Press Kit Creation

How to make a splash in your industry with a professional media kit

What is a press kit?

It’s a page or document on a company’s website dedicated to providing fast, resourceful information to journalists for media coverage.
When journalists are working on a story, sometimes they need more information about a brand. Rather than having to reach out to your company to gain additional information about your brand, press kits are meant to be a one-stop shop of information not only for journalists, but also for influencers and bloggers who might be interested in collaborating with you.
What do I gain from getting media coverage?
A lot of good things can come from getting a newsworthy story in the press.

This includes:
⦁ Brand awareness among your target audience
⦁ Building trust with your customers and leads
⦁ Earning important backlinks from media outlets to boost your SEO
⦁ Boosting website visitors and page views
⦁ Accumulating leads from curious website visitors

In order to use our PR services, you first need to choose from our PR packages to get a professionally designed press/media kit that includes your company background, brain brief, vision, mission, your photos/videos, and more.

Depending on the PR package you choose, you can get between 2-8 pages filled with all the information you provide when you fill out your questionnaire.

What goes into a press kit?

⦁ Company Overview – A description of why the business got started. This is an opportunity to express originality and help people to understand the business.

Company Overview – A description of why the business got started. This is an opportunity to express originality and help people to understand the business.

Team information – Showcase the expertise in your company – whether it is just you, the founder, or a full-fledged team. Include everyone’s roles and experience.

Biographies – A short story about the faces behind the business. A bio helps your target audience to connect with your brand on a personal level.

Quotes – Inspiring words from company executives. These should highlight why you do what you do.

Company stats and fact sheets – Any relevant data about the business and its customers.⦁ Link to social accounts – Links to your social media accounts are an added benefit for businesses. When the press decides to cover your business, they should also be able to share your social information.

Details about products and services – It is important to show what your company is offering to its consumers. You need to highlight this in a clear description and give context about its benefits.

High-quality media – Featuring high-quality photos and videos in your press kit is essential because the press will use these images to reiterate your brand message.

Press releases – Create a section which you can use to highlight previous press releases and other earned media.

Contact details – Don’t leave your audience digging blindly for your contact information. Provide details so that it’s easy for curious readers to reach you.

How long does it take to make a media kit?

Making a basic press kit should not take too long if you know what you are doing. However, a lot of times, startups need to collect all required material and compile this data. Eventually it ends up taking too long. If you need to write everything from scratch, budget more time for the project. If you’re creating an elaborate media kit with custom graphics or photography, plan to spend several days on the project. With Pressfarm doing this for you, a lot of this work is removed from your desk and handed over to professionals.

When creating and sending a press kit, we recommend using Pressfarm because we offer a wide level of distribution. We also do our due diligence before creating or guiding your press kit creation to ensure that it will appeal to your audience.

Our clients come to us with a wide variety of goals. For example, we can help you create a press kit to:

⦁ Introduce your new business – If you just opened your business or recently moved into a new community, use a media kit to introduce yourself to local press and consumers.
⦁ Share a product or service – A media kit is a great way to introduce a new product or service. Use the majority of your media kit to describe the features and costs of your products and let customers know how to reach you.
⦁ Promote an event – Hosting an event or launching a new promotion? Use a press kit to share the details with your community as part of your marketing strategy. A media kit is a great way to get your event on community calendars and on local news outlets.
⦁ Introduce a new team member – Sometimes, media kits are used to announce great new hires. This is a great idea if you’re bringing impressive new talent into the region.

Regardless of your goals, our certified designers will help you create a professional press kit that builds a memorable brand image. Our press kits work because they are eye-catching, relevant and compelling.


After we create your press kit, we will also help with distribution of all your content. Our distribution strategy for press kits is a little different from the one we use for press releases, which can be distributed in the media and published on your owned channels. We will optimize your press kit so that it is compatible with your website both on desktops and on mobile devices.  

What’s the Best Way to Distribute My Media Kit?

Digital press kits are the best way to create and distribute business information because they’re convenient and cost-effective. We recommend adding a “Press Kit” footer link to your website that directs users to an online or PDF version of the document. You can also distribute your media kit to reporters and journalists on USB drives.

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