The Xennial Traveler is changing how entrepreneurs run their businesses

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, it shook us to our core and then left us questioning the way we were living – including the way we were working. As offices closed and employees were sent home, employers all over the world realized that their staff could work remotely and still be productive. Employees also realized they could earn a living from anywhere in the world – as long as they had good WiFi.

Many employees who started working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic are now opting to transition fully into digital nomads rather than go back to the office. This isn’t surprising. Once you get used to the freedom of working from anywhere in the world, it’s hard to go back to working from a desk every day.

After all, as a digital nomad, your office could be on an island, in a park, or in a lively co-working space. Add to that the fact that popular travel destinations like Dubai, Spain, and Mexico have unrolled new digital nomad visas and you’ll be tempted to start packing immediately.

Many digital nomads quit their jobs so that they can invest more time in building a business that allows them to do something they enjoy. Living as a digital nomad is exciting, fun, and refreshing, especially after being stuck in a 9-5 job your whole life. Building a business doing something you love is also a thrilling adventure.

Be that as it may, this lifestyle comes with its own unique set of challenges. Most people who make the switch to a digital nomad entrepreneur find the adjustment overwhelming. This is especially the case for those who set out without a mentor or support system of some kind. It is for this exact reason that Lori Konkler launched her coaching business, The Xennial Traveler.

How The Xennial Traveler was born

When Lori launched The Xennial Traveler, she decided she wanted to do something that she enjoyed. She also wanted to help people who – like her – have gotten drained by the 9-5 grind. The services Lori offers at The Xennial Traveler are designed to help entrepreneurs who want to leave full-time employment and build profitable businesses.

Lori is passionate about helping digital nomads unlock their inner greatness and build a successful businesses. To this end, she offers both group and one-on-one coaching for entrepreneurs who need help along the way. She’s also launched a Remote Business Accelerator program designed to help service-based entrepreneurs who want to leave the 9-5 grind and focus more on their businesses. This program was created to not only help entrepreneurs build successful and profitable businesses but also work from anywhere in the world.

As a seasoned digital nomad herself, Lori has already worked from many corners of the world. She’s had a particularly memorable time in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Fiji, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. She’s also created memories in several states in the US (including Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Florida). She’s always loved traveling so she feels happier and more fulfilled than she was tied down to a desk in her 9-5 job.

The challenges of building a business as a digital nomad

When Lori first quit her job to invest in The Xennial Traveler, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. In fact, despite vowing never to go back to the 9-5 grind, she had to go back to that life for a while when her business didn’t take off immediately. When she was laid off 6 months into her new job, she decided she wasn’t going back to the endless cycle of job hunting.

Rather, she was going to find a way to make self-employment work out this time – and it did. “During this period, I gained some traction in the consulting world,” she says. “This gave me the time to build other businesses as well as discover the true framework for making a remote-based business work. Once I was well on my way, I myself hired my first coach…and then another, and – let me tell you – this last coach completely changed my life.”

As a digital nomad entrepreneur who has built a successful business, Lori is determined to support those coming behind her. She already knows, from experience, what it takes to build a business while exploring the world.

If you’re considering leaving your full-time job to build your business, Lori will tell you that it’s important to set clear goals, right from the start. “Create plans of action around all your goals, even the long-term ones,” she says. It’s also crucial to connect with a mentor who can walk you through the common challenges of running a business. “9 times out of 10, you will make back your investment even before your time working with a coach is up,” Lori says. “I did this when I hired my own coach, and many of my clients also do! Getting help saved me so much time and money in the long run, and I 100% credit my business coach with changing my life. Yes, I did the work, but without her, I would still be spinning my wheels.”

The challenges of living as a digital nomad

Quitting your stable 9-5 job, packing your bags, and saying goodbye to family and friends is no easy feat. Lori knows this from experience. Life as a digital nomad is equally as challenging as it is fulfilling. Yes, you can shack up in a beautiful cabin in the countryside for 3 months while you work on a client project. Yes, you can start ticking those places you’ve always wanted to visit off your bucket list one by one. But what happens on those days when you wake up missing your mum? What about those days when you check into the Airbnb you just rented for 6 months only to find that the WiFi is too unstable for all the work you had planned?

Luckily, Lori has been there and done that, so she has tips and tricks for the everyday challenges digital nomads run into.

How to deal with the distance from friends and family

For Lori, being away from her loved ones was one of the hardest things about her new lifestyle in the beginning. As much as she loves traveling, she also loves spending quality time with her family and friends. However, making an effort to stay connected to these people while she was on the move made all the difference.

“I learned to love and embrace video chatting and got into the habit of daily calls to my parents to make sure I was staying connected,” Lori says.

How to budget for life as a digital nomad

It’s hard to predict what your living expenses will be before you’ve decided where you’re going to be working from. Budgeting can be even more challenging before you start earning a steady income from your business. Even so, it’s possible to manage your budget effectively by cutting down on extravagant spending.

“Getting used to cooking at home more often vs. going out with friends was tough, but it made a huge impact on my bottom line,” Lori says.

Traveling to your dream destination in phases instead of booking an expensive direct trip can also help you save money. Lori explains, “Instead of planning a direct trip, maybe you could head to a neighboring country first and save up a little money. Once you’ve saved enough, you can bravely make the jaunt overseas!”

How to make sure you always have good connectivity

From experience, Lori knows that some of the most beautiful places have the worst WiFi. It’s easy to get carried away once you’ve seen gorgeous photos of the Airbnb you just found. Instead of booking it for the next six months before you’ve even seen the place, Lori warns that you should get there first. When you get there, evaluate everything about the place, including the connectivity. Only once you’ve decided that you’ll be comfortable working here for the six months should you actually finalize your reservation.

“I recommend booking only short-term stays until you get to your destination,” Lori says. “This way, you can have an idea of what you’re getting into before you make a longer-term commitment.”

How the Remote Business Accelerator program can help

Lori’s Remote Business Accelerator program is structured to help service-based entrepreneurs such as coaches and consultants to understand the needs of their business. Additionally, Lori teaches entrepreneurs how to turn their audiences into high-ticket clients who pay enough to support their remote lifestyles.

Lori and her team also help develop sales and marketing strategies that elevate your business and set you up to earn a six-figure salary. During this coaching journey, you will achieve a clear sense of freedom, purpose, and direction. Freedom sessions provide a good combination of strategy, free-flow conversation, and introspective reflection with guidance.

Purpose sessions are set up to help you go deep and look into who you are and what you want. They are designed to raise awareness of what is desirable and achievable. The coaching team also guides you through how to find your ideal audience as well as how to connect with them.

The program is focused on helping people build their businesses strategically and profitably. Whether that means working from home or working as you travel, The Xennial Traveler will help you live life in your happy place. Coaching sessions take serious dedication, but they are worth the money and time investment in the end. Each program lasts 10 weeks and is designed for people who want to turn their dreams into a reality and will put in the work. With this Remote Accelerator group coaching and mastermind program, you too can live in your happy place and build a scalable business.

To book a slot in the Remote Business Accelerator program or sign up for a one-on-one coaching session, you can book a free clarity call. This call gives you the opportunity for a 10-minute session with Lori, dedicated to discussing how you can achieve true business freedom. If you’re interested in booking a clarity call, click here. Additionally, you can fill out a form to request one-on-one help developing the skills you need to sustain a profitable online-based business from anywhere in the world.

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