Opting for diverse delivery teams can significantly boost the success of your project and company. In this article, we’ll look at the importance of diversity in delivery teams and the benefits of partnering with them!

Let’s face it ― the tech industry isn’t the most diverse one.

In fact, according to a recent study, women make up just about 21% of tech teams, while ethnic minorities make up only 16%. These figures alone make it clear that the vast majority of tech companies need to make changes toward enhanced diversity.

However, the majority isn’t the all.

Some businesses already offer delivery teams that embrace different cultures and identities. And opting for such teams isn’t just “the right thing” to do. It’s also a smart business decision.

What are diverse delivery teams?

Diverse delivery teams consist of people with various backgrounds and personal characteristics. Such teams embrace members’ individualities, including racial, ethnic, gender, and other differences.

With various perspectives and skills, diverse delivery teams are more productive, produce excellent outcomes, and have better overall performance.

In other words, non-homogeneous delivery teams are smarter. Entrusting them with your project can yield some significant advantages for the product and your business as a whole.

The benefits of choosing diverse teams

Here are the top four benefits you can count on when opting for diverse delivery teams.

Greater innovation and creativity

People with different genders, ages, ethnicities, disabilities, etc., have various unique ideas that can greatly benefit a team’s ability to solve problems efficiently. Moreover, since technology constantly evolves, opting for teams with different backgrounds not only brings new perspectives but also ensures innovation, which is crucial in the modern tech industry.

Simply put, if everyone on the team thinks the same, there’s a good chance you’ll get a product that isn’t original or sophisticated. On the other hand, diverse delivery teams develop advanced, creative solutions by acknowledging multiple viewpoints and allowing members to meet your demands in new ways.

Enhanced user experience

Regardless of the product type, creating it with your end users in mind is vital. This becomes even more important when we consider that tech industry users come from various backgrounds and cultures. Therefore, it’s essential to partner with delivery teams that can build solutions that meet your target customers’ different needs and requirements.

Diverse delivery teams match this concept perfectly. Teams with various backgrounds can quickly adapt to users’ needs. Members’ diverse experiences enable them to generate a wide range of ideas and analyze them from multiple viewpoints, which is incredibly valuable for understanding and meeting the needs of your end users.

Entering new markets

Diversity strengthens teams by enabling cultural awareness and native language skills which are of great value for your software’s launch. In addition, multicultural delivery teams can detect the market trends in their locations and thus identify new business opportunities. Therefore, partnering with diverse delivery teams brings you much more than great products.

Delivery teams’ better understanding of various cultures opens new markets for your company. And, it helps you enter them with suitable products. Furthermore, since we live and work in an ever-changing environment, multicultural and diverse teams are perfect fits to foresee changes in various markets and set your products for success.

Better reliability

Partnering with diverse delivery teams can also lead to better reliability. Teams that support and acknowledge different perspectives and experiences take a broader view of the possibilities and risks. As a result, diversity promises superior decision-making, allowing you to rely confidently on delivery teams and their capacity to come up with exceptional solutions for your project.

Here’s some more proof. According to the research, diverse teams make better business decisions up to 87% of the time! Furthermore, besides ensuring better decisions, diversity also accelerates decision-making processes. It’s a winning formula for delivery teams’ high efficiency and reliability.

Diversity in delivery teams: the key to successful projects

Users and employees are now, more than ever, holding tech companies accountable for the importance of diversity.

Therefore, partnering with diverse delivery teams has become more than just the right thing to do and even more than a smart business decision ― it’s a necessity in order to remain relevant in the modern marketplace. When your project passes through the hands of people with diverse expertise and skills, you ensure unique solutions, successful projects, and, eventually, greater profits.