The gaming industry boasts a global adoption rate of 2.81 billion gamers in a $189.3 billion market. Despite this staggering adoption rate, some people hesitate to get heavily invested in games due to their controlled nature. Among the most commonly cited problems with most games is the fact that the developers retain control of the gaming environment. To make things worse, the gamers can’t use any assets that they earn or buy while playing these games outside of the game.

GameFi AG is backed by a team of crypto experts who are passionate about combining the worlds of DeFi and gaming to create a platform where gamers can earn crypto in a decentralized environment as they play. With their play-to-earn model, they’re giving new crypto investors a fun way to enter the Defi space and grow their wealth.

How is GameFi AG transforming the gaming industry?

The team at GameFi AG has launched an NFT gaming ecosystem complete with an NFT marketplace and three different tokens that you can earn as you play. Each of these tokens – Pika, Thunder, and Rai – serve different purposes in their games. With their unique three-tiered token system, players can evolve one token into a different one as needed.

Pika Crypto – an ERC-20 project – is at the heart of GameFi AG’s projects. This token is a combination of cutting-edge tokenomics, digital asset management, and real-world gaming. This coin was designed with a deflationary model to ensure its value increases over time, thus building wealth for token holders. More specifically, 33% of the Pika Crypto collected as transaction fees go into liquidity pools in Uniswap.

GameFi AG is also launching an NFT marketplace, The KRAFT marketplace. This marketplace provides artists with a niche space where they can mint and sell their art and gaming NFTs, with the lowest fees on any marketplace. GameFi AG charges artists only 2% fees for selling their NFTs and offers them royalties after the second sale of an NFT. Artists can earn 10% royalties for Pika, 5% for Thunder, and 2% for Rai. Additionally, artists who put their art up for sale on the KRAFT stand a chance of having their art featured in the upcoming online trading card game (TCG).

The team at GameFi AG has partnered with exclusive artists who have committed to bringing breathtaking art on board the KRAFT. With their competitive fee structure, they aim to keep attracting the best talents to contribute unique content for enjoyable games.

What are the benefits of blockchain games?

By building a decentralized gaming environment. GameFi AG has created a niche space where gamers can contribute to building the environment. Wildner has already worked with names like Disney, Motley Crue, Kiss, and more. The GameFi AG team is excited to welcome more artists to the movement, all styles included. With a competitive fee and the opportunity to earn royalties in all three tokens, GameFi AG has set up a rewarding marketplace for artists to join.

In addition to offering artists attractive rewards for their work, GameFi AG is making it more attractive for gamers to invest in virtual assets. Whereas traditional games retain ownership of any in-game assets that gamers purchase, blockchain games allow gamers to use their assets outside the gaming environment where they were designed. In other words, gamers can transfer these in-game assets to a different blockchain game or a different virtual environment and use them however they want. By offering decentralized in-game assets, GameFