As the PR industry evolves, so must the PR tools and techniques in use. Growing disciplines in this field have become critical to an organization’s success in the present day and beyond. In an attempt to drive better results, PR professionals must fully approach link building and outreach with a different toolset, mindset, and skillset. Startups all over the world crave attention from the media. There are hundreds of pitches to journalists on a daily basis pitching one product or the other.

Understanding the PR toolset that is available will help companies approach PR better, build long-lasting media relations, and adjust to the public relations trends of this tech era. Before looking at the tools available for the PR minds and goals, a brief summary of the PR process is important.

The PR process can be summarized into a 3-step process: Building a target media list, crafting a solid email pitch, and finally reaching out. Startups should not compromise when it comes to this 3-step process. While the 3 steps can be different articles on their own or part of a long-form PR guide like this one here, we shall briefly delve into each of them.

As far as building your target media list is concerned, the most vital part is understanding your niche, the focus topics, complimentary focus topics, and finally, understanding each and every journalist on a personal level. When you understand a journalist on a deeper level, there is a high likelihood that your email pitch will reflect that.

The importance of crafting an engaging pitch in 2023

Crafting your email pitch should be a more interactive process. You need to write and rewrite it until it feels right. If you want to get a journalist’s attention, then you should let the personal or deeper understanding of the journalist’s works be very apparent in your first paragraph. The first paragraph of your email pitch is so important that a bad first paragraph can easily lead to a journalist deleting or ignoring your email.

Finally, send over that email pitch. This last step is not as mentally intensive as the first two. After all, it is only a matter of hitting send. Wait for a day or two and follow up if you didn’t get an answer. However, it is always important to consider the time zones and days on which you send the email pitch. Avoid busy hours, evenings (unless the journalists work in the evenings), or holidays, and weekends. Send your email pitch in the early mornings between 6am to 8am, or during the lunch breaks. Follow it up once or twice and not more.

The PR process does not end there and neither is it limited to journalists. Other important parts of PR include taking charge of your social media, developing a content marketing strategy, creating a PR roadmap, ramping up your SEO efforts, implementing growth hacking strategies, among others things.

Doing digital PR with the right tools is significant because it can help companies reach their target audience through various online channels. When done well, digital PR should positively impact a company’s search engine visibility. While online marketing and digital PR have been around for quite some time now, 2022 has proven that there is a need for companies to shift towards digital to stay afloat amidst many uncertainties and challenges.

Rising demand for PR and marketing

Despite the economic downturn, demand for PR and marketing services has increased to more than $20 million. This is because companies have become increasingly aware that media mentions and other digital PR strategies are where they need to head at this time. Many businesses have decided to keep their PR efforts within the company because it makes it easier to create more customer-centric communication and internal collaboration. Even so, some opt to hire PR professionals who understand the need for the digital shift.

The impact of digital PR is quite significant because purchasing behavior has changed over the years. So many customers have moved towards social media, blogs, forums, and other customers’ comments to research whether they should buy a product or service. For this reason, companies need to focus on promotion, advertising, sales, and marketing campaigns that might not have worked in the past.

Being visible on high-traffic and reputable news sites enables companies to create a strong image and reputation within their target audience and the public. Along with that, tracking measurable results and developing a fully integrated campaign gives companies a chance to get high visibility on search engines.

How use PR tools to meet your PR strategies

As mentioned previously, the end goal of implementing digital PR strategies is to boost a company’s online visibility. A carefully crafted strategy delivered using the right tools should ensure that a business gets featured in online publications with high traffic so that it can convert leads into potential customers.

Below is a list of 150 PR tools for both big and small organizations and especially startups on a budget. For each tool in the list, I have summarized some key points and features. These resources will help you target relevant media contacts, identify key social media influencers, create the best PR pitch, stay alert to bigger openings in the future, and monitor media coverage.

150 Most Important and Most-Used PR Tools:

1. Pressfarm

Pressfarm PR Agency

This is a great and affordable tool that helps you contact various media outlets to write about your startup. Pressfarm boasts a media database of over 1 million journalists across different industries. There are a few packages to choose from depending on the type of services that you require: the Launch package, the Campaign package, and the Enterprise package. These packages are all focused on creating awareness for your brand, building your credibility, and increasing your reach.

The packages obviously depend on your needs, but to really experience the true capability of Pressfarm and what it can do for your company, you should look at the larger packages.

Launch package

The Launch campaign is ideal for helping growing companies to increase press coverage, improve effectiveness and personalized communication with the media. It is also designed for small businesses that want to generate consistent press, SEO, and growth.

At a mere $180 one-time charge, you will get services such as a professionally designed press kit, press release proofreading, a personalized PR Action Plan, along with distribution of your professional online press release to increase release visibility in relevant search results across major search engines. You also get a list of an additional 500+ contacts and a guaranteed short story by Pressfarm shared with over 100k potential customers/followers across our social media channels including Twitter, Medium, and Facebook. You will also have access to 100 more PR contacts per month for the year and an additional 25 directories and review websites to build backlinks and online visibility.

One of the most important aspects of this Launch package is the opportunity to get your story told on the Pressfarm blog that receives thousands of visits every day. The company will gather the important information and write an original feature-length article of up to 1100 words. This story will also be shared with Pressfarm’s wide network of social media followers. Additionally, the story will go out to the company’s newsletter that has over 5k contacts. This is also in addition to a customized media kit, which is important when journalists start calling and you are required to give feedback about your company with the click of a mouse.

Campaign package

The Campaign package is designed to help businesses to equip themselves with the full power of PR expertise from Pressfarm and gain full control of their brand to stay consistent around the world. At a $480 one-time charge, this package includes everything from the other packages and more. The PR experts will personally pitch your press release to 100+ journalists, bloggers, and media influencers on your behalf to get media coverage. You will get a longer press/media kit, and premium distribution of your professional online press release. You will also have access to more PR contacts and directories.

