Connecting with the right journalists through platforms like Pressfarm can help you share your brand story with a global audience. By simply incorporating your announcement into a news story, these individuals can help your company get off the ground.

Journalists who are intrigued by your brand story will take it upon themselves to disseminate information regarding the emergence of your brand. Nevertheless, finding a journalist to promote your company can be difficult, especially if you rely on bulk email pitches that lack originality and are disliked by many journalists.

Every month, about 540,000 new companies are launched. So, where do you start looking for a writer to help you promote your business?

You’ll need some helpful internet tools and strategies if you want to remain ahead of the competition. If you’re serious about spreading your message across the world, you’ll need to use high-quality public relations software. If you work in the media, you should keep a list of journalists, bloggers, and editors. These are all people you can reach out to for help generating coverage for your brand. These media professionals will know how to effectively use public relations tools like press releases.

If you use public relations software, you can reach out to numerous journalists who can help you promote your company in the newspaper or on social media.

Given the number of options available, selecting the right public relations tool may be difficult. We’ve compiled a guide comparing two popular PR software options on the market. This thoroughly-researched guide should help you make an informed decision about which public relations software platform is best for your company.

Introducing Pressfarm

Pressfarm vs. Muck Rack: Which PR Tool Should You Use?

Pressfarm is one of the most widely used database tools in the public relations industry – the platform is utilized by millions of individuals globally.

Instead of sending out bulk email pitches, Pressfarm helps you to find relevant journalists who would be interested in your company and connect with them.

Pressfarm makes it easy to connect with journalists from all over globe who can help you spread the word about your company.

Using a comprehensive media database, you can quickly build a list of qualified journalists and reporters from various fields, specializations, and publications.

In addition to making media announcements and sending email pitches, Pressfarm can help you with digital marketing.

Introducing Muck Rack

Pressfarm vs. Muck Rack: Which PR Tool Should You Use?

Muck Rack is another important tool for public relations and communication. This platform allows you to find journalists by publication, genre, specialization, and geographic area.

Furthermore, since Muck Rack is linked to Twitter, it is easy to find online tweets from journalists and reporters.

Using Muck Rack, your team can build a bespoke list of journalists based on beats, campaigns, or publications.

Pressfarm vs. Muck Rack

Now that we know a little more about Pressfarm and Muck Rack, let’s compare what they do best to determine which public relations tool is the better match for you. We’ll break this down into different features to help you compare how each platform performs in each category.

1) Making contact with relevant media professionals

Using a public relations service like Pressfarm to find appropriate journalists to contact can be very beneficial. The platform helps you connect with competent journalists that would be interested in writing about your company and its products or services. You can also establish appropriate connections to promote your business via Muck Rack, which works in a similar way to Pressfarm. Thanks to the platform’s extensive network, certain contact details may not always be up to date. Contacting certain media organizations may be difficult due to a lack of updated contact information.

Pressfarm vs. Muck Rack: Which PR Tool Should You Use?

2) Press release distribution

Businesses will be astounded by the simplicity with which Pressfarm sends press releases. A quick search of the 1 million+ journalists who have provided their contact information will pull up several relevant journalists. Thanks to Pressfarm, you can engage with these journalists and get advice on how to maximize the efficacy of your efforts. On the other hand, media repository Muck Rack is well-known for its distribution and monitoring tools. This means that you can trace the impact of your press release when you send it out.

3) Print and electronic media affiliation

Pressfarm is a game-changer when it comes to media placement. In fact, there are over 1 million different media outlets and contacts to select from when you’re doing media outreach. Pressfarm can help you discover key connections and channels by building a custom media list for you. You can also do this independently by sifting through their media database yourself. If your company is young and short on leads, you can use Pressfarm to choose the best journalists from various industries to help boost your business profile with positive publicity. With Muck Rack’s database, you have the option of choosing contacts who align with your news announcement or requesting specific sources for press release distribution.

4) Media coverage

Pressfarm’s pricing structure is divided into three different plans, each with its own strengths. With an engaging brand story, you can use any of these packages to generate publicity for your brand. Your distribution strategy should allow you to reach a broad range of individuals. Muck Rack can help you find the best journalists to collaborate with. The platform also helps to get your company mention in the press.

5) Press kit design

Your press kit is one of the first things journalists look at when evaluating a company’s public relations strategy. As a result, if your press kits are exciting and unique, you will earn credibility. In fact, one of the most effective ways to distinguish oneself from the competition is to develop a unique press kit with appealing pictures—both Muck Rack and Pressfarm offer fully operational press kits. Pressfarm goes one step further to offer press kit templates just in case you’d prefer to design your own.

