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Our expert writers will proofread, create, and distribute press releases, email pitches, guest posts, and more, depending on which PR package you choose.

Use Pressfarm to reach out to outlets like Business Insider, Forbes, Mashable and many more.

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We help online businesses get press coverage that make people say,
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You’ll learn the steps to distributing your press release and launching a successful PR campaign. We help you to get press coverage and build more meaningful relationships with journalists.

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From creating relevant journalist email lists to distributing search engine optimized press releases, Pressfarm has everything you need to get your PR campaign done.

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You’re just a click away from getting the most out of your media campaign. Our amazing Account Executives are ready to help.

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Our approach incorporates the latest advances in the industry, combining time-tested concepts and guaranteed results —instant PR with powerful, easy-to-use software.


Say hello to your one-stop PR service and goodbye to outdated excel sheets. Pressfarm helps you reach relevant journalists in a much more targeted way. 


Make your PR stand out from your competitors using our established industry veterans. You’ll know whom to connect with and insights that will affect your brand.

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Trusted by leading brands, all over the world.

Pressfarm helps startups and growing companies get the exposure they need to accelerate their growth, increase brand visibility and improve sales.

Kevin Long

CEO and Co-Founder at The Dyrt

When launching a new business or product you need to tell the world about it. Pressfarm takes care of the How: by creating content worth communicating; and to Who: by targeting to the right audience.

Milton Jackson

Founder and Director Of User Experience (UX) at PicSpotr

It was difficult to find he right journalists for our startup when we needed to get the word out. Thanks to Pressfarm, we can now find journalists specific to our goals and needs. We are no longer wasting time and energy.

Larissa Murillo

Marketing Manager at MarketGoo

The folks over at Pressfarm understand the needs of a small company wanting to expand their PR reach. They are proactive and provide a personalized experience.

Chris Gadek

Head of Marketing at Ad Quick

Pressfarm has been such a time saver, I no longer have to scrape webpages for email addresses to find journalists. I can now quickly search for the right people and optimize my pitches. Pressfarm is a no brainer.

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