge of what styles and designs are available. For example, a sliding shower door is ideal for smaller bathrooms. You can also check out the hinged doors with larger openings, which are perfect for larger family or en suite bathrooms. For added elegance, you also have options to purchase a frameless shower door, which provides you with a very clean look, although they are pricier. A cheaper alternative is the framed shower door, which is easier to install.

3. Choose the right enclosure shape

The dimensions and shape of the shower enclosure depend on your preference and the space available.

  • Square shower enclosure. You can position this on a wall or corner in a large bathroom.
  • Rectangular shower enclosure. This is another option if you have more space. It is also ideal for longer and irregularly shaped bathrooms.
  • Quadrant or semi-oval shower enclosure. The irregularity of its shape makes it ideal for a bathroom where you can place its straight side against the wall. The curved side should face outward. This style maximises spare.
  • Half-circle shower enclosure. This style is popular for consumers who want something stylish. However, it occupies more space compared to the semi-oval enclosure.

Most shower enclosures today are made of tempered glass that is either crystal-clear with a hint of green tint or etched with unique designs for added privacy. Knowing what choices of shower enclosures are in the market will help you find the most appropriate product to match your existing bathroom style and existing fixtures.