Press Kit Creation 

What is a press kit? It’s a page or document on a company’s website dedicated to providing fast, resourceful information to journalists for media coverage.

When journalists are working on a story, sometimes they need more information about a brand. Instead of having to reach out to someone at your company to access the relevant information, they could just hop on a page on your website, get everything they need, and boom! You’ve just been covered by some huge media outlet. Having this information ready to go is important not only for journalists, but also for influencers and bloggers who might be interested in collaborating with you.

What do I gain from getting media coverage?

In case it wasn’t already obvious, a lot of good things can come from a good story in the press. This includes:

  • Brand awareness among your target audience
  • Building trust with your customers and leads
  • Earning important backlinks from media outlets to boost your SEO
  • Boosting website visitors and page views
  • Accumulating leads from curious website visitors

We design your press kit professionally to help maximize media coverage. The purpose of a media kit:

  • Introduce your new business – If you just opened your business or recently moved into a new community, use a media kit to introduce yourself to local press and consumers.
  • Share a product or service – A media kit is a great way to introduce a new product or service. Use the majority of the media kit to describe the features and costs of your products and let customers know how to reach you.
  • Promote an event – Hosting an event or launching a new promotion? Use a press kit to share the details with your community as part of your marketing strategy. A media kit is a great way to get your event on community calendars and on local news outlets.
  • Introduce a new team member – Sometimes, media kits are used to publicize great new hires. This is a great idea if you’re bringing impressive new talent into the region.

What goes into a press kit? Here is a list of things that should go into your press kit in order for it to be useful for reporters:

  • Company Overview – A description of why the business got started. This is an opportunity to express originality and help people to understand the business.
  • Team information – Showcase the expertise in your company – whether it is just you, the founder, or a full-fledged team. Include everyone’s roles and experience.
  • Biographies – A short story about the faces behind the business. A bio helps your target audience to connect with your brand on a personal level.
  • Quotes – Inspiring words from company executives. These should highlight why you do what you do.
  • Company stats and fact sheets – Any relevant and important data about the business and its customers.
  • Link to social accounts – Links to your social media accounts are an added benefit for businesses. When the press decides to cover a business, they should be able to share your social information.
  • Details about products and services – It is important to show what your company is offering to its consumers. You need to decide what it is you want to highlight in a clear description and give context about its benefits.
  • High-quality media – Featuring high-quality photos and videos in your press kit is essential because the press will use these images to reiterate a brand’s message.
  • Press releases – Create a section which you can use to highlight previous press releases and other earned media.
  • Contact details – These details should make it easy for curious readers to reach you.

“Pressfarm has been such a time saver to find journalists who might be interested in our concept. They even have some great suggestions to write the perfect pitch and gain their interest.”

Stefan Lewinger

CEO at Sock Fancy

Press kit creation without agency cost

We’re committed to designing a newsworthy press kit that will help you create a memorable brand image. Your creative press kit will include all the information and details about your brand that are important for the media. Our professional designers and PR experts will put together a modern, eye-catching media kit that you can upload to your website and link from your website’s press page.

Whether your brand is in a bigger industry or a small niche, our PR pros will help you stand out with your press kit at a fraction of what traditional agencies would charge you for the same service. We’ll help you craft a compelling brand story without charging you an arm and a leg for it.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Make a memorable impression

With a modern, eye-catching press kit, you can make a memorable impression with your brand. Our professional designers will help you be the brand which everyone is talking about. 

Make it easy for a journalist to feature your brand

Make it easy for a journalist to write a story about you with your professional press kit. In order to arrive at the most effective version of your press kit faster, the experts at Pressfarm will only ask you for the information that matters to journalists.

Connect with influencers

A good creative press kit will win influencers and bloggers over to your brand. Capture their attention when it matters most, and create opportunities for future collaborations.