Startups struggle with finding a story angle for their email pitches. Aside from helping you craft your email pitch, Pressfarm works with you to figure out which story angle would be the best for the journalists you would like to reach out to. After studying your startup and understanding what it offers, Pressfarm’s Account Executive builds a list of 2000+ targeted journalists. As you continue to unlock your own list on the platform’s database, you can begin reaching out to journalists by contacting these reporters provided in your target media list.

Enterprise package

The Enterprise package is the ideal choice for established businesses that are on the brink of a huge launch or worldwide release. It includes everything in the Launch and Starter package on a larger scale. Get your business covered by top tier media outlets, get a bigger media list with 3,000+ media contacts, and get targeted outreach to a bigger pool of media professionals. Additionally, Enterprise clients get customized support to streamline and release multiple story angles for a wider launch.

The Campaign package offers the best value for money given the features of the package. For startups on a budget, the Launch package will do just fine. Established businesses that are building up to a worldwide launch would appreciate using the Enterprise package to supercharge their PR efforts.

2. Right Inbox

right inbox

Download Right Inbox’s Gmail extension for next-level email productivity. This extension ensures you never forget to follow up with an influencer or editor with the email reminder feature. If you’re dealing with a client in a different timezone, their scheduling option is useful as well.

Pricing: Free with pricing for higher tiers

3. BrandsEye

BrandsEye can provide accurate sentiment analysis about your product and service. It provides users with historical Twitter data that can be used for market research or additional analysis.

Pricing: Depends on keywords used for searches

4. MixMax

MixMax is a terrific email tracking service that is a Chrome extension in Gmail. It provides more options in the email and allows you to add an interactive poll, slideshows, Q&As, etc. Using this tool can help you save time trying to schedule meetings and get responses from people.


PR Tools is a multifunctional software that offers a set of different tools such as email finder, email verifier, email drip campaigns, email warmup, email tracker, and a sales CRM that comes as an absolutely free addition to any plan you choose.

Pricing: provides a forever free plan with limited features. Paid plans start at $30 per month.

6. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo helps you to study and analyze which content performed best for a given subject so that it is easier to identify reporters and social media influencers to pitch your content to. This way, you can promote your brand. With the free trial, you are limited to 10 searches for content.

Pricing: Starts at $79 per month with a free trial

7. Mention

Mention is one of the best tools for monitoring and providing alerts of what’s trending online with your brand and industry. When you key in a keyword or a brand, you will get alerts of what’s been written about it on online platforms. For PR purposes, it also provides you with an avenue to jump in and send comments to a target article.

Pricing: Plans start at $29/month

8. Sprinklr

This is an all-inclusive social media management platform. Sprinklr can handle advertising and marketing across social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Pricing: Upon request

9. Google Alerts

This is a tool from Google that allows you to set alerts relating to the keyword of interest to help you identify the people who are actively developing articles and news. Since Google is able to search the web for content, Google Alerts often picks up relevant influencers that other platforms overlook.

Pricing: Free

10. ContactOut

ContactOut is a Google Chrome extension that reveals your lead’s contact details right on their LinkedIn or GitHub profiles. It fetches you the email addresses, contact numbers, and links to the social media profiles of journalists, influencers, editors, and pretty much anyone who can give your content that much-needed exposure.

Pricing: Starts with a free trial

11. Meltwater

This is a suite of products designed for contemporary PR monitoring as well as online and print monitoring. It helps to monitor the large amounts of conversations and mine them for insights.

Pricing: Upon request

12. BuzzStream

This software helps you to establish relationships and awareness about your offerings through link building and social media. Using this tool is one of the most effective ways of creating the right contact database that can be categorized into different projects. It is very practical if you need help organizing your simultaneous outreach.

Pricing: From $24/month

13. Digimind

As Justin Wu of CoinCircle.Com says – Track product analytics not “marketing channels”. Digimind offers comprehensive social media analytics data. It monitors the social media platforms, providing you with an idea about what your target audience is saying. Ultimately, this tool saves you from wasting your time and resources on the wrong campaigns.

Pricing: Upon Request

14. Brand24

Brand24 enables you to get access to online mentions, and increase customer satisfaction as well as sales. You can also discover what people are saying about your products.

Pricing: From $49/month with a free trial

15. Agility

As the media environment expands, it is becoming difficult to get your story to receive the attention it deserves but the pressure to show results is much stronger than before. Agility helps you approach influential media, increase messages and measure the outcome.

Pricing: Upon Request

16. FullContact

This is a useful contact management system for startups and established businesses. It allows individuals and organizations to connect with people and develop authentic relationships.

Pricing: Free package. Paid plans start at$99/month

17. Journalisted

Journalisted was designed to make it easier for you to find out about reporters and their content. You can read articles written by a particular journalist and set up notifications to tell you when your favorite journalist has written a new article.

Pricing: Free

18. PitchRate

PitchRate is an alert service that distributes daily emails that incorporate a wealth of media opportunities. If you want to comment on something, you have to send your pitch via the website.

Pricing: Free

19. JournoLink

This is an interactive tool that allows you to send your stories to reporters and influencers. To begin, create a profile, include keywords you think reporters will be interested in, and then design press releases within the interface to send to your media list.

Pricing: From $26/month

20. WordPress


WordPress is an easy-to-use content management system that comes with great extensions to assist with everything from readability to SEO. One of the most popular functions in this platform is the calendar feature. The calendar allows you to effectively plan your work months in advance in addition to adding new ideas.

Pricing: Free

21. Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder is used to search for your contacts’ email addresses. However, you need the person’s full name and company name in order to find an address.

Pricing: From $18/month

22. Sell Hack

Sell Hack

Just like Anymail Finder, Sell Hack is also one of the favorite tools to scour addresses. As with Anymail Finder, you need two pieces of information in order to find an email address. When you type in the name and the company of your contact, Sell Hack gives you a valid email address.

