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We craft a professional press release for you and distribute it widely to help your brand story capture media attention and inspire your target audience.

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Need to write your own press release but don’t know where to start? A press release template can help you develop a variety of story angles to appeal to different outlets. Our templates range from standard press releases to press releases for events, launches, news, awards and more.

The Pressfarm Compass for Press Release Writing

At Pressfarm, we believe good stortytelling should be in the DNA of any news you want to announce. The Pressfarm Compass is the system we use to take your media outreach to the next level. Through this system, we help you to craft a story that’s good enough to make a journalist notice.

In order to ensure that you incorporate a compelling story into the DNA of your news announcement, you need to do the following:

• Find the story
• Refine your story angle
• Distribute your story widely

At each step of the Pressfarm Compass system, we have specific requirements. Once we’ve executed each step, we can develop a story which journalists care about.

1). Find the story

Every press release begins with a story. In order to start writing your press release, we need to find out what story you have to tell.

If we write your press release without focusing on a particular story, then your story will lack focus. By rambling on about this and that instead of focusing on a particular story, many brands turn journalists off before they’re even halfway through the press release.

For this reason, it’s crucial that you define your story for us before we start the writing process.

Don’t frustrate journalists – focus your news on a particular announcement.

2). Refine your story angle

We can’t successfully pitch your story if we haven’t identified what makes it newsworthy. What matters to the media at this moment in time? What kind of press releases have the media outlets been picking up recently? If there are current news stories which we can plug into with your news, that will make your story that much more appealing.

Once we’ve identified a newsworthy angle in your story, we can highlight this angle, thus crafting a winning press release.

With this approach, more media outlets pick up the press releases which we write. And, in our experience at Pressfarm, if you can get a media outlet to pick up your press release, then you’re already halfway there.

3). Distribute your story widely

Once we’ve defined your story, it’s important to identify the media outlets which would be interested in publishing this press release. We identify these outlets and distribute your press release to as many of them as possible.

As our client, we like to keep you informed every step of the way. When we’re done writing the first draft of your press release, we share it with you for approval. Only when you’re happy with the final product do we move on to distribution.

Finally, once we’re done with our distribution, we send you a press release report highlighting all the media outlets which picked your press release up. This report is designed to give you an idea of how widely your story travelled, and what kind of outlets are excited to talk about your brand. This information might come in handy down the road when it’s time to do your targeted pitching.

Join over 6,000+ startups that have used Pressfarm to write and distribute their press releases

Press releases are one of the easiest ways for a company to engage journalists and media outlets in order to get their news story published. They are designed to share information about something that a company has done with the media in an engaging way.

In order to stand out from the flood of press releases that a journalist or media outlet receives daily, you need to create one that is appeals to the media professional. At Pressfarm, we take care of your press release writing and distribution so that you don’t have to.

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We help you to create a compelling press release by focusing on the newsworthy aspects of your story. With a newsworthy press release, we can spark curiosity not only among journalists but also among your target audience.

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Using the information you submit, we will arrive at a press release which will make journalists take notice of your brand.

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In addition to helping you write a winning press release, we also help you to put it in front of the right people. Choose between standard and premium distribution to get your press release featured in respected media outlets.