Entrepreneurs stand out because we have embedded in our DNA the ability to create. This ability is enhanced when entrepreneurs learn more. Knowledge is gotten by exposure to courses that drive up innate creativity, productivity and market profitability.

In this article we have listed five startup courses every entrepreneur will find helpful.

Most online learning platforms like Udacity and Coursera have courses on entrepreneurship, however, while most of them are excellent, not all of them might be the right fit for you.

1. Entrepreneurship 101: Who is Your Customer?

An interactive course that bridges the gap between having brimming ideas and successfully selling those ideas in the marketplace. It offers a 10-week online course that covers in-depth topics most interesting to high-growth startup founders which requires an engagement of just about 2 to 4 hours per week. If you are planning on how to successfully launch a start-up or have hiccups selling your products or services, this course might just be the best for you.

This is a free course offered on EdX Platform, is self-paced based on your own time and in the English Language.

2. Thinking Outside the Box: Creative Entrepreneurship

This 7-week online course aims to develop the innate potential to think critically outside the box, drive top performance in professional careers and open the gateway to business expansion. Entrepreneurial skills such as creative thinking, reflective thinking and connected learning taught in this course. This one is perfect if you are a serial founder who wants more novelty.

This course is free, offered on the EdX Platform and in the English Language.

3. Growth Strategies

In this online course developed by the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, Michael Lenox takes entrepreneurs on business growth strategies. This course hands the tools needed by start-up founders to grow their value and avoid common pitfalls. In this course, strategic thinking skills, innovation strategy skills, mergers, and acquisitions taught. If you want to understand the how of starting a high-growth venture, not just the why, this one’s for you.

This free course is available on Coursera and offered in the English Language, a quiz is taken by students at the end of the course.

4. Personal Branding: Crafting your social media presence

Speaking of Kate Arends, the founder of Wit & Delight takes joy in maximizing the productivity of entrepreneurs. She takes entrepreneurs through a 68-min course segmented into 14 lessons on the how of crafting social media presence. Students quickly get up to speed on the methodology of personal branding. It’s a great course for any entrepreneur who wants to take their professional online presence to the next level.

This course is free and offered on the Skillshare platform, lessons taken in the English Language.

5. How to come up with killer business Ideas

Entrepreneurs who take this course have the opportunity to learn how to generate actionable business ideas and also master business dynamics. Because this course caters to aspiring entrepreneurs, new start-up founders and veteran entrepreneurs who want to master the skill of idea generation. It touches on how to go from idea to pitching investors, and also it includes some pitch deck examples as well.

Best of all, this course doesn’t require an Ivy League education to enroll.

Udemy offers this course at a rate of $11.99. A certificate is also awarded upon successful completion of the course.


Once you’ve decided to embark on the journey to complete one of the above courses, you are on your way to success. The most important thing for every startup founder is never to stop learning.