Tech problems can be a hindrance to work development and achievement in due time. Some common problems experienced by consumers are slow internet connectivity, computer repair services and remote tech support. These are just but a few of the common tech problems experienced on a daily basis.

Adapting to new technology can be challenging

People born between 1946-1964 – lack training and understanding on tech issues because they were born and lived at a time where technology had not emerged. As a result, they face a lot of difficulties in adapting to the new technology. TechieFriends offers them simplified tech support to solve such issues.

Having problems without being aware of the suitable tech market to elicit information from at your convenience can be worrying. That is where “TechieFriends” comes in; they provide all the solutions to your tech problems. This includes a mobile, social network, online tech support, computer fixes, and much more. TechieFriends gives a step-by-step brief to clients including professional advice on the best online technical repair and adjustments. With TechieFriends, you can  solve your tech issues at your convenience

TechieFriends is a tech marketplace that focuses on delivering safety, availability, and affordability by connecting you to a technician. Beyond that, they offer tech experts opportunities to earn anytime by linking them to specific consumers and enabling them to earn a living as well as they help clients to maximize technology usage at home.

Due to increasingly connected lifestyles, technology has changed drastically over the last 10 years. TechieFriends comes in to curb the gap with support models designed to satisfy the needs of tech consumers.

How TechieFriends works

TechieFriends bridges this gap by providing affordable tech support in real-time, without the hassle usually involved in obtaining information.

TechieFriends launched in Alberta ,Canada in January 2021. To date, the company has successfully delivered 100+ services with a highly skilled population of techies. TechieFriends is a growing platform for techies who are passionate about using their skills to help other people. The platform offers clients access to convenient remote tech support as a substitute for expensive and unreliable support services.

What differentiates TechieFriends from other platforms is that they record all activities that the technician performs while resolving the issue, sharing all recordings after completion. This helps secure information for future reference.

TechieFriends also offers convenient access to a team of skilled technicians. All the technicians are verified by an interview designed to gauge their level of expertise and prove their compatibility for the given job. Moreover, background checks are frequently carried out by appropriate authorities to ensure only competent personnel are matched with consumers. To ensure recovery and security of valuable information, each service is backed up by insurance. That is how safe your information is with us. We also restore your information through iCloud.

The TechieFriends pricing model

TechieFriends regulates the market price by allowing the market to adjust the price. This ensures affordability in terms of what the consumers are willing to pay. The level of transparency between the platform and the consumers ensures maximum performance on online computer repair solutions and tech issues. This gives you the ability to make maximum use of your technology. This is what makes TechieFriends the best online source of support for your computer-related problems. The team at TechieFriends is committed to giving clients access to technicians who are equipped with enterprise-grade tools and provide efficient services. With TechieFriends, you can solve your tech issues wherever you are.

When you need help with a technical issue, there is no waiting time. Rather, your problem can be solved immediately by a technician. The simplicity of the TechieFriends platform makes it easy to use for your remote tech support. For starters, you can identify your problem easily using the online diagnostic and repair. Once you’ve identified the problem,  simply select a qualified technician from the list of shortlisted technicians. You can then set up an appointment with them at your convenience.

TechieFriends is designed to be easy for anyone to use. More specifically, the platform was designed as a solution for baby boomers, busy professionals, management, consultants with a management background, busy parents and single moms. These are all people who need a quick fix or online tech support without the hassle of manually looking for a technician.

The TechieFriends founding team

The husband-and-wife team behind TechieFriends was inspired to build the platform by friends and family members who constantly needed tech advice and assistance. In due time, the founders discovered how hard it is to get safe, reliable and affordable tech support. Since only big businesses have reliable access to support for the tech they use, everyone else is left to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, the support services for technology at home haven’t evolved to meet the needs of our connected lifestyles.

The TechieFriends platform bridges this gap, enabling people to make maximum use of the technology they already own. Rather than wasting time looking for solutions to your tech issues, all you need to do is reach out to technicians at TechieFriends. At the comfort of your home, you can get reliable solutions while keeping services extremely affordable.

The key difference at TechieFriends is safety, affordability and immediate assistance.

Remote tech support for home users is not safe, in addition to being expensive for home technology.TechieFriends provides transparency and assurance of safety while keeping their tech support services very affordable.

The TechieFriends platform is also built to benefit Techies, who are motivated to deliver the best because they own the services and have control over the prices. These technicians are committed to ensuring each client is satisfied because they rely on positive references in order to remain competitive on the platform.

Guaranteed access to professional services

The TechieFriends team is made up of IT tech professionals with 25+ years of experience. They have a deep understanding of tech support models, tradeoffs and what it takes to deliver the best consumer experience. Additionally, they have designed and executed tech support services for large global enterprises for many decades. TechieFriends is on a mission to deliver a similar experience to home consumers.

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