6) Press release writing

While getting a professional to write your press release for you is always the best option, sometimes businesses have a hard time finding funds in their budget for this. Businesses can save time and money by using Pressfarm’s pre-written press release templates. Beyond that, Pressfarm offers affordable press release writing services. On the other hand, Muck Rack doesn’t offer press release templates or press release writing services. To use this service, you need to have your press release already written and ready to go.

7) Public relations professionals

Pressfarm comes complete with a team of public relations professionals who can help you to realize your vision. If you need help in creating and distributing customized press releases, you can tap into the company’s network of experienced writers and PR specialists. Muck Rack currently employs over 100 specialists. As a result, you can also count on their hardworking staff to offer you excellent service.

8) Media coverage reports

Muck Rack summarizes the data collected in real-time, during a campaign, rather than generating complex reports after the campaign is done. Pressfarm gives all your content time to be publish and indexed, before sharing a comprehensive coverage report with you. This report highlights all the media outlets that have published up your press release during Pressfarm’s media outreach. You can share these results with the rest of the world by converting your report into your preferred format for sharing.

9) Media database access

Depending on which of the three packages you choose, Pressfarm offers tiered access to their media database. The Launch package gives you access to 200 contacts every month for a year, while the Campaign package gives you access to 500 contacts every month for a year. Finally, the Enterprise package comes with 1000 contacts every month for a year. On the other hand, Muck Rack offers an extensive media database with over 250k local and worldwide connections.

10) Media monitoring 

Muck Rack is the clear winner when you need a public relations tool to monitor the news. The software notifies you when specific journalists tweet or make real-time mentions of your brand. This media monitoring allows you to respond to media coverage promptly and build strong connections with relevant media professionals.

Pressfarm vs. Muck Rack: Which PR Tool Should You Use?

11) Customer service

When you sign up with Pressfarm, you are immediately assigned an account manager who will be your point of contact during your PR campaign. This account manager will keep you updated on the progress of your campaign and answer any questions you may have. They will also liaise with other departments to ensure that all the content produced aligns with your brand goals.

Muck Rack offers dependable assistance to businesses seeking to enhance brand exposure. Muck Rack also has a dedicated account manager who is available to answer any queries you may have.

12) Pricing

Pressfarm is an excellent choice for a business that is just starting out and wants media coverage but doesn’t have a huge budget. With Pressfarm, you get value for your money. In comparison to other public relations companies, Pressfarm’s pricing levels are a bargain.

The Launch package is perfect if you’re just starting out or operating a small company. Megacorporations and established companies prefer to use the Campaign package to generate more media coverage using a variety of content. This content is designed to appeal to different segments of their audience. Finally, the Enterprise package is perfect for a large business that already has operations in different parts of the world or is looking to generate publicity in different parts of the world.

Unlike Pressfarm, Muck Rack doesn’t publicly share their pricing on their website. You need to get in touch with a Muck Rack specialist for an exact price quote. On average, Muck Rack costs about $5,000 each year.

Which is the better option for you: Pressfarm or Muck Rack?

Pressfarm is a great option for companies that are just starting out and either don’t have their own in-house PR expert or are new to PR. With its user-friendly user interface, templates, the huge database of journalists and reporters, customer support, and, of course, the affordable price, Pressfarm will help you meet your goals with minimal hassle. You can always start small and work your way up to one of the bigger packages as your company develops and prospers.

Muck Rack is a fantastic public relations tool for professionals who are already acquainted with public relations tools due to the absence of many of Pressfarm’s more useful features, such as press release templates. It is, nevertheless, excellent for a variety of tasks such as data export, journalist tracking, data reporting, and media monitoring. Muck Rack allows you to find the appropriate individuals, follow the news, create personalized media reports, and pitch journalists in a variety of ways.


By distributing quality content directly to review sites, startup directories, and forums, Pressfarm ensures that your brand story reaches the broadest possible audience. Both companies and journalists alike rely on Pressfarm since the platform makes collaborating to craft winning media stories easier.

Muck Rack allows you to monitor the effectiveness of media coverage of your company, enabling you to react to news stories or media mentions in real-time. In contrast to Pressfarm’s simple structure, Muck Rack’s complexity makes operation more challenging. It is far more suitable for businesses that are already well-versed in PR.


Whatever kind of business or organization you’re promoting, a solid public relations strategy can help you achieve your goals faster. While it’s true that public relations is a never-ending process of experimenting with various methods until you discover one that works best for you, choosing tools with proven success can help you save time and money. In addition to helping with brand image and awareness, using an excellent public relations tool may save you a significant amount of time and effort when attempting to target a specific audience.