Press releases are often overlooked when it comes to content marketing strategies. Since press releases generally fall under public relations, many marketing teams do not consider them a marketing tool. However, when done correctly, they are an essential asset for trying to market a business.

While you can create press releases on your own, there are several benefits that a PR agency can bring to your PR success. However, to win through a PR agency, you need to ensure you choose the right agency to help achieve your PR goals. Ideally, a professional press release writing service should be well-versed in creating newsworthy content that the media will love and will position your business in the right way.

If you’re still skeptical about the need for press releases, keep in mind that creating and distributing press releases can help to present information about a business efficiently and concisely. Press releases are essential tools that are used to promote significant events or announcements in a company.

This article will look at the benefits that hiring a professional press release writer can offer.

1) Curates your writing for the target audience

Surveys have shown that more than 70% of internet users read blogs. In other words, businesses that have blogs generate 126% more website traffic than those that do not. More than 50% of customers make a purchase after they have read a brand’s blog content.

Using press releases, you can reach your target audience. You can also draw potential customers to your website to inform and engage them at the same time. When it comes to professional PR writers, they can generally understand who the target audiences for different industries are just after having a brief conversation with a company.

Before hiring a press release writer, you need to make sure that the PR professional understands your target audience. Usually, PR agencies send a detailed questionnaire asking about the brand, its founders, purpose, and target audience. Before that happens, however, you need to take the time to determine who your potential customers are.

To determine a target audience, you need to consider the following: age, gender, household income, education, marital status, pain points, and more.

Once you’ve determined your target audience, you can then get advice on writing a press release that focuses on that audience and media publications that target that audience. It’s important to find relevant publications for your press release because the right publication will help you reach your target audience with your news.

Since all of this may seem time-consuming, companies often hire PR agencies. Ideally, a good PR company can create quality content with the right voice and tone to appeal to your target audience. They should also know how to write in a way that will convey value to readers. Additionally, they can craft an interesting press release for both potential consumers and media professionals. Thanks to their knowledge of the industry, they can also make sure that you follow all the requirements and guidelines set by each publication.

2) Uses accurate formatting

Formatting a press release can be confusing if you don’t have experience writing press releases in your niche. Ideally, a professional PR writer already has the experience of the correct press release format. However, PR agencies are the best way to go for those who still need help trying to format a press release correctly.

If a press release is not formatted correctly, media professionals will throw it away, and you will miss the chance of reaching potential customers through the publication. For this reason, before hiring a PR agency, you need to make sure that they have years of experience. You need to do your research and look at past press releases that they have written.

3) Does thorough editing

It is not enough to make sure that a press release is formatted correctly; it needs to be appropriately proofread and edited. Since journalists go through hundreds of press releases daily, they tend to toss out the ones that have issues like spelling or grammatical errors.

If you’d prefer a DIY approach with your press release, then you should look out for agencies that can also offer you expert advice on press release writing. Professional PR writers can thoroughly edit the release and review the tone, voice, format, writing style, and grammar.

4) Create successful pitches

Once you’ve created the perfect press release, you also need to have an effective email pitch. Email pitches are the first thing that media professionals look at when they open their inboxes. For this reason, if you do not have an effective email pitch, journalists will not even read your press release. In other words, all the work you did putting together the perfect press release will turn into a waste of time.

You need to choose a PR agency that can create, edit, and distribute all types of press releases. A good PR agency should already have experience with writing email pitches and have connections with journalists. Instead of wasting necessary time trying to develop the perfect story angle with a lot of trial and error, it would be less time-consuming to hire a press release writing service.

5) Understands SEO and social media

In this day and age, search engine optimization (SEO) helps any type of content, especially press releases, rank higher on various search engines. Having a higher ranking helps companies generate brand awareness and more website traffic, leads, and sales.

In addition to boosting your visibility with SEO, you need to pay attention to your social media presence. After all, consumers rely on social media when they’re looking for information about practically anything. Since press releases include details about a company, its leaders, new products, and business developments, you will want to include all this information on your social media platforms. Make sure this information is consistent across all your platforms and all your branded content so that you have a recognizable brand image.

