The beauty and personal care industry has grown exponentially over the past few years and will continue to grow in the future. Because of customer behaviour evolution in the digital age, beauty businesses and brands are using public relations and digital marketing to communicate with customers globally through various types of content, channels, and platforms.

Public relations can be used in many different ways, but in the beauty industry, it is a way for brands to test out a product they want to sell through various platforms. Brands will branch out to celebrities, influencers, and makeup gurus to promote their product because consumers tend to listen to experts in the industry and people who endorse them.

In this article, we will look at:

  • What is Beauty PR?
  • Strategies for Beauty PR
  • Examples of Successful Beauty startups

What is Beauty PR?

Beauty PR is much like every other form of public relations, but with its focus set on promoting beauty products to the consumer through traditional print media and online media, TV, film, radio, etc. However, the landscape of public relations in the beauty industry has changed due to the Internet and social media. Gone are the days of traditional beauty ads with supermodels and Photoshop, with the rise of audiences demanding more authentic, natural content.

For companies to achieve effective Beauty PR, they need to understand and adapt to the change in the beauty industry to stay up to date about the latest trends and get the best possible exposure.

Influencer marketing has become one of the most significant public relations tactics due to the rise of social media influencers that can be found on various platforms. Influencers have an abundance of followers and loyal audiences, which is an excellent way for brands to reach targeted consumers. They help brands get widespread exposure in a more authentic and personable way than traditional celebrity endorsements.

By implementing influencer marketing, PR companies can promote their products to make influencers and their target audience aware of new products. Beauty PR companies will send out a “PR box,” which will include the products and information that the representative will need to know about them. The influencer will then test out the products, provide their opinion to their viewers/fans, and provide advertisements, whether good or bad, through their own social media accounts.

An influencer’s thoughts have the possibility of changing the opinions of many consumers. They do not only get free products to review, but they also get much content to put out to their followers. It is also beneficial to brands because, most of the time, influencers are not paid for their reviews, and if they are, most will include a disclaimer, they are getting paid. Brands will be able to get an honest opinion of their products to see whether they should adopt it or keep it the way that it is.

Along with influencer marketing, Beauty PR professionals must understand their product. Consumers are now looking for more natural, cruelty-free, and healthy beauty products, so brands should make their products in that way and be informed about all the ingredients in the products. Whether it is a question on social media or a question from the press, knowing those questions can help create well-written responses without misinforming the public.

Strategies for Beauty PR

For beauty brands to stay relevant and “level up” their business, there are specific strategies that they need to consider to target the right media outlets and attract their target audience.

Some include:

1) Creating a brand voice and story

2) Research through social media

3) Make use of advocacy

4) Create buzz/fresh new content

5) Unleash the potential of content marketing

6) Collaborate with other brands/industries

7) Establish oneself as an authority in the market

1) Creating a brand voice and story

Much like other types of public relations, it is essential to have a consistent brand voice and story. Whatever media coverage is coming from, all PR efforts should have the same voice and account because continuity and evidence of thoughtfulness indeed legitimizes a company’s actions.

Create a story that will make media outlets want to create the content of the product over others. Find and focus on the product’s unique aspects before writing down what the mission is, what tone they want to adopt, and create a definitive mission statement.

2) Research through social media

Consumers are constantly scrolling through social media to find what is trending. The same idea goes for the beauty industry; trends are continually changing, so companies need to figure out what is relevant and stay well informed. A lot of what goes into publicity is doing proper preparation.

By going through MUAs (makeup artists), influential and indie magazine editors and more traditional influencers, companies can create a story idea, products, and offer themselves as an expert in the industry.

3) Make use of advocacy

Advocacy comes in many different forms in the beauty industry. To stand out in an incredibly oversaturated market, companies should not skip over this tactic. Advocates are not necessarily influencers that brands can find through social media; they can be industry insiders, editors of magazines, etc., who may need a specific product the company provides to fit their needs. If they are happy with the product, they will usually share it with their coworkers and friends, who will then share it on their social media channels.

By partnering with experts in the beauty industry, it is a great way to get the word out, ensure user-generated content, and control media coverage. Regardless of the budget, ensuring that the content provided is as organic as possible is very important. An important thing for companies to remember is that beauty is an investment, and people will pay what they think is necessary for products with authenticity.

4) Create buzz/fresh new content

Creating significant buzz and continuously creating new content around products is what will get companies the best PR. A brand may not present their products in the traditional sense of walking down a runaway, but having sentiment and motivation is what is essential. Creating anticipation for a new product launch will make media outlets want to write about the brand.

Some ways to create fresh, new ideas for content can include:

  • Publish visually appealing and “Instagramable” content
  • Collaborate with aspiring beauty experts
  • Analyze popular hashtags in the beauty niche
  • Tell the brand stories through native ad platforms
  • Offer a free giveaway and try to keep it as creative as possible
  • Stay proactive and customer-centric by responding quickly and in a friendly way.

5) Hire PR professionals

While a beauty brand may be an expert in their field, they may not have experience in generating publicity for their brand. By hiring PR professionals like Pressfarm, brands can focus on what is essential for their company while also gaining public relations professionals’ expertise to achieve appropriate and relevant media coverage.

From the information Pressfarm receives from various startups, their expert writers will create newsworthy information about the company. They will also help companies increase their online visibility in relevant search results across major search engines and access their 75,000 media outlets through their PR database to find the ideal match for a startup and their target audience.


Beauty PR is much like every other form of public relations; the general idea is to get the word out there about a company or brand. For a beauty brand to stay ahead of the game, the PR professionals need to understand the minor differences between the beauty industry and others to format and create relevant information for the industry. Having the knowledge and designing an effective PR strategy are two different things; it is possible that even though a brand has all the components required, they do not have the capability of figuring out what should be included. That is where the professionals come in. Hiring PR professionals like Pressfarm takes the stress out of figuring out what to do and gives brands a chance to focus on things within the company.

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