SEO Services

Save your company from falling into the pool of company websites that no one ever sees or knows about. Let Pressfarm help your company to get seen. Why write the best content that no one reads? We know what it takes to make your company stand out online, literally. From keyword research and analysis to onpage seo and link building, you can trust us to do the best work for you.

Search Engine Optimisation is critical for any site wanting to improve their traffic, get new leads and convert customers.

We all want our websites to look great for people, but in the age of the internet, we also need to make our websites look great for the bots (a.k.a search engines).

Pressfarm is here to take away all this work from you because to be honest, it is boring. We wouldn’t wish our worst enemies such boredom. Seriously. But we love to do it, because for some reason ranking a site after another is addictive and the bug has already caught us.

Let us do a site audit for you, conduct proper implementation of on-page optimisation strategies, and pull-off a masterclass for your company with our off-page optimisation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


/per month

Improve your website’s search engine ranking to get more organic traffic and business opportunities. We will find your target keywords, write optimized evergreen content, set your pages up, and do on-page optimisation all in one package.

Our SEO package covers your setup, audit, on-page optimization for 10 pages – and a follow-up strategy.

Technical SEO audit

An audit covering over 150 points of optimization (security, speed, site architecture, domain overview, indexed pages, robots, sitemaps, and more).

On-page optimization

Search engine configuration, 10 SEO keywords to begin with, optimized meta descriptions, and titles.


We supply two recorded videos, explaining what we have done and how this will improve your ranking in the coming weeks – and a custom strategy for our next steps.

* Additional keywords can be decided as per budget.

UX and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)



How many of your website visitors convert into leads and customers? Our CRO report provides feedback that will help you to improve your user journey, navigation, page elements, and copywriting – so visitors feel compelled to stay, signup, and spend cash.

Our UX and CRO package will improve your website’s ability to convert visitors into leads and new business

UX and CRO audit

We will review the user experience and interface of your website and provide feedback. A fresh pair of experienced eyes can offer priceless insights into improving your website’s effectiveness.


We test your website on mobile and desktop devices – to make sure it performs smoothly on today’s most popular web browsers.


We review your website’s color scheme, layout, and formatting – to check that it’s consistent and easy-to-use.

Technical SEO Audit



Problems with your website’s underlying structure and settings can damage its performance and ranking in search engines. Let us analyze your website and run a competitor review, then use the data to build a roadmap for improving your SEO.

Our technical SEO audit checks a range of technical issues that can undermine your website’s ability to perform and rank in search engines.

We identify both on-site and off-site issues that can affect your search engine performance.

Issues such as on-site SEO, crawlability, Google Index status, crawl depth, crawl errors, HTTP status codes, XML sitemaps, HTML sitemaps, Bot access, Site architecture, URL structure among many other technical aspects can vastly affect your site’s rankings.

In addition, we include keyword research (up to 100 keywords) in this report.

At the end, we give you a summary of recommendations and action items to take

Site Error Audit



Errors can damage your website’s performance, increase its load times, and decrease its rank in search engines. We can identify and fix these errors – offering a quick and easy win for your business.

Our site error audit checks your website for errors that can impact its performance

What’s included?

Bug reports for quick fixable site issues that can be resolved in under 24 hours by the right person.

Screenshots with actionable points indicating the actual problems.

A PDF with full documentation

Testing in various internet browsers to ensure that your website is well built for the most popular browsers.

Search Engine Marketing (Google PPC)


/ one-time

The goal of this one-time service is to kickstart your Google Ads campaigns and set up your account following Google’s best practices.

We use the Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) approach* where we have full control of your bidding and spending, implement highly relevant keywords, and use hyper-focused ads applied to one keyword. This is the fastest way to elevate your click-through-rates, overall quality scores, and most importantly the money you make.

*Pressfarm doesn’t just drop dozens of irrelevant keywords into your account hoping for the best.

What’s included?

Full setup, Search Campaign Creation, Single Ad Groups (SKAGs) and Ads Creation, Positive and Negative Keywords Research and Setup, Demographic Setup (age, gender, language, location, device and platform), Technical Setup (budget, bid, ad scheduling), PDF with Account Overview, Ads Campaign Performance dashboard

SEO Content Creation


/per 1000 words

Your website needs strong, relevant content to help increase its rankings. Our high-quality and targeted SEO content will help to drive traffic, convert visitors, and increase your visibility, sales, and revenue.

Pressfarm can provide blog writing and content services for your business

Our professional content writers are waiting to produce high-quality, targeted content that’s professionally written, structured, and fully optimized for search engines.

We understand what it takes to make evergreen and optimized content. We will help you to come up with not just content that is friendly for the search engines, but content that is striking, engaging, informative, and interesting for your audience.

We have learnt from our years of experience how to strike that balance.