Pricing: From $19/month

23. Newswire


Newswire is a distribution service that enables clients to increase their online visibility and presence. This is a great tool for getting your news to spread swiftly and be seen by the right targets.

Pricing: From $159/month

24. GlobeNewswire


GlobeNewswire is a press release distribution tool that helps you to build media and influencer lists and monitor performance. It includes a feature that allows you to create an online newsroom to store data about a client’s brand.

Pricing: Upon Request

25. Business Wire


Business Wire is an essential tool for today’s communications professionals. It offers press release and multimedia distribution, digital newsrooms, and social media monitoring services.

Pricing: Free

26. Brandwatch


Brandwatch is used to track and analyze your brand across social media platforms. It provides an avenue for you to highlight the most impactful mentions. Every mention is classified by site so that you can understand the quality of coverage.

Pricing: Upon Request

27. Google Insights

Google Insights

Google Insights helps you to search for trends and the best time for journalists to be interested in your product. If you’re a PR professional, then this tool will help you to know when the best time to pitch is.

Pricing: Free

28. Twilert

When clients of both small and big companies are uncertain if Twitter works for them, Twilert may be the perfect tool. Twilert helps you monitor brand mentions and keep track of online conversations in your industry.

Pricing: From $9/month with a free trial

29. Notey

Notey is the perfect free tool to help you search for articles, publications and people to target including key bloggers, journalists, and blogs on a variety of subjects.

Pricing: Starts at $10 per month with a free trial

30. Followerwonk

Followerwonk mainly explores Twitter platforms for user profiles or their bios for keywords that relate to your business or brand. You can also use some of the relevant features of the software for free in exchange for Twitter information which is a bargain.

Pricing: Starts at $29 per month and also has a free option

31. helps you tell your brand story by writing press releases, launching campaigns, managing contacts, analyzing PR functions, etc. This software takes into consideration that every organization has something unique to offer.

Pricing: Starts from $55 per month exclusive of taxes

32. Quora


Quora is basically a question and answer tool. Where the questions and answers are user-generated. Quora is a good tool to help you search for reporters and influencers as well as perform assessments.

Pricing: Free

33. YEC

The YEC tool enables you to answer individual questions, as well as write and submit guest posts to be published in various publications.

Pricing: Upon request


Submit. co is a company that provides you with a list of press coverage. The list is just a simple spreadsheet that contains links to the submission page, reach, market, and Twitter. The platform offers an effective way to search limited key articles and seek a personal approach.

Pricing: Free

35. LinkedIn


Today, every PR firm has a LinkedIn page. This tool offers a pool of resources to share materials and press releases. The search engine helps PR professionals to find other experts by name and make relevant connections.

Pricing: Starts at $29.99 per month

36. Connectifier

Connectifier is a great tool for sourcing email addresses. To begin with, you can visit the social media handles of any of your targets. Additionally, this tool searches your target profiles to capture their most recent address.

Pricing: Upon request

37. Canva

Canva is a brilliant tool for designing custom images. With this tool, you can begin with their design template and tailor it to suit your company branding. You can also use your company images in the unique design.

Pricing: Starts at $12.95 per user per month and there is a free option

38. Headline Analyzer

Headline Analyzer scores your headline quality and rates its ability to earn shares and increase traffic. If your headline is catchy and relates to users, then your outreach message is more likely to receive attention.

Pricing: Starts at $40 per month with a free trial

39. Prezly

This software helps you to get better coverage, build stronger relationships, and influencer engagements. With Prezly, you can add all of your digital materials to the story as you create it. Moreover, Prezly continually provides updates as the productions run.

40. MyMediaRoom

MyMediaRoom tool enables you to create, manage, and distribute content through an online media platform.

Pricing: Plans start at $49 per month with a free trial

41. Responsesource

Responsesource is an easy-to-use platform that connects you to journalists, enabling them to give your news the necessary coverage easily and fast.

Pricing: Depends on distribution choice

42. HubSpot

This software helps you to create content optimized for search engines and share it on social media platforms. It uses landing pages to boost your material and helps you turn your leads into delighted customers.

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start at $50 per month

43. Colorcinch

Colorcinch photo editor

Colorcinch is a simple yet powerful photo editor that lets you create stunning visual content for your blog and social media posts. You can tweak your photos with hundreds of unique effects/filters, add texts and overlays, and play around with its collection of vector graphics and icons. Colorcinch can also help you clarify your images and get them looking professional in a few clicks. The tool has a very intuitive interface, and designing is as simple as dragging and dropping. By using this platform to create custom visuals, you can develop a memorable brand image.

Pricing: Colorcinch Basic is free and provides access to numerous essential effects and filters. Colorcinch Plus costs $5.99 per month or a discounted price of $47.88 if billed annually and provides access to all premium effects and features, all graphics and icons

44. CrystalKnows

CrystalKnows is a Google extension that tells you the best way to communicate with your targets on their unique personality. This software helps you glean some intelligence on the journalist you want to pitch.

Pricing: Free

45. Google Drive

Google Drive is a great tool. Each document, spreadsheet, presentation, etc. is automatically saved every second. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about losing your materials or your device crashing. Moreover, every document can be easily shared with your team.

Pricing: Free. Pay plans start at $1.99 per month

46. Free Press Release

Free Press Release is mostly suitable for organizations with restrained budgets. This software allows you to reach your target and maximize publicity. The submission feature helps you to submit professional press releases on your own.

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start at $19 per press release

47. Nimble

Nimble offers startups and small businesses the optimal features of a top-notch CRM platform combined with the power of social media.

Pricing: From $9 per user/month

48. PR Underground

PR Underground distributes your release to search engines and social media channels within minutes of submission. Your releases will be distributed to hundreds of news sites.

