When you’re hoping to grow your business, increased productivity and efficiency with a platform like Skhokho can go a long way towards helping you reach that goal. It’s impossible to boost your business growth if you’re using disconnected software for your business management needs. Using different software for different tasks might’ve seemed like a viable solution in the beginning. Even so, the costs of running all these software eventually add up. What’s more, using multiple disconnected software can cause confusion and data loss as you transfer information from one software to the next. This inevitably leads to a workforce that is less efficient than they were before you started introducing these software solutions to them piecemeal.

Bertha Kgokong understands the complexity that comes with running several software solutions which require multiple integrations to work together efficiently. It is for this exact reason that she launched Skhokho. Skhokho is a comprehensive business management software that has all the tools you could possibly need to run your business smoothly. More specifically, Skhokho offers tools for human resource management. It also has tools for customer relationship management, project task and milestone management, business accounting and objective key results management.

How Skhokho was born

In 2017, Bertha launched Tati Software to help clients develop software and websites that meet their needs. Since launching Tati Software she has created multiple in-house software projects, including an online learning platform, Skolo. This year, some of her clients requested a lightweight CRM for their personal use. In response, Bertha recommended some products that were available in the industry. Unfortunately, her clients weren’t happy with these solutions because they were both costly and bulky. To make things worse, they still needed to buy other software as an add-on to get these software solutions to work.

“I decided to integrate the most useful parts of all these fragmented micro-SaaS platforms into one lightweight, intuitive platform that has everything that small business owners need,” says Bertha.

Benefits of an all-in-one business management platform

Increased productivity

With a comprehensive solution, both you as the business founder and your employees will waste less time moving back and forth between different software solutions. By introducing your team to a solution that does everything well, you can help your team to function more efficiently than ever before. Moreover, with intuitive business management software, your team will be under less pressure. Ultimately, this will result in happier employees in the long run.

Better data management

When you’re switching back and forth between several software solutions at the same time, the risk of losing valuable data is high. After all, you can only move data from one software to another so many times before you start losing bits and pieces of this data. With a comprehensive software solution, all your data remains in one place, reducing the risk of data loss.

More legal awareness

It’s easy to break safety regulations or labour laws without realizing, in the rush to get important things done. The best business management software solutions will flag potential legal problems when you still have time to fix them.

Better customer relationship management

A good business management software should also have a customer relationship management system (CRM) built into it. A CRM can help you learn the most intricate details about your customers. Including what kind of content encourages them to make a purchase and what products they normally purchase together. With this information, you can both attract and retain paying customers for your brand.

Smoother hiring and human resource management processes

While hiring new employees is a necessity for all businesses, this process can consume a lot of time and energy. With a good human resources manager (HRM), you can streamline your hiring processes. This kind of platform can help you create job vacancy postings, track applications and make interview notes all in one place. This saves you lots of time when you’re looking for a new hire.

Continuous and personalized software development

The best business management tools are run by developers who care about the client’s experience with their software. These people constantly update the software so that they can make sure the software is always providing excellent services for you. As a result, if there’s a feature you’d like to see in the software this development team might just take your request into consideration during the next update.

Professional IT support

Business management software solutions also come with dedicated support teams that can tackle any technical difficulties you might face while using their products. This eliminates the need for a huge internal IT team at your business, therefore saving you costs.

Why you should Skhokho’s business management software solution

“We’ve incorporated at least five different softwares into one,” says Bertha. “The main difference is that Skhokho does much more than what any other single platform can do on its own.”

With Skhokho, clients can do the same things for a fraction of the price. Since Skhokho presents all the business tools int one intuitive dashboard. This solution also reduces the complexity of running multiple fragmented systems that require integrations.

Skhokho offers tools for human resource management, customer relationship management, project task and milestone management, business accounting and objective key results management. This platform has what it takes to help you do more at a lower cost and with minimal hassle. Not sure about adopting Skhokho for your business? You can take advantage of their free 14-day trial with no obligations or cancellation fees. Once you’ve used the software for a few days, you’ll understand why business owners love this solution.

Don’t waste any more time. Sign up with Skhokho today.