Press releases used to be very useful for SEO directly some time ago. They gave opportunities for businesses to get great backlinks easily, improving their rankings and credibility.

Over time, press releases had been used and abused for too long. Company representatives would release statements about everything, from hiring a new employee to buying new furniture for their offices. This isn’t exactly what the audience or journalists want, right?

Many of us have seen at least one ‘breaking news article’ with useless nonsense inside. That’s a kind of clickbait. And soon enough, Google cut such links off.

According to an official statement, John Mueller said that this isn’t a reliable way to get links and improve ranking anymore. News websites are told to only post nofollow links, which don’t bring much value for optimization and ranking.

So, are press releases still useful for SEO? Yes, but indirectly. We’ll talk about how you can use your statements to improve all metrics, from traffic to credibility, in this article.

Is Press Release SEO a Thing in 2021?

First of all, what is a press release? Let’s recall.

This is an official statement from a company or an individual, used for:

  • Clarifying their side of a problem or conflict;
  • Announcing a new product, service, business expansion, or another piece of news;
  • Announcing and promoting an event or a special offer.

So, how can a good press release help you manage your website and its SEO in 2021?

As we said, the benefit is indirect. Let’s see two examples so you can better understand the advantage.

Example #1: Company A releases statements every couple of weeks, talking about every small change in the team, projects, furniture, carpets, whatever. Journalists rarely pick those up unless there’s something important or the company pays them to write something about those statements.

People read paid articles and realize there’s nothing interesting. They leave the website, never clicking on the link to Company A main page or the release. As a result, the business establishes not the best reputation, and when a major event comes up, nobody wants to pick up their press release.

The website is penalized by Google, losing all SEO value. All efforts in getting white hat SEO backlinks are wasted, as well as the money put into promotion.

Example #2: Company B writes press releases only for big events, business expansion, new branches, special offers, official ‘damage control’ statements. Every release is well-prepared, interesting, engaging, containing the right keywords that will be later used by journalists.

News websites pick those statements up at lightning speed to bring value to their readers and benefit from their traffic. People get an interesting article, showing Company B in the best light. The link is still nofollow and doesn’t help much.


Visitors click on the link, visit the website of the company, find it interesting, continue to explore it, share articles, tell friends about the business, buying products and services, etc.

The site ranks higher and higher, it’s easier to find paid backlinks as a result, the business brings more revenue, and promotion goes smoother than ever.

All is good.

So, releasing a top-notch statement when needed is much better, costs less, and establishes your business as serious, honest, and reliable. Both Internet users and Google see that you’re using a natural growth strategy, which increases trust.

Optimizing Press Releases to Promote Your Site

One of the press release best practices is to just make them:

  • Engaging
    Make it interesting enough so that both journalists and users want to read it till the end.
  • Safe
    Read the article on to find out what threats you should avoid when posting a press release. Respect you company’s and visitors’ safety.
  • Containing the right language.
    Prove that you’re a professional with an adequate amount of industry-specific words.
  • Containing keywords.
    They may not help a lot on-page, but journalists will use those keywords in their articles, which will increase the authority of the link posted there.
  • Friendly
    Always be friendly and polite, no matter if you’re doing damage control or writing about another brand stealing your ideas.
  • Appealing
    Make the statement so appealing that every journalist would love to write an article about it.

After all, the best PR you can make with online press releases submission is just being the best at it. None of your statements will end up with no attention. You will always have natural backlinks and lots of visitors on the website.

Use Press Releases Wisely

Use press releases, as well as any other link-building and SEO strategy wisely. Don’t overdo it. Otherwise, you can be placed on the blacklist of websites that gather spammy links, buy them in bulk, and use other old-school (not in a good way) optimization techniques that do more harm than good.

Hire a great team that will write an outstanding press release for every occasion. You will make the most important statement this way – that you represent a reliable company.

Be the news everyone talks about.

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