While more people are opening up about their struggle with mental health, there is still an enormous stigma surrounding it. From the immense amount of research done about mental health these days, many are aware that symptoms and negative feelings can begin at quite a young age due to any unforeseeable circumstances.

In best-selling author Elvira Guzman’s 4th book, The Day You Leftshe discusses the impact of growing up in a broken family, which is quite prevalent in many minority communities, and how a child or young teen can overcome the issues that may arise from it. She firmly believes that how a person has been raised influences how they are as they mature, but it should not be why they cannot achieve their full potential.

Mental health problems can affect 1 in 10 children and young people and are often a direct response to what is happening in their lives. Unfortunately, due to their age and experience, many do not get the proper help they should. Guzman’s new book addresses the challenges that can trigger problems for children that are already vulnerable and make them understand certain things to avoid feeling anxious about certain situations and pick themselves up before they fall into a darker place.

Going through that experience herself when her parents were both imprisoned when she was only 14 years old, she knew openly discussing her experience, combined with thorough research and reading, could help others when they need it the most.

Since the book’s launch, Guzman has received great reviews from readers, with some saying that her latest project is what is much needed during a time when everything is still so unclear, and we have been living through something that we would never have imagined.

Her ability to present a story that genuinely connects with her audience comes from her many years working under several titles, including Executive Producer, Segment Producer, Stage Manager, Stage Producer, Production Manager, Web Developer, and PR & Branding Director for comedian, actor, and author Steve Harvey. She used her experience to open then one of the fastest-growing PR Firms, Elvie G PR, in Hollywood, grossing over $300,000 in its first year. She continued her business empire just a year after opening a branding company, Dot Connect Corp.

From the few successes written in this article, we can see that Guzman is a perfect example of someone who has overcome the odds to succeed in her business endeavors. From the age of 14, Guzman has had to deal with quite a few hardships, but rather than cowering under the pressure that mental illness and terrible circumstances, she went on to graduate with a 4.2 GPA from high school and graduated from USC with honors with a degree in Political Science and Law & Society. Her drive to overcome her demons led her to work for Steve Harvey and rising in the corporate ranks. With that experience, she named herself in the PR and branding industry through her companies. So, if anyone needs the inspiration to read her book and learn from her ample knowledge and experience, this is it.

While her 4th book is mainly catered towards children and young adults, she has imparted her knowledge with her other self-help guidebooks. Through “How to Awaken & Stay Awake: A Guide to Unlocking Your Devine Power Within” and “Your Blueprint: An Interactive Guide To Remembering Your True Purpose in Life,” she teaches people that they need to embrace their pain and recognize it as the source of one’s purpose. She teaches people that they need to applaud their failures as much as their victories because one cannot exist without the other. As a brand builder and PR professional, her main task is to connect people with people. Right PR professionals are that for a reason because they can create unique and creative content from the information they are provided and their added research. This has given Guzman the ability to present books that will entertain readers and teach them valuable lessons on how to step out from negativity and follow the path to positivity.