Self-tracking suitcase dubbed Bluesmart raises $2million on Indiegogo


How many times have you had to look for your suitcase when you land at the airport? Or better still, what if suitcases wouldn’t get lost anymore especially when you’re traveling sometimes a gazillion miles away from home?-seriously. Bluesmart might have figured a way to make that happen. In the current world of zero innovation in the luggage industry the company has built a self-tracking suitcase that is traceable and connected to your smartphone to make it easy for you to locate it anytime. Bluesmart is on the verge of completing a very successful Indiegogo campaign that was funded 3,860 percent of their $50,000 goal and that smart idea has it all.

According to TechCrunch, the founders are now checking out the Chinese manufacturing market to find ways of producing the product to fill their numerous Indiegogo orders.

The suitcase is not just a tracking device, it also has a built-in battery to recharge any of your devices during travels. Apart from that, one of the most important features of the Bluesmart suitcase is the ability to lock and unlock it from your smartphone. If it gets stolen or misplaced, it can only be opened by you at the tap of a button on your smartphone. That adds an extra layer of security to it. More so, if you want to know the weight of your bag as required by most airline services, the app that connects your smartphone and suitcase will calculate this at the touch of a button using the suitcase’s built-in digital scale.

Bluesmart self-tracking suitcase

How do you know that your Bluesmart has been stolen? Well, people who steal your luggage will obviously take it as far away from your current location as they can. At this point, the James Bond effect on you should be able to show, right? A notification will come through on your phone to inform you that your suitcase is going further from you than you would want it to. At that point you will get a proximity heat map and a reminder of its last known location helping you to eventually track down your Bluesmart.

Bluesmart founders call their new innovation Your Travel Assistant and boy is it good. You can find more details on Indiegogo.



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