Are you part of an organization that’s considering expanding into Africa, but lacks the necessary information? Worry no more – Rwazi sorts you out by providing your organization with on-ground data from Africa using a network of mappers. Data collection can be a tedious job with a lack of assurance on the quality of information presented on most sites. This leads the users of this data to question the relevance and quality of data.

Most sites for data collection are deposits for fake and duplicate profiles that mislead customers who are in search of data from across the globe. In addition, the restrictions on most profiles make it difficult to verify information validity. That is why you need Rwazi to help you collect your data.

Rwazi was launched in Mauritius in 2020 as a data services company that provides organizations with fresh, on-ground data on products, services, and activities from Africa. The success of the company is based on the growing network of mappers spread across urban and rural areas in Africa. This network ensures organizations have access to accurate, accountable, and precise information.

Currently, Rwazi has grown to a network of 5000 mappers that are equally distributed across cities, towns, municipalities, and villages. The mappers are available in 40 countries and the company hopes to reach above 50,000 by the end of the year.

Why Rwazi?

Rwazi’s main focus is on serving organizations that are based in the U.S and Europe and need to obtain data from Africa. Given that limitations on movement are still high during the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations can tap into the mapper network on-site to execute ground activities in areas that are difficult to reach.

With the aim of serving small, medium-sized, and large organizations, Rwazi offers high-quality data services through data harvesting. They accomplish this with qualified personnel who gather the data you need and get it audited. Thanks to their powerful analytics tools, you can receive in-depth analytics through customized reports and interactive maps based on your needs. With all the information in place, you can develop an action plan for your company to follow.

Rwazi has designed its network to help organizations all over the world that are looking to obtain data from Africa. This includes NGOs, companies, governments, or agencies. The company has built to fill the gap in data collection from developing countries, particularly African countries. Moreover, the company came in to satisfy the needs of organizations, especially those that require real-time, on-ground data to make effective decisions on activities. The most common decisions companies need help with include expansion, investments, distribution, new product or service offerings, and reaching target beneficiaries.

The company has also created income-generating activities for youth who educate and use smartphones. These people are a valuable source of information because they have daily access to the internet and are target consumers of beneficiaries.

A Growing Network of mappers

Rwazi is unique from other data providers on the market because it is the first and only company in the world with a large and growing network of mappers. The mappers spread across urban and rural areas all over sub-Saharan Africa. Rwazi founder Joseph Rutakangwa had previously worked on consulting projects helping multinationals in transport and telecommunications, retail, consumer goods, and health care industries to expand in Africa. Rutakangwa believes that creating gig work is the most effective approach to reducing unemployment in developing countries.

The co-founder is a former senior data analyst for Owino Solutions and Airtel, Uganda. He has experience in boosting organizational performance through exploiting data. The expertise of this founding team is a guarantee that Rwazi will only deliver the best data services when you need them.

For more information about Rwazi, you can connect with them on Facebook.