You could also share excerpts from your press release on your social media platforms with a “read more here” link where people can read the whole release. This will work as a call to action, directing people to your website from your social media platforms. With this strategy, you can increase traffic to your website.

PR agencies know how to write press releases and format them with SEO in mind. Most PR agencies will help you reach the top of search engine results pages on various search engines. By partnering with a PR agency, you will also be able to boost your brand’s visibility and establish credibility in your industry.

6) Increases credibility

Having a lousy press release will not do you any favors when you’re trying to get your brand message out there. Instead, you need a press release that will establish a reputation for you as a thought leader. In order to do this, you need to connect with the right publications. Establishing credibility helps brand trust grow so that you can retain loyal customers and improve your ROI.

A PR agency will not only make sure that you have an effective press release, but they will also make sure that you appear in the right publications. Many agencies will also give you a media database containing media professionals from every industry and niche and information about their publications and contact information. Some will even go the extra step and create a customized media list of relevant journalists. This way, you don’t have to waste time sifting through all the different contacts.

7) Helps you to remain competitive

According to 72 percent of marketers, content marketing boosts customer engagement. Content marketing is three times more cost-effective than paid advertising for generating leads. Approximately 64% of marketers also outsource content writing. You might benefit from working with a professional press release writer with good copy-editing skills to stay competitive. You can also begin to reach out to more clients via the internet. Ultimately, you will rank ahead of the competition as your SEO rankings rise. With time, consumers will start noticing your company before they notice your competitors. This is because, with the right optimization strategy, you will pop up in more organic searches than before. A press release can also help increase brand exposure, website traffic, leads, and sales. With positive media coverage, you can boost your business and get ahead in your industry.

8) Uses connections

As previously said, press release copywriting is generally associated with public relations. You can and should post your press release on various press release hosting platforms as well as your website and social media. Nevertheless, you can promote your press release on other channels as well. A good PR agency will also help you notify relevant media outlets if there is a major announcement. Online news portals, TV stations, radio broadcasts, newspapers, and even magazines may fall into this category.

You can strengthen your relationships with journalists by issuing press releases. Journalists are constantly looking for an excellent story to share with their audiences. A well-written press release will allow you to attract the attention of multiple media sources and create win-win situations with industry influencers who need to publish fascinating data to remain current and competitive in their field.

Remember that professional press release writers already have contacts in the business. You can take advantage of these relationships to grow your business. A professional writer, for example, may have ties with journalists or magazines in their field. You can use these connections to guarantee that your press release is distributed.

If you’re looking for a PR agency to help you with this process, Pressfarm can help. The PR specialists, expert writers and certified designers at Pressfarm specialize in helping startups to create newsworthy content to boost their online visibility. By creating a professional press release, some engaging guest posts and an eye-catching media kit for your brand, Pressfarm can help you capture media attention when it matters most.

In addition to this, the Pressfarm team can also help you distribute this content widely. With the right SEO tactics and a custom distribution strategy, Pressfarm can put your brand in front of the right eyes and boost your online presence. As a client, you also get custom media lists from the account executive. When combined with a media database of 1 million+ journalists, bloggers and influencers, these media lists are designed to help you connect with the best thought leaders and storytellers in your niche.


While you can do your own press release writing, optimization and distribution, sometimes hiring a PR company is the best choice if you want expert advice in the industry. For this reason, when looking for a press release writing service, companies need to consider a few things before committing. These include the PR agency’s portfolio of clients, testimonials and reviews by previous clients, and writing samples that they are willing to share. While there are a few more things you need to look out for, these are the most important. A good press release writing service should be able to share this information with you without any reluctance. If they can’t do this, you should consider their hesitance a red flag.

Before beginning a partnership with a writing service, you need to understand what you are getting into. Partnering with a good PR agency will offer you better potential for success with your PR efforts.