What Qualities Make an Awesome Venture Capitalist

There are people like Bill Gurley, Chris Sacca, John Doerr, and many others who are willing to give you the financial fuel that your start-up needs. But what really attracts them towards a start-up?  A very profound persona published in a reputable paper.

And how to achieve that? Well, there are many strategies in order to convince journalists in publishing your stories.

Everything aside, new VCs are focusing on utilizing their wealth well to make a difference.

Many qualities of a VC make him or her the best. This article will follow the qualities proposed by Steve Schlafman, a renown VC, in his Twitter handle.

1. Curiosity

The curiosity of a VC defines his personality. If he has no inclination towards learning new things and thinking out of the box, then he ought not to be a VC.

New founders bring forth ideas that are sometimes wow. Investing in the venture not only brings a VC the essentials of marketing; but also the opportunity to learn and create.

2. Expertise

Of course, nothing parallels the importance of expertise in the making of a great VC. The expertise can lead him to create strategies for growth of the startup he has invested in.

Any experience he receives from investing can, in turn, be used elsewhere. This can even help him not be led astray as this knowledge would make him aware of where to invest.

3. Passion

If a person with a good amount in his bank accounts has the genuine will to welcome new ideas, he can be a very well established VC.

The passion of working alongside the entrepreneur is a necessary quality for the emerging venture capitalist.

4. Focus

Focusing on the task at hand can be hard; however, to achieve good results of the investments a VC makes, he needs to shut off any distraction that is leading him away.

Utilizing the necessary time on what matters is going to take the venture to successful heights.

5. Network

Maintaining a flourished network of relationships is necessary for a new VC as much as it is necessary for the startup.

Constituting an effective PR roadmap can construct these relations in no time and bear fruit.

6. Sales

What good would a VC be if he cannot provide relevant consensus?

Internally or externally, the VCs of the likes of Marc Andreessen have the ability to extend, sell and build consensus.

An emerging VC just needs to follow the footsteps.

7. Emotional Intelligence

It is true that a VC has to look at the demographics of a company in as many robotic and technical ways as possible because it is the matter of taking a grave risk. However, every decision made this way can be detrimental to the persona and the fame of the VC.

Having subtle emotional intelligence in observing the emotions of others can take the VC to new heights. Of course, working with such a person is always great fun.

8. Conviction

The opposition is the major drawback of investing.

People would tell you how great a mistake you are making, but what makes a great VC is his ability to reject those terms and work happily on where his expertise and his heart takes him.

The list of qualities of a good VC would never end. Any startup that has to attract investors has to have better public relations. PR is made possible by journalists in the majority. However, connecting with them and convincing them can be really difficult. But rest assured because Press Farm is here to help you. It can create hundreds of PR connections in no time.

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