Technology has become an indispensable part of our day-to-day lives. There has been a rapid evolution in the past 30 years. Invariably, someone innovates something in the hope of being a vital part of this problem-solving era. Looking back, did you ever think of robotics in healthcare? Probably not. Did you think of Edutech? Or Zoom? Artificial intelligence? No, at least not in the 1980s.

We hardly ever take into account the engines behind such rapid technological changes. However, it may be human nature that the end product matters more than how it came to existence. For instance, let’s think about social media. All that people know is that there are apps that will facilitate their communication in business and social life, give them access to lots of information etc. Nevertheless, what happens behind the scenes? Who is doing the work? How? What is the product longevity?

In order to understand technological trends, one needs to constantly read Technology  News. However, this is far more important to decision-makers, especially in business. For instance, business tech professionals and enthusiasts – C-level executives, directors, managers, and to a certain extent, students.

TechInformed is a technology news platform that aims to be the frontier of independent business technology news. The platform empowers readers by offering insights into cutting-edge technology with thought-provoking interviews, in-depth analyses, discussions, and feature-length coverage of the most significant developments in the world of tech. For example, established companies may never understand how startups can interrupt their business stability until they look at it from a disruptive technology angle. What is that? Disruptive technology is the technology that affects the normal operation of a market or an industry. It displaces a well-established product or technology, creating a new industry or market. Hence, decision-makers need to be well informed about technological developments. This helps them to quickly adapt to changing business and economic realities. Subsequently, they can cushion their companies from sudden downward spirals.

Why TechInformed?

TechInformed understands how crowded and overwhelming the online tech publication marketplace is. It, therefore, improves user experience by easing navigation, unlike platforms where the user experience is nearly always intrusive with pop-up banner ads everywhere. TechInformed prioritizes the user through independent journalism, deep insights on specific tech topics for business and clear website navigation. Research-led and proudly independent, TechInformed delivers news analysis, interviews, and unique insights to empower you to make more informed decisions that can narrow sector-specific skill gaps.

TechInformed does the research work for you. The platform dissects a variety of tech topics, aiming to sufficiently equip all its users with factual knowledge in this tech-flooded era. We cannot always be at the drawing board drafting new solutions to new problems. By carrying out in-depth cross-sectional analyses of tech news and trends, rather than relying on mere hearsay, everyone is in the know. After all, knowledge is power and, in many ways, it is the business of TechInformed to keep you well informed.

The Founders

TechInformed was founded by a team of people who are passionate about using their industry experience to provide independent business tech news. James Pearce has a journalistic background in the technology industry. He has interviewed executives at tech giants globally, broken exclusive news across continents, chaired countless panels, and overseen the launch of several new publications. Tinu Thomas is a dynamic sales professional who heads the lead generation & data services department. He has over 12 years of expertise in sales and customer service. Lastly, Adrian Whitcombe has a solid career track record in B2B worldwide, managing brands, strategy, execution, budgets, and partnerships.