Pricing: Start at $49.99 per release

49. Pressfriendly

Pressfriendly enables you to get press. This tool gives you advice on phrasing and helps you to describe your company or brand to someone who is unfamiliar with it. It also increases response rates by enhancing your pitch.

Pricing: Start at $999 per month

50. Pressat

Pressat offers you news distribution, translation, disclosure services, and media database services.

Pricing: Start at £110 per release

51. Critical Mention

This tool lets you monitor the media sources from across the world to find opportunities and generate coverage.

Pricing: Upon request

52. ToutApp

ToutApp allows you to individually send tailored emails to multiple journalists with keystrokes and then notifies you whether the recipient has opened the email and accessed the links. The tool also helps you to store your list and monitor the number of engagements for all recipients.

Pricing: Starts at $49 per user per month with a free trial

53. Tomoson

Tomoson allows you to find bloggers who are interested in doing product reviews.

Pricing: Plans start from $49/month

54. Grammarly


Poor grammar is a death knell for PR specialists. Think about the reception you receive from a reporter who opens your pitch with grammatical errors. Grammarly helps to flag these mistakes in your digital output even before you’ve sent your material.

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start at $29.95 per month

55. SubjectLine

When you are not sure if your email subject line is perfect for your content, SubjectLine comes in handy. Copy and paste the subject into SubjectLine and it will give you a score out of 100. This tool allows for one free attempt before you are required to register your details.

Pricing: Free

56. Cliché Finder

PR Tools Cliché Finder

Most reporters dislike fluffy press releases and over-the-top content. If you want to stick to relevant facts and avoid clichés, then you can simply copy and paste your content into Cliché Finder and it will show you your mistakes.

Pricing: Free

57. Pitch Engine

This software allows you to compose a press release on any electronic device, mobile, laptop, or office tablet. Once you’ve developed a winning press release, you can upload it into an engaging app where you can share contacts and social media networks.

Pricing: Starts at $49 per month with a free trial

58. Kantar

Kantar is the parent company of some of the leading research, data and insight companies worldwide. These companies provide a complete overview of customers across the world. They cover a wide range of technologies and techniques including purchase and media and forecasting long-term trends.

59. MyBlogU

This tool provides you with a community of writers and bloggers who meet to share ideas, case studies, and get sources for their content. Among the things you can learn at MyBlogU is how to boost your SEO.

Pricing: Free

60. FounderSuite

This is a dynamic and simple to use tool for any organization. FounderSuite allows you to straighten out your vision for a new brand or business. Furthermore, this tool offers you a curated set of spreadsheets designed to help start-ups get off the ground easily.

Pricing: Free option. Paid plans start at $44 per month

61. Prowly

Prowly is used to streamline a company’s brand communication strategy.  This tool helps you to manage contacts, pitch to reporters and craft captivating stories. If you’re a content creator, then this tool will prove helpful in your everyday work.

Pricing: Starts at $85 per month

62. Logogenie

Logogenie Design a Perfect Logo

Logogenie is a great online logo design tool for small and medium businesses. Its creative tools allow you to create your own logo in minutes using stylish logo templates. Start creating your own branding for a fraction of the time and price with Logogenie today!

Pricing: Starts at $29.90 for a full high-definition logo package

63. Crimson Hexagon

This is a social media analytics tool that lets you uncover social insights from social data to drive strategy. This platform lets you focus your analysis on those aspects that are vital and ignore those that don’t work. The platform is founded on the concept of answering complex business questions.

Pricing: Available upon request

64. FollowUpThen

This is a simple and flexible email address tool that lets you create reminders and keep track of email conversations.

Pricing: Free package. Paid plans start at $2/month

65. CC Search

The Body Coach’s secret to “Achieving Media Ubiquity and Raising Sales.”

This platform enables you to scour the online world for creative photos and narrow your search by Google images, Pixabay, etc. It gives priority to images others have used which increases your chances of finding a good image for your post.

Pricing: Start at $5 per month

66. CoverageBook

This is a simple tool that lets you create an amazing presentation, with metrics you can evaluate. Moreover, its interface will help you save time, possibly days’ worth of your resources and time.

Pricing: Plans start at $99 per month with a free trial

67. Scoro

Scoro includes features like time management, productivity, and collaboration. It does not require you to switch between several applications and email clients. The PR management services only permit you to control your work from one place.

Pricing: Start at €19 per user per month with a free trial

68. Keyhole

Keyhole offers you an insight into brand mentions and social media amplification. The campaign tracking and real-time topic feature are used by reporters to monitor keywords, URLs, and hashtags among others.

Pricing: Start at $149 per month with a free trial option

69. TrendKite

This is a PR analytical tool that provides PR specialists with the ability to quantify their true business outcomes. TrendKite aims to go beyond legacy metrics like mentions, ad equivalency, and readership to provide you with a valid way to attribute effort to real business outcomes.

Pricing: Upon request

70. Feedly

It is important for you to know your niches inside and out. You need to stay abreast with what journalists are covering and be familiar with what is going on in your industry and competitors. Feedly helps you do just that, by offering you a curated list of news articles from your industry.

Pricing: Free

71. Respona

Respona Logo

Respona is an all-in-one blogger outreach platform outfitted with all of the necessary tools to set up and launch an email campaign of any kind, be it for link building, digital PR, marketing, or even sales.

Pricing: starts at $99/month

72. Nomvo

Nomvo is designed to help people who don’t know anything about digital marketing to do digital marketing like pros. The platform is dedicated to making sure that people who need help trying to achieve a worthwhile and stable ROI in the digital marketing space have an easy time doing just that.

Pricing: Upon request

73. After the Deadline

After the Deadline uses artificial intelligence as well as natural language processing technology to correct writing errors and offer suitable suggestions. This tool is available on various platforms including WordPress. It’s also available through adds-on, plugins, etc.

Pricing: Free

74. Vidyard

Vidyard creates easy-to-share videos of you explaining a topic through a series of actions on your device. It allows you to monitor who has watched your content as well as check if your pitch was received or viewed.

Pricing: Free

75. Mashfeed

Mashfeed is a free tool you can use to find popular social media feed that is worth following. It makes suggestions for you centered on your preferred topics. In this way, you can keep track of your campaigns across social media networks.

Pricing: Free

76. Voila Nobert

Voila Nobert is a simple and clean platform that does work for you. The tool takes names you provide and tries multiple combinations of emails to identify one that works for you.

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start at $39 per month

77. ReleaseWire

ReleaseWire is designed to distribute content at the touch of a button, instantly connecting businesses and brands with reporters within their fields.

78. Bananatag

Bananatag lets you monitor a maximum of five emails each day at no fee. It is easy to check if a journalist opened your pitch or even how many people in your team have read your new policy.

Pricing: Free option. Paid plans start at $10 per month

79. NinjaOutreach Lite

PR Tools Ninja Outreach Lite

This is a Chrome plug-in that allows you to pull social media stats, metrics, and contact details. NinjaOutreach Lite lets you find ways to validate authority, ranking metrics, and engagement of a page or influencer.

Pricing: Free

80. Crowdfire

This tool was launched to answer the question, ‘who unfollowed me on Twitter.” Crowdfire has since expanded to include additional features like weeding out inactive users, identifying the right users to follow, and monitoring how social media updates affect stats.

Pricing: Upon request

81. talkwalkerNow

talkwalkerNow is designed to tell you the top trending topics for a given brand, industry, and country as they happen. This helps you to capitalize on the day’s news and find trending topics that your competitors don’t want you to know about.

Pricing: Start at $8,400 per year

82. Answer the Public

This is a simple tool that lets you type in a keyword and receive insights about the most searched questions related to the keyword. You can then filter results by popularity, country, type, etc.

Pricing: Free

83. WordCounter

This platform helps you to count words and characters. In addition, it can help you improve word choice and writing style as well as check for grammar mistakes and plagiarism. Likewise, it shows you the keywords and keyword density of the content being written. This lets you know which keywords you use most often and at what percentage.

Pricing: Free

84. Pexels

This free tool provides free photos. Pexels boasts of a large collection of photos that you can copy, edit, and distribute commercially.

Pricing: Free

85. Twitter

This platform has millions of active users. Today, every brand, business, and big celebrities are using Twitter. As such, it is an amazing tool to use if you want your content to be noticed.

Pricing: Free

86. 24-7 Press Release

This resource helps you to distribute press releases to maximize presence and awareness.

Pricing: From $49/press release

87. Buffer

Buffer enables you to schedule your posts on social media networks and then monitors analytics such as favorites, views, and clicks. In addition, Buffer boasts one of the best blogs in the industry.

Pricing: Free option. Paid plans start at $10 per month

88. Buffer Pablo

Buffer Pablo is a relatively new product and has generated buzz for a reason. This software helps you to create shareable images within seconds.

Pricing: Free

89. Kred

Kred helps influencers and brands to interact with each other to build influencer relationships and improve their level of influence. This tool assigns ‘influence and outreach scores’ to influencers. If you are identified as being influential in multiple topics, you earn scores for each topic as well as an overall network score.

Pricing: Starts at $19 per year with the option of a free trial

90. Newsmeter

This is an online news tracker system. It offers you efficient online news media monitoring with the best technology. Newsmeter also traces news sources continuously from across the world.

Pricing: Free

91. Hemingway App

Basically, this app is everything you would want in a grammar checker. It counter-checks for long words, and sentences, suggests removing adverbs, and urges the deletion of passive sentences.

Pricing: Free

92. Sourcebottle

This is a free tool that drops updates into your inbox several times a day from journalists and influencers looking for content. You can respond to any requests which you’re interested in. It is also a useful tool for connecting hungry reporters and influencers with stories that can help them make a name in the industry.

Pricing: Free

93. Passle

Passle is a great tool that lets you create an amazing page of your content. It allows you to create videos and images and share them directly with the right targets. This tool also helps you to share content, gather contacts, and collect new ideas from your targets.

Pricing: Upon request

94. Trello

This is a very useful tool that helps drive your content marketing and PR functions. It is a project management resource that allows you to share updates and developments with your team members. In addition, it monitors everything from the bigger picture to minute details.

Pricing: Free option. Paid plans start at $9.99 per user/month.

95. Trendspottr

This platform helps you predict emerging trends and also identify future viral stories even before they break. It is a useful tool to help you plan campaigns well in advance.

Pricing: Starts at $49 per month with a free trial

96. SEMrush

This is one of the best keyword tools on the market. SEMrush helps you to analyze rankings, and backlink profiles, ad copy and spy on your competitors.

Pricing: From $99.95 per month

97. Meet Edgar

This is the best tool to save you time when managing your social media accounts. The tool has made it possible to create automated publication planning. Once you’ve developed your calendar of content, the software publishes it automatically.

Pricing: $49/month

98. Shared Count

Shared Count aims to monitor how many times URL has been shared across social media channels while also checking their engagement.

Pricing: Plans start at $40/month

99. Toggl

toggl is an incredible timer that is simple to use. When using toggl, make sure to include descriptions of what is to be done. At the end of the week, you can evaluate how you spent your time and how much time it has taken for you to develop content and interact with stakeholders.

Pricing: Plans start at $9 per user/month

100. Boomerang

Boomerang provides the optimal times in which you can send emails. Primarily, this tool performs the function of retargeting your emails when the recipient does not respond and scheduling your emails for a specific time. This is useful when targeting people in different time zones.

Pricing: Free plan. Paid plans start from $4.99/month


This resource aims to distribute press releases everywhere to reach journalists as well as customers and build an active online presence.

Pricing: Starts at $30/month

102. Moz Open Site Explorer

Moz Open Site Explorer provides you with many free SEO tools and resources. The Moz Open Site Explorer lets you find new content and link-building opportunities, monitor your site’s profile, and gauge comparisons to your competitors for data-driven and targeted link building.

Pricing: Free

103. Vuelio

This software is mainly used to manage all media and influencer engagements. Vuelio allows your various stakeholders to work more efficiently with one voice and empowers them to build a strong relationship with the media. This ensures that your targets get the right information at the right time.

Pricing: Upon request

104. OneTab

If you must open 50 tabs each day, OneTab software allows you to condense all tabbed windows into one window with clickable hyperlinks so that you can reopen them when needed.

Pricing: Free

105. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a familiar tool for anyone in a PR role. For companies that handle several social media networks for their clients, Hootsuite is an absolute godsend. The software integrates all social media handles giving you the ability to schedule posts when you like.

Pricing: Plans start at $19/month with a free trial

106. PitchBox

This is an outreach tool that delivers automated follow-up and intelligent templates to offer users more customized outreach options.

Pricing: From $195/month

107. PR Log

This is a free online press release distribution and submission service

Pricing: Free

108. Tailwind 

Tailwind helps you to integrate Instagram and Pinterest. This tool lets you schedule updates and you can also use it to research the most suitable time for your posts to go live based on when your subscribers are most active.

Pricing: Plans start at $9.99/month with a free trial

109. Articlecube

Articlecube covers many categories including tech, home, business, and health, among others. Your article need not be a typical press release. You can also write an informative article where you can mention your business.

Pricing: Free

110. BlogDash

This product focuses on building strong relationships. This easy-to-use blogger outreach platform was designed to help streamline communication with your stakeholders.

Pricing: Free

111. PRstack

PRstack is a growing directory of tools mapped against workflow. It allows you to browse tools by type or goal. You can also set up alerts so that you don’t have to remember to check whether new tools have been added.

Pricing: Free

112. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark assists you to create graphics, images, videos, and stories. It features a wide range of templates that you can use to customize the content you want. Adobe Spark is great regardless of whether you plan to post your content on social media platforms, include it in a post, or add it to your website.

Pricing: Free option. Paid plans start at $9.99/month

113. Vision Smart News

This tool allows you to create a digital newsroom and distribute press releases to media outlets, search engines, and social media networks.

Pricing: Upon request

114. MailChimp

A well-designed email pitch from MailChimp that incorporates links, pictures, and videos can capture a journalist’s attention. The forever free plan allows you to send at least 10,000 emails monthly for free. The template can also be tailored to fit your client’s brand and keep track of who opens your email.

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start at $10/month

115. Zapier

Zapier lets you find out which users share your content online, when, and how often. So that they can perform the role of brand influencers. Zapier is useful in reaching out to users and building new relationships with them.

Pricing: Free option. Paid plans start at $20/month with a free trial

116. Trackur

Trackur software seeks to monitor social media channels as well as keep track of news and blogs. The free plan offers limited searches and does not come with Facebook or the monitoring forum.

Pricing: From $97/month with a free trial

117. DataSift 

This is a social media monitoring platform that allows you to collect insights from the public.

Pricing: Upon request

118. Sidekick

This tool informs you when and if a recipient has seen your message. The data can be used for sending follow-ups if you think your email fell through the cracks.

Pricing: Upon request

119. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey you to create your own online surveys easily and quickly. You can use it on your client’s behalf and create a quick survey to collect feedback from clients on your performance.

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start from $35/month

120. PRmax Press Office

PRmax Press Office provides you with a media database, email and SEO press release distribution, engagement logging, and tracking solutions.

Pricing: From €108/month with a free trial

121. A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur provides a collection of soothing sounds to get you in the mood for writing. Beyond that, it allows you to mix up and combine sounds.

Pricing: A paid app with upgrades

122. Klear

Klear is a useful tool for finding reporters and influencers using topics, keywords, and industries with an added feature for refining searches by skill and location. It is based on Twitter influencers and you can also get access to Instagram influencers at an additional fee.

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start at $250/month

123. ShareTally

There are a number of ways to identify how many retweets your content has received or even how many times your content is shared on Facebook. However, what about other social media channels? ShareTally comes in handy to provide you with an insight into how each URL is being distributed across online platforms.

Pricing: Upon request

124. Evernote

Evernote makes it easy to create to-do lists and saves ideas in one place. This helps to organize thoughts and tasks during the content development process.

Pricing: Plans start at $34.99/per year

125. PressCable

PressCable offers you an easy way to distribute your content to high-quality websites, grow your products and increase targeted traffic.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $159

126. Ahrefs

Ahrefs covers a wide range of functions including SEO, link prospecting, review keywords, ranking positions, etc. The dashboard feature lets you set up projects where you can track domains for changes in metrics. If you sign up for email notifications, then you can be alerted daily, weekly, or even monthly.

Pricing: From $99/month with a free trial

127. GoToMeeting

This is a paid service software that enables you to operate in a virtual environment. It provides you with secure screen interface sharing without having to set up complex video feeds.

Pricing: Starts at $19/month

128. Contactzilla

Connecting with media contacts can be very difficult and keeping track of some of them can even be harder. Contactzilla lets you keep track of media contacts and helps you to keep everyone in the know.

Pricing: From $5 per user/month with a free trial

129. Dropbox

With a personalized Dropbox account, you can set up folders with media releases, screenshots, and some statistics that are pulled together for a journalist within minutes. Personalizing these features and delivering them quickly increases your chances of getting the necessary attention.

Pricing: Plans start at $12.50 per user/month

130. Zemanta

Zemanta is a free tool that helps simplify the PR process. This tool works with you as your blog, and develops the right images and articles to use. When you see an image or object you like, you just grab and drag it into your content.

Pricing: Upon request

131. Xtensio

Xtensio is a cloud-based collaboration platform that is great for creating stunning marketing collaterals. Just like Google docs, the documents you create can be edited in real-time so you and your colleagues can collaborate on creating truly engaging content. Xtensio also offers a wide range of marketing templates to choose from such as pitch decks templates, sales pages, landing pages, user persona, and many more.

Pricing: Upon request

132. Milanote

Milanote is a tool for organizing your creative projects into beautiful visual boards. The platform was created to replicate the feeling of working on a wall in a creative studio – visual, tactile, and sometimes a bit messy. Milanote is a great fit for freelancers in both the marketing and design spaces. The platform has heaps of built-in templates to help you get started with a variety of different projects, from creating a mood board to setting out the visual direction for a project and writing that perfect creative brief. The sharing features make it a great option for those who regularly provide work to clients for feedback.

Pricing: Basic plan available for free with no time-limit

133. Determ

Determining PR Tool

Famous for its cutting-edge mention-monitoring technology, with 100 million online sources monitored 24/7 and over one billion articles and posts gathered each month, Determ provides more opportunities to gather insight. It automates monitoring, measurement, and reporting. What’s more, it allows you to correlate media coverage, public sentiment, and competitor strategies with brand reputation.

134. Whatagraph


Companies can use Whatagraph for their multi-account, cross-channel marketing performance reporting. The tool simplifies reporting and analytics tasks while automating data visualization. It helps companies transform their business marketing numbers into detailed yet simple infographics reports.

135. SocialPlanner


SocialPlanner is an all-in-one content marketing & social media scheduling tool designed to help brands and businesses find, plan and publish engaging content. Users can implement this tool to identify the type of content that generates high user engagement, as well as schedule and publish content across all social media accounts.

136. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

As with other tools from Google, Search Console’s tools and reports help companies measure their site’s search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make their site stand out in Google Search results. Companies can see which queries bring users to their site by analyzing their impressions, clicks, and position on Google Search. The URL Inspection tool provides a detailed crawl and index, and serves information about your pages, directly from the Google index.

137. Radio Guest List

Radio Guest List

For companies that want to embrace the audio world, Radio Guest List is the tool where they can sign up for email notifications from products, journalists, and podcast hosts who are looking for experts on specific topics. Companies can reach out with their credentials and interest.

138. Marketwired


Marketwired is a press release distribution service where companies can build media and influencer lists, send targeted news updates, and track performance. The tool also has a feature where PR professionals can create an online newsroom to store everything about a client’s brand.

139. Covered Press


Covered Press is an all-in-one PR platform that streamlines press tracking, reporting, and analytics to create a cohesive platform. The tool also offers white-label reporting so that publicists and PR professionals can brand their own analytics portals and reports for their clients.

140. Augure by Launchmetrics


Owned by the company Launchmetrics, Augure is an influencer and PR cloud-based platform that provides a range of features and options for PR managers and agencies. It has a CRM-style platform that tracks communications with journalists, social media monitoring, email marketing and tracking capabilities for sending out releases and follow-ups, and reporting and measurement tools.

141. JournoRequests


If your company is based in the UK, JournoRequests provides a free daily email of all the mentions of a need for a source from journalists in the area. With a paid account, users can get instant alerts from requests in a specific category or by selecting targeted keywords. The founders of the tool also created a complementary site called Hey Press, which is a search engine for finding journalists who have written about specific subjects and keywords.

142. Coverage Book


Starting at $99/month for its Bronze Plan, Coverage Book makes it easy to collect and present the media mentions and results of earned media efforts. Users can also upload offline coverage or simply input the URL of the article and the tool will create a screenshot. There is a main dashboard that shows the combined views, shares, and inbound links resulting from PR efforts, and users can also go into specifics with individual articles and see their impact.

143. Gorkana


Owned by Cision, Gorkana is the biggest, most thoroughly researched and accurate media database in the UK. The platform is trusted by thousands of communications professionals. The tool monitors the most comprehensive list of global media across all channels, while their editors filter content so that it is relevant to the user.

144. Hunter


Since 2015, Hunter has been on a mission to give professionals the power to create new connections with the people that matter. They provide a way for people to easily find journalists and contacts. Users can also verify the legitimacy of the information, in addition to using CRM integrations, TechLookup, and MailTracker.

145. Moosend


From email marketing to subscription forms and landing pages, Moosend helps users perform various marketing activities all in one place. They can use to tool to send a news release to their email subscribers, set up custom landing pages to offer special discounts to people who are interested in their product. They also offer a freemium plan that is ideal for small businesses that want to get started with email marketing and automation.

146. Mynewsdesk


Mynewsdesk allows people to monitor their industry and brand, build and manage content distribution lists, create and publish content, and track and measure results from the PR campaign.

147. SparkToro


SparkToro is a software tool that was built by Moz’s founder Rand Fishkin. It is a market research and audience intelligence tool for marketing professionals and allows users to conduct searches and identify audiences based on certain activities that they have performed online.

148. Visme


Considered the best alternative to Canva on the market, users can use the tool for creating visually appealing graphs, charts, presentations, infographics, whiteboard design and everything in between. It helps people create visual content that they can later use to distribute to their media outlets and channels.

149. Ahrefs Website “Authority” Checker

Ahref's website "authority" checker

When you manage a blog, linking to other thought leaders in your industry can help boost your SEO ranking. However, this only works if you can link to a good variety of sites with high domain authorities (DA). Once you find an article that you’d like to link to, you can use Ahrefs Website “Authority” Checker to determine whether the DA is high enough to boost your SEO score. Generally, a DA of 74 and above is considered good.

Pricing: Free

How to use these PR tools to solve any PR challenge

As you have seen, the tools above can help you manage media relations, monitor social media, measure brand awareness, and more. By using the right PR tools, you can solve any PR challenge, from crisis management to brand awareness. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, or PR professional, we’re about to show you how to use PR tools to improve your brand’s reputation, build relationships with journalists, and ultimately achieve your business goals.

Common PR challenges

The following is a list of some common PR challenges that organizations might face:

  • Crisis management:

Dealing with a crisis can be a significant challenge for PR professionals, whether it’s a product recall, an executive scandal, or a natural disaster. Companies must have a crisis management plan in place to respond effectively and mitigate damage to their reputation.

  • Reputation management:

Maintaining a positive reputation is crucial for organizations, and negative publicity can quickly harm it. PR professionals need to manage their client’s image and make sure that the public’s perception aligns with their values and mission.

  • Media relations:

Building relationships with the media can be challenging, especially in today’s fast-paced, digital landscape. PR professionals must know how to pitch stories, respond to media inquiries, and manage social media channels to ensure that the company’s message is consistent across all channels.

  • Stakeholder management:

Stakeholders, such as employees, customers, shareholders, and partners, can significantly impact a company’s reputation. PR professionals need to communicate effectively with these groups to ensure they are informed and satisfied with the company’s actions.

  • Branding:

Creating a strong brand identity that resonates with consumers can be a challenge. PR professionals must develop a clear brand strategy and message that reflects the company’s values and differentiates them from competitors.

  • Cultural and linguistic differences:

When expanding into new markets, organizations must be aware of cultural and linguistic differences. PR professionals must develop campaigns that are culturally sensitive and can effectively communicate the company’s message in different languages.

  • Social media:

Social media platforms can be a powerful tool for PR professionals to reach and engage with the public. However, managing multiple channels, responding to comments and complaints, and keeping up with trends can be a challenge.

  • Regulatory compliance:

Organizations must comply with regulations and laws in each jurisdiction where they operate. PR professionals must understand these requirements and ensure that their campaigns comply with all applicable regulations.

  • Budget constraints:

A good PR campaign can be costly, and organizations may not have the budget to execute large-scale campaigns. PR professionals need to be creative. In this way, they can find cost-effective ways to promote the company’s message and reach their target audience.

How to use PR tools to solve the above PR challenges

Here are some general tips that can guide you in using PR tools to solve any PR challenge:

  • Identify the PR challenge:

Before you can start using PR tools to solve any challenge, you need to identify the specific PR challenge you’re facing. This will help you determine which PR tools to use and how to use them effectively.

  • Conduct research:

Once you have identified the PR challenge, conduct research to identify which PR tools will be most effective in solving it. For example, if your challenge is negative media coverage, you may need to use tools like media monitoring or crisis management software.

  • Set goals:

Set clear goals for how you want to use PR tools to address the challenge. For example, your goal might be to increase positive media coverage or to address negative online reviews.

  • Develop a strategy:

Develop a comprehensive strategy for using PR tools to solve the challenge. This may include identifying target audiences, developing key messages, and creating content.

  • Implement the strategy:

Once you have developed a strategy, implement it by using the appropriate PR tools. This may include sending out press releases, conducting media outreach, or using social media to engage with your target audience.

  • Measure success:

Finally, measure the success of your PR efforts by monitoring metrics like media coverage, website traffic, and social media engagement. This will help you determine whether your PR tools and strategy were effective in solving the challenge.

Examples of PR challenges and their solutions using PR tools


Maintaining an updated media list for your brand


Sign up for an affordable media database like the one at Pressfarm. Pressfarm’s media database ensures that you’re always working with accurate and current information. This means that you won’t have to worry about outdated contact information or spending hours manually updating your database.

Additionally, Pressfarm’s media database also provides you with insights on each media contact, such as their publication history and social media activity. This can help you better understand their interests and preferences, which can help you tailor your pitch to them.

Overall, Pressfarm’s media database is an invaluable tool for PR professionals looking to streamline their media outreach efforts and build strong relationships with journalists and influencers.


Getting personal and building meaningful media relationships when competition is fierce


By taking the time to create visually appealing and newsworthy press releases, you can not only grab the attention of busy journalists but also provide them with the necessary resources to craft an engaging story. Make sure to include links to your online newsroom, where they can access all the information and assets they need. This proactive approach will not only set you apart from other PR professionals but also build a positive reputation and establish long-lasting relationships with media contacts.


Tracking PR efforts and outcomes to land top-tier media coverage


Top media monitoring tools include Meltwater, Cision, and Brand24. Meltwater offers advanced media tracking capabilities with real-time alerts, sentiment analysis, and customizable dashboards. Cision provides extensive media contact databases and distribution services in addition to media monitoring. Brand24 offers social media monitoring with sentiment analysis, competitive analysis, and real-time alerts.

No matter which PR tools you choose, it’s important to regularly review and analyze the data to make informed decisions and adjust your PR and marketing strategies accordingly. By staying on top of media mentions and industry trends, you can better understand your audience, competition, and brand reputation.

The bottom line

In conclusion, PR tools can be highly effective in solving any PR challenge. Whether you’re dealing with a crisis, struggling to reach your target audience, or seeking to improve your brand’s reputation, there are a variety of tools at your disposal. By leveraging media monitoring, social media, email marketing, and other PR tools, you can craft a compelling message that resonates with your audience and gets the results you’re looking for. Ultimately, the key to success lies in understanding your audience, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, and being willing to adapt your approach as needed. With the right tools and strategies, you can overcome any PR challenge and build a strong, lasting relationship with your audience.

How Pressfarm can help

For an entrepreneur, overcoming a crisis can determine your success or failure. At Pressfarm, we help companies define the right narrative in the media for their brand – either to improve their credit or resolve a PR crisis. If you are an entrepreneur wondering how to improve your company’s publicity, get in touch with us. We can help you craft and distribute your press releases, develop compelling guest posts and design eye-catching media kits for your brand.

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