The Kalipak is Power that walks with you and stays with you whenever you need it

Often when disasters happen around the world cities and towns are destroyed including power lines and it takes excruciatingly long for the Power lines to be put back up before power can return to normal. The Kalipak is an invention that looks to change that. With it’s portability, self-sustainability and folding solar panels, it is a promising solution that will stand the test of time.

If you have been around when the Haiti earthquake happened, or the Hurricane Katrina or the Japan Earthquake that crippled the whole of Japan’s Northern Coast last year, you sure understand that when these natural disasters happen, there is always one thing that will be gone for a while and that is power. Power lines never survive the tragedy just the same way most properties don’t.


The Kalipak has been designed with several buttons that will charge your phone, tablet, fridge and absolutely everything else chargeable. The startup running the show here promises that your iPhone will be able to charge 120 times and your iPad 40. A couple of times for your mini-fridge and anything else you will need. The self-sustainability bit is based one the fact that the Kalipak relies on Solar energy and has solar panels to recharge every time the sun comes out. As you know, when floods happen or an earthquake occurs, there is one thing we are all sure of. The Sun will come out and sure as hell it will.


The panels are folding to allow for easy portability once you want to carry your Kalipak off after charging. The bag that comes with the Kalipak is waterproof to protect the portable power hub from rain and water. The solar panels are held in a unique way together too and that is how they get to fold. In fact it is a unique holding way that forced the company to get a patent for it which is pending approval. One sunny day is good enough to charge the Kalipak fully.

A mobile app has been developed that connects your Kalipak to your smartphone via bluetooth to allow you to monitor energy levels as well as adjusting the solar fixture for better charging and even activating the emergency beacon. The Kickstarter campaign is now almost fully funded with around 39 days to go.

As the world moves towards green energy, I figure the Kalipak will not be a device that waits on you to get a disaster before you start using it. There are several people in third world countries who need Kalipak just about now. With little infrastructure in third world countries and lack of power in several places, Kalipak is more like the solution to get these people to experience power in a unique way and your backing of this Kickstarter project will go along way to make it happen.

Self-sustainable energy is the future and with global warming on the rise we can be sure that the sun will be there and even stronger in the days to come… and when all this happens it is great to see that projects like Kalipak give us hope that power will remain even when the coal and oil runs out.


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