The COVID-19 pandemic that the world is still going through – 2 years after it first emerged – has brought about a lot of changes in our world. It has changed how we spend time with others, how we communicate, and more. The pandemic has also had a major impact on how we work. It has changed the physical locations of where we work and has led many businesses to change how they operate.

It has also had an impact on how we manage and optimize workforces. With many people working from home, it can be tougher to collaborate and work together. Thankfully, NICE inContact presents a great workforce management software to optimize your staff and workforce.

But perhaps the biggest work-related change of COVID-19 has been the redefining of customer service. People want and expect different things now than they did even a few short months ago.

This article is going to go over some ways the customer experience is being redefined in COVID-19 times. With this information, your company can keep up.

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A Greater Focus on Care

A big way that the customer experience has been redefined is that there is a much greater focus on caring for your customers. We are currently dealing with unprecedented situations, and your customers are likely going to be very stressed and worried. You need to be there for them and help them out in any way that you can. The more human your company can be during these times, the better.

Recently, there has been a push to make customer interactions more efficient and automated, but now human interaction and greater levels of care are required more than ever before. You need to engage empathetically with your customers and listen to their concerns. Understand their mindset and where they are coming from, and find ways to show them that your company cares.

Better Communication Than Ever Before

Communication with customers has always been important, but this is more true now than ever. You need to spend a lot of time and effort making sure your customers know what your plans as a company are, and when you will be available to them. Nearly every business has changed its operating hours or changed up its services in one way or another due to the pandemic.

You need to clearly and quickly keep your customers updated. If you don’t share the new hours of operation or new services you are offering, many customers simply might not know. Customers want to feel connected to and informed about the brands they love, not left in the dark. Also, be sure to communicate the steps you are taking to protect and help customers, as that can help boost brand loyalty.

Provide More and Better Digital Options

As a result of social distancing rules that are still in effect in many areas, people don’t have many of the physical options for shopping, customer service, banking, and several other things that they might be used to. As a result, many of them are now using online solutions. Online sales are exploding, and people need all sorts of online solutions to aid them in the unknown times.

The more online options you can provide, and the more high-quality they are, the better. The exact digital options you offer will vary from industry to industry, but digital is more important than ever. Do some research and work to see what your customers want from you, and find a way to deliver that to them efficiently and quickly through digital channels.

Also, because people are at home more than ever, it is a good idea to optimize your mobile experience. Many people are using their phones more than ever, and if your company or eCommerce platform isn’t mobile-friendly, you could lose customers.

In conclusion, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a redefining of the customer experience, and your company needs to do all it can to help your customers during these troubling times.

Featured image credits: Pixabay