Pixelsquid provides editable & ready-made 3D files on stock image platform

Pixelsquid is a new idea in the market but not entirely. However, as a stock image company it does something unique unlike what other stock photo companies provide. Let me cut to the chase and spit it right here. Pixelsquid will not only give you the ability to download stock images for a fee or for free like other stock image companies do, it will also allow you to download a 3D file for that image something no other company does, yet.

So essentially, Pixelsquid uses 3D models to generate various 2D images to fit the kind of setting you want. When I first saw the Pixelsquid campaign on Product Hunt I didn’t know what to make of it partly because I had not gotten around their idea yet. However, upon visiting the “about us” page on the company’s official website, things began to get a whole lot clearer.

In a market saturated with stock photo companies including really large ones like Shutter Stock and Istock Photo, it is almost impossible to think someone would want to get into this competitive field. Pixelsquid want to do just that. Though a new company, their one unique offering would get them on the map somewhere and help them rise above several others. Pixelsquid’s distinguishing factor is the option to download a 3D model in Photoshop format of whatever image you desire so that you can go edit that to get as many 2D images as you want from all angles possible.

The last time I checked, Shutter Stock was offering stock images and Vector Art which you can edit on Illustrator. But there is just something different about Pixelsquid that sets this startup apart from Shutter Stock. Vector Art is obviously not rotatable precisely through 360 degrees. It is either you have it facing up, down, left or right. And it is a 2D image at best. However, on Pixelsquid, if I downloaded the 3D model of the guitar whose image is on display, I can rotate that guitar like a 3D model, check it out all round, back, front, up, down, on the sides and at whatever angles I please. The view that I like most is the one I save as a 2D image. I can customize the background without going through the hustle of cropping out the initial background color on the image. The 2D images you create from this are what the company itself refers to as “Pixel-perfect”. Undoubtedly, Pixelsquid has this all figured out and they have done a commendable job so far.

Check out the video below where they explain more on how it works:

PixelSquid: Getting Started from PixelSquid on Vimeo.

  1. BeauP
    BeauP 4 years ago

    Hey – thanks for the post Ian.

    Just to clarify, no 3D or plug-ins required. The PixelSquid imagery is based off of 3D models, but we’re not asking users to download any 3D files directly into Photoshop. Many 2D artists have no interest in learning 3D and we don’t want to force that on anyone, so we’ve taken the hard work out of it by making the 3D models look great on our end, generating all of the complex layers and mattes that provide a unique advantage for designers and providing them all in an interactive spinner online where they can grab and download the PSDs and PNGs of the angles they like. No 3D skills necessary – but with all the benefits of 3D. 🙂

    • Ian
      Ian 4 years ago

      Thanks for the clarification.

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