As most founder stories go, the goal is to create the best experience for users especially when you are initially starting out. However, depending on the communication process, the definition of “best experience” may differ between the company and the users. This can sometimes reflect on the overall product adoption by the users eventually affecting the company’s growth in one way or another.

From managing timelines for startups that function like agencies to managing results for such companies and Saas startups, there is need to ensure that clients and the company both manage their expectations for better growth.

One true fact is that as a startup, you are setting expectations right away from the moment someone lands onto your home page or the company’s landing page. You are setting expectations that customers will find hard to change.

Thing To Do & Don’t

The best thing to do from upfront is to manage your promises. Do not over-promise, which mostly leads to disappointments. It is better to under-promise and over deliver than the vice-versa.

Do not set unrealistic timeline expectations. Honesty in terms of the time it might take a company to complete a task or the amount of time. It might take the client using your Saas product to achieve their goals really works well to manage expectations.

One thing that we have experienced as a PR startup. That is sometimes clients might be confused on the expected results. It is essential to communicate this effectively as well. This can be done very well during the sales process, or the sales page. Refine your marketing copy so that the expected results on each step of the process are understood and everyone is on the same page.

To reduce any anxiety that might come up mostly from the clients. It is important to update them frequently especially if you run a service based business like Pressfarm. Frequent communication can help increase confidence between customers and startups.

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