The pandemic has made us see a lot of things differently. More importantly, it made us realize how important it is to save for our future.

Hence, this 2021 as several parts of the world are starting to return to normal, it would be a good time to start investing your money in more important things, instead of letting it sit in your vault, wallet, or bank account. Where should you invest it? Here are some tips


One of the first things that usually comes into the minds of many people who are looking for something to invest in is business. It’s not quite a surprise, though, as every time you invest in your business, you’ll reap rewards tenfold of it.

But, of course, for you to start a business, you’ll need to spend your money. And if you don’t have enough funds yet, consultants at Qardus platform say you can reach out to seed investors who can help you start. You can also look for firms or banks that offer business loans to help you get started.

Once you start your own business, you’re free to do what you love and focus on what you’re best at instead of working for someone. At first, it might feel a bit challenging, but it’s very rewarding. Of course, you can control your schedule too.

On top of that, you can get to provide for the needs of others. All your effort and stress will pay off once you see your clients smiling, thanks to your products or services. You can even help change the lives of your clients in some way.


If you think you can’t handle the stress of running a business, you can invest your money in stocks instead. When you start a business, you don’t only need to ensure the quality of your products or services but you also need to market them through press releases, marketing campaigns, etc. This, of course, requires a great deal of time and effort.

But by investing in stocks, you don’t have to worry about all of those management tasks as much as entrepreneurs do. Apart from that, your corporate earnings grow bigger as the economy grows.

The good thing about investing in stocks is that it doesn’t require a specific amount of money, unlike in starting a business. In fact, you can even invest in smaller amounts. Eventually, it will still grow.

Additionally, you have more opportunities to invest in markets in other countries. Not to mention, it’s easier to do too.

However, investing in stocks has some risks too. If a company you’ve invested in didn’t do well, its stocks’ price falls. The worst part is, investors like you could lose money. Fortunately, there are ways how you can manage the risks that come with investing in stocks. This includes not investing all of your money in one company, using stops to limit your losses, and keeping yourself updated, to name a few.

Real Estate

smart ways to invest your money


The pandemic also made us see which industries play a huge role in surviving crises and which don’t. Real estate, fortunately, is one of the industries that can still keep your investment growing in spite of everything that has been going on in many parts of the world.

With real estate, one of the advantages you have is a stable market value. This means when the market condition starts swinging, the demand for real estate will remain stable. This is because shelter is a basic human need. And the demand for it will continue to rise over the years.

If you want to grow your money through this, purchase a residential property. Then, have the whole property or parts of it rented. This way, at the end of each month, you’ll receive a stable income.

Also, you can enjoy tax benefits by investing in real estate. Depending on your location, your rental income may not be subject to self-employment tax. The government may also offer tax breaks for insurance, maintenance repairs, legal fees, property taxes, property depreciation, and travel expenses.

On top of that, you can become your own boss. You can ditch your 9 to 5 job and dedicate your time to managing your real estate investment strategies instead. Needless to say, you have full control over how much rental income you should charge a month and who will live in your property.

Retirement Savings Plan

Technically, a retirement plan isn’t an investment like business, stocks, and the likes. But, it’s like a platform to invest in for your future. Therefore, you should still take advantage of it.

Besides, investment vehicles these days allow savers to grow their money with tax advantages. This means if you invest $10,000 in such a tax-sheltered retirement plan, you can get a full 10 percent average annual rate of ROI. Over time, that initial investment can grow up to more than $60,000 if you invest in the right account alone.


You might probably wonder why you should invest your money in yourself too, but hear us out first. True enough, it’s also not the kind of investment you might be looking for to grow your money. However, investing in yourself can do wonders for your future too.

Investing in yourself has a lot of long-term benefits. At first glance, it may not give you the money growth you’re looking for like in running a business or investing in stocks, but doing this will actually increase your earning power, which plays a huge part when investing in any other things, such as real estate, business, stocks, etc.

But doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to bettering your career. You can also use your money to improve your health or even learn how to become a better investor to improve your financial situation and your quality of life over time.

These days, there are many ways you can invest and grow your money. You just need to know the right techniques and the right places to be. Of course, you will need some patience and perseverance too.