In today’s multi-media environment, it seems that contacting journalists or getting companies featured in the news is difficult. Even so, there are many news websites that are happy to publish a newsworthy story. These include CNN, Yahoo! News, and more.

There are also many niche-specific e-commerce websites, as well as large followings of social media and public relations bloggers.

The main issue is contacting and locating them.

You could always send an anonymous news tip, but anonymous email recommendations annoy journalists and publishers. Your business will seem unprofessional if you bombard consumers with useless, broad-brush pitches.

If you send a broad announcement, it will look like you sent the identical pitch to a large number of publications at the same time. Even if you didn’t, journalists will believe you didn’t try hard enough to understand what they write about and what their audiences care about.

As a result, most writers will reject your proposal as unimportant and proceed to dismiss your company.

What to do instead

If you don’t want to be a victim of this, avoid presenting irrelevant or imprecise ideas. Instead, you’ll need to plug into a database with a list of journalists and their occupations. By sifting through these media contacts to find journalists that are relevant to your brand and the news you’re sharing, you’ll be able to discover a few contacts that are a suitable match for your needs.

This is where public relations tactics come in.

With the help of one-of-a-kind solutions from public relations experts, your business will be able to contact the appropriate journalists for the news you’re sharing. A targeted approach like this one improves the likelihood that your story will actually be covered by the media.

Business owners report that they are often confused by the variety of public relations methods that are available. In order to outline the options available to you, this article will compare Pressfarm and Meltwater – two of the best public relations database tools available.

This guide should assist you in determining which public relations strategy tool works better for your brand.

Introducing Pressfarm

Press farm vs. Meltwater: Which PR Tool Deserves the Spotlight?

Pressfarm is a well-known public relations database tool designed for communicating with bloggers and journalists for PR purposes. It’s a fantastic resource for contacting as many writers as possible.

The main goal of Pressfarm is to connect journalists and public relations professionals. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you are able to connect with some of your favorite writers via this platform. This tool is designed to help you craft the perfect pitch to avoid the mass dissemination of unfocused pitches to random media sources.

Press farm vs. Meltwater: Which PR Tool Deserves the Spotlight?

The main advantage of Pressfarm is that it simplifies manual content posting to review websites, start-up directories, and forums.

Over the years, this public relations tool has proven to be very effective. Since Pressfarm has connections to journalists and bloggers, you can easily contact them. Pressfarm also equips you with a curated list of journalists based on basic factors like publications and geographical location.

The goal of this public relations platform is to help businesses find and promote their brands – all the way from the startup level to the stage of an established business.

Introducing Meltwater

Press farm vs. Meltwater: Which PR Tool Deserves the Spotlight?

Meltwater started as an internet news aggregator. Their mission was to make it easier for companies to monitor press mentions and competitive news.

They later transformed it into a database to monitor breaking news and send personalized messages to writers. It is also designed to help business owners create news lists and disseminate their ads to wired services.

Meltwater uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify journalists based on their most recent stories, rather than following a pre-defined beat channel. Furthermore, this platform analyses and ranks journalists depending on the credibility of their content.

Meltwater recently received complaints from platform users owing to unreliability and poor performance. Platform updates have since solved this issue.

While Quora user views on the Meltwater site vary, the business does have some loyal customers who are happy to pay for this service.

Pressfarm vs. Meltwater

Now that we’ve gone over what both public relations tools offer, let’s see which one stands out.

Pressfarm is widely considered one of the most powerful public relations database tools available for business owners who want to do their own outreach. The Pressfarm team helps companies create successful public relations strategies and provides all of the required materials.

They also assist their customers with media relations by securing placements on industry blogs and news sites.

Contact management, audience targeting, contact sharing, and a dashboard are just a few of the capabilities available on this platform.

Meltwater’s media outreach reports and public relations analytics tools may help you optimize your media relations efforts.

Engaging pitch statistics are used to measure interest and encourage additional follow-up activities, Meltwater does arrange for customers to be photographed and featured in the media. However, several major websites, including Forbes, Bloomberg, the New York Times, and the Huffington Post, have abruptly removed these articles.

Press farm vs. Meltwater: Which PR Tool Deserves the Spotlight?

Meltwater also comes with the following unique features: Campaign Analytics; APIs; Engagement Analytics; Contact Management; Performance Metrics; and Multi-Channel Marketing.

On the other hand, Pressfarm offers a media database search engine. They help entrepreneurs and start-up executives find reputable news outlets to cover their companies.

Over 1 million journalists, bloggers, news organizations, and other industry insiders utilize Pressfarm’s media database to find valuable news stories and opportunities.

In comparison, Meltwater offers a media database that covers all major markets across the globe.

Furthermore, they provide the information required to develop connections with the media. This system analyses over 300,000 web-based media sources and integrates coverage with print monitoring.

Pressfarm has also created a huge distribution system for press releases aimed at start-ups and growth-oriented companies. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! all benefit from their assistance in increasing release exposure.

Pressfarm helps companies get press attention.

As part of their targeted outreach process, their public relations specialists pitch your brand to respected media professionals. In this way, farm allows you to reach out to sites like Mashable, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Press farm vs. Meltwater: Which PR Tool Deserves the Spotlight?

Meltwater delivers breaking news to a worldwide audience of social media users, investors, journalists, and consumers as an alternative to traditional news distribution techniques. They make certain that Marketwired’s post-distribution research report properly represents the success of their releases.

This platform contains over a hundred news outlets, which ensures that certain beats or topics are adequately covered.

Meltwater monitors over 300,000 media sources across the globe. Since they serve customers in over 120 countries, you can be certain that you will be taken care of no matter where you are. This is true regardless of where the news stories you want to leverage are taking place.

Press farm vs. Meltwater: Which PR Tool Deserves the Spotlight?

You may also utilise Pressfarm and Meltwater to build your own customised press kits by filling in the required information.

All the components that you need to include are well documented in the press kit templates and kits provided by both platforms. Both platforms have expressed a commitment to helping businesses identify the components that must be incorporated in order for them to achieve their full potential.


Pressfarm’s prices start at $180 for the Launch package. This package is designed for startups that are just starting off with their media outreach. They also offer a mid-tier package at $480 and a top-tier package at $980. When compared to other forms of public relations, they provide exceptional value. Entrepreneurs seeking visibility but unwilling to pay Fortune Global 500 multi-user public relations professionals have gotten a lot of value from signing up with Pressfarm.

Meltwater’s yearly plans are quite costly. They cost about $6000 each year, according to internal calculations. This makes their services difficult to afford for a business just starting out.

Pressfarm vs. Meltwater: Who is the winner?

Our studies indicate that Pressfarm is the better of the two options – businesses at all levels have credited them for positive and enduring media coverage and brand awareness. Pressfarm offers a low-cost option for companies that cannot afford to purchase public relations databases but still need to connect with journalists. Even so, at $980, their Enterprise package is the perfect option for more established companies that want to share several brand stories with multiple story angles.

Additionally, this kind of business needs additional funding and public visibility, which Pressfarm can facilitate at a reasonable rate.

In summary

  • Meltwater gives company owners the information they need to be competitive while promoting their products and services. They facilitate contact and dialogue with publications.
  • Meltwater’s media monitoring tools are used by over 30,000 businesses.
  • Meltwater’s services include news and media monitoring and analysis, outreach, and other activities.
  • It’s easy to stay up to date on the latest news with Meltwater’s media monitoring service. Aside from that, they create fresh ideas by looking for hints in the news.
  • Businesses may utilise Pressfarm to reach out to journalists, bloggers, and other opinion leaders who can help them promote their messages. As a consequence, businesses benefit from greater media exposure and the ability to differentiate themselves from rivals.
  • Pressfarm’s platform is available to bloggers and journalists across different industries.
  • Contact management, audience segmentation, and contact sharing are among the services provided by Pressfarm.
  • Pressfarm helps with the production of a press kit or press release – clients just need to fill in the necessary data.
  • Pressfarm may be used to reach out to media outlets such as Mashable, Forbes, Business Insider, and many more.
  • In the area of public relations, Pressfarm is unrivaled. They will, in fact, create press releases on your behalf and prepare them for distribution to the media.

In conclusion

Public relations is essential for the success of any new business. So much so that the PR strategies you use will have a major impact on your brand development. Ultimately, public relations opens doors for your new company and helps with spreading the word about you to the general public.

In addition to doing day-to-day PR, it’s crucial to prepare for a public relations catastrophe as well. This could be a high-profile CEO scandal, negative press, data breach, or failed event. You need the finest public relations database tool on your side if you want to defend your business, reputation, and team in the midst of a crisis.

To summarise, Pressfarm may be the best option for your business, particularly if you have a limited budget. They provide great value for money as well as a positive user experience with a wide range of useful functions.

We hope that our comparative post helped you locate the information you were looking for. With this guide, you can now choose the public relations tool that is most suited to your needs.