Gluten-free, AIP-friendly, clean, organic, and dairy-free treats are all the rage in the marketplace. In fact, these treats are capturing the attention of both the old and the young. According to a BBC report, younger consumers purchase more dairy-free and gluten-free products. As such, many supermarkets and shopping stores across the world are stocking their shelves with these types of treats.

About 5% of consumers in the population need such treats for medical reasons. What’s more, over 50% of households prefer these treats over others simply because of their healthy content. In 2020, the global market for gluten-free foods was $5.3bn. By 2028, it’s expected to reach $9.9bn. This is an indication of the great potential this sector has for investment.

Sweet Apricity is boosting the investment opportunity in this space by opening its early investor community raise to the public.

What’s Sweet Apricity?

Sweet Apricity is a company with almost a decade of experience in making organic treats that don’t result in inflammation. Their products are dairy-free, gluten-free, and AIP-friendly.

While they’re currently located in Washington, they’re planning to expand to other regions like Japan and the rest of the global market. Beyond buying healthy treats from Sweet Apricity, you can now own a stake in the company and grow your investment as Sweet Apricity expands.

Sweet Apricity aims to raise $250-500k to scale their businesses. Their major areas of investment include product inventory, manufacturing, and packaging. Moreover, they’re planning to open up a brick-and-mortar store to further maximize their opportunity for global expansion.

You can invest in this company with great growth potential via Wefunder.

Who is Sweet Apricity’s target audience?

Sweet Apricity’s treats are formulated for women aged between 25 and 65 years. Health is a major concern for this demographic and women also report more autoimmune diseases than men. Treats from Sweet Apricity set you free from body inflammation caused by allergens.

Both accredited and unaccredited investors can join the community raise. As an investor, you stand the chance to gain profits as the company expands.

Who’s the founder of Sweet Apricity?

Tonya Butts is the founder and CEO of Sweet Apricity. She was inspired to launch this company after watching the agony one of her friends went through while battling at least 6 autoimmune diseases. These autoimmune diseases meant that her friend had to be extremely careful when choosing what to eat. As a result, Tonya’s friend hadn’t had any type of sweet treat for over 4 years. This was both a painful and disheartening realization.

To help out, Tonya decided to formulate treats that were safe for her friend. Her ultimate goal was to create a line of treats that anyone with an autoimmune disease, allergies, or even those following the paleo diet. These treats meant that people with autoimmunity could enjoy sweet treats without experiencing any inflammation.

Sweet Apricity was launched to offer people safe treats and sweets, giving them a chance to enjoy the joy of these products. Tonya wanted to give audiences that don’t normally have access to these treats the opportunity to enjoy them freely.

What makes Sweet Apricity so unique?

There are many companies that offer AIP-friendly treats. However, Sweet Apricity offers a little more.

Their treats are:

  • Gluten-free
  • Organic
  • AIP-friendly
  • Dairy-free

Beyond this, Sweet Apricity aims to create products with total regenerative ingredients by 2030. At the moment, their focus is on treats and sweets.

Benefits of investing in Sweet Apricity

  • Low risk

Unlike startups that are venturing into the marketplace for the first time, Sweet Apricity has been around for years. As such, you’ll be investing in a company with a proven record of positive performance.

  • Potential market

There’s a wide, underserved market for clean and healthy snacks. According to statistics, this market comprises over 300 million consumers. In other words, there is a ready market for these products.

  • Established reputation

Over the years, the company has made a name for itself in this niche industry. They’re bound to be successful in other regions due to this positive track record.

  • Unique products

Sweet Apricity offers clean treats that benefit consumers with autoimmune conditions and those following the paleo diet.

  • Clean sweets – we tend to indulge in sweets rarely because we know they’re unhealthy. However, Sweet Apricity provides healthy alternatives. According to Tonya, the treats from Sweet Apricity are “the indulgence you don’t have to give up.”
  • Their products include healing treats that can help people with various conditions.
  • If you have any form of allergies, you can still enjoy their products without a worry. This is because Sweet Apricity specializes in clean, gluten-free, and AIP-friendly treats.

Why you should invest in Sweet Apricity

The market for non-inflammatory treats is growing at a rapid rate. As we mentioned earlier, it’s expected to hit the $9.9bn mark by 2028. That’s enough indication that you will be investing in a space with a future. By investing in Sweet Apricity, you can tap into this promising future.

Grow your wealth with Sweet Apricity today

It’s not easy to find a product with high potential as an investment coupled with a noble cause. With Sweet Apricity, you can enjoy both benefits. Their healthy snacks and treats are the best on the market. Furthermore, given that the market for healing treats is vast and underserved, there is a lot of potential for expansion and growth.

If you were searching for a lucrative investment, look no further. You can easily join the community raise through Wefunder, and become an investor. For more assurance, you can do a background check on Sweet Apricity and the team behind it. Having been in the industry for over six years, it’s a company with proven accomplishments.

If you want to learn more about Sweet Apricity, click here to visit their official site. To remain in touch with the company, you can also connect with them on Instagram.