Shield Coin develops crypto insurance designed to protect investors against fraud

There’s no better investment with great returns than cryptocurrency tokens. Even so, it also happens to be the riskiest investment on the web. You can lose your tokens through fraud, scams, and theft. In 2021 alone, investors lost about $14 billion worth of crypto, according to Chainalysis. A significant fraction of this loss was accounted for by the DeFi industry.

Further, losses due to crypto crimes were also rising from the previous year (79%). This was further elevated by the rising cases of crypto scams and theft.

In 2021, scamming was the greatest crypto crime. In the second place, crypto theft also caused investors to lose a significant portion of their investments. Losses via theft were mainly due to hacking business accounts and platforms like DeFi.

DeFi is one platform with great opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs regarding cryptocurrencies. However, this potential also makes it a popular target for fraud. As a result, the DeFi industry experiences more theft and scamming than other financial products. While this is a great threat to its growth potential, investors can now venture into the space without worrying. Thanks to crypto insurance – Cryptosurance – provided by Shield Coin, you can now rest assured that your crypto investments on these platforms will be safe.

How Shield Coin insures your investment

Investors with conventional securities like stocks and bonds are usually backed by private policies or the government. However, when it comes to crypto investment, the situation is different. These investors do not benefit from such protection, and this is where crypto insurance comes in.

Crypto insurance in the blockchain industry allows holders to run safe crypto investments. Shield Coin, in particular, aims to enhance safety in the crypto marketplace. With Cryptosurance from Shield Coin, investors can worry less about theft, fraud, and scams, all of which are common in this industry.

Before the launch of this platform, losing your investment through crypto crimes would have been the end of you. Now, you’ll have a cover to protect you if you become a victim of crypto crimes. With this insurance solution, you’ll have enough coverage to help you restore your journey to financial freedom.

How Cryptosurance works

Cryptosurance from Shield Coin is based on a risk-sharing agreement between the Shield Coin project and Shield Coin holders. In order to qualify, investors must hold a minimum of $250 in Shield Coin or the Shield Coin NFT and transact a purchase of Shield Coin, at least once, every 30 days. Investors are given guidance on low- or medium-risk projects to invest in based on Shield Coin’s most current Coin Risk Rating (CRR) publication. Cryptosurance protects the investor’s original investment up to, but not exceeding, their active coverage amount.

Why choose Shield Coin?

There’s been an increased demand for investor protection in the crypto space, primarily due to the rising cases of crypto crimes. While other insurers may want to offer covers for crypto theft, there’s still the challenge of risk assessment. This is primarily because the crypto industry has no regulations whatsoever to provide guidance.

The team behind this Coin has detailed knowledge about the crypto industry and what is needed to guarantee the safety of investments. This team is also experienced enough to educate investors in risky investments that they should avoid.

With their product, Cryptosurance, Shield Coin is the pioneer of crypto insurance. Their solution is a result of comprehensive research that aims to deliver the best services in the market.

Their primary objective is legitimizing the crypto space. By providing extra protection to holders of Shield Coin tokens, they’re helping crypto enthusiasts to invest safely.

Here’s what Shield Coin offers investors:

  • Accountability

The team at Shield Coin is very accountable when it comes to the services they’re providing. Furthermore, they’re offering the highest and best standards in this industry.

  • Transparency

When it comes to your investment, transparency is critical. After all, that guarantees you’re working with a trustworthy company. This is one of the principal values at Shield Coin. In order to ensure trustworthiness, a third party is responsible for the liquidity. Finally, the wallet addresses of the management team are published publicly.

  • Integrity

There are no if or buts when it comes to the level of integrity at Shield Coin. This team does everything possible to ensure that your investment goes into safe hands. Invariably, they stand for doing the right thing for their partners, clients, and holders.

  • Commitment 

The crypto experts at Shield Coin are fully committed to ensuring you’re trading in secure crypto space. Investors can attain financial freedom by building wealth without facing drawbacks.

How Shield Coin Works 

Are you tired of losing your crypto investments through scams, theft, or fraud? Well, what you need is Shield Coin. The team at Shield Coin has developed Cryptosurance – crypto insurance that is available for all token holders. This enables them to make safe crypto investments. With Cryptosurance, there are no more worries about making a risky investment.

Cryptosurance from Shield Coin is the first product of its kind in the crypto space. Before Shield Coin, if you were scammed, that was the end of your investment. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this anymore; getting insurance for your crypto investment cushions you against such losses.

Shield Coin is based on Binance to ensure lower gas fees and to guarantee excellent speed, but offers coverage across all blockchains. As a result, Shield Coin clients can enjoy quality services.

Who can use Shield Coin?

As long as you’re investing in the crypto space and you’re a Shield Coin token holder, you can use Cryptosurance. Furthermore, as a token holder, you can earn stable coin rewards as you protect your investment.

Why invest in Shield Coin

Losing a crypto investment can be destabilizing, even debilitating, for a crypto investor. For this reason, insuring your crypto investments should be a no-brainer. If you’d rather avoid the anxiety that comes with not being sure if your investment is safe, you should consider investing in some Shield Coin to cover yourself.

There’s more to Shield Coin than getting protection for your crypto wealth. This is a perfect solution to all the drawbacks in the crypto space, such as fraud, theft, and scams. Additionally, the team at Shield Coin is determined to educate the community on ways to detect and avoid risky investments in the crypto marketplace.

Most importantly, as a Shield Coin holder, you’ve got a fall-back plan in the event that your investment fails. Lastly, Shield Coin can also help you build wealth in addition to protecting your crypto assets. Through consistent transaction volume, Shield Coin holders earn a steady stream of stable coin rewards. Reach out to the Shield Coin team via their official site or on YouTubeDiscord, or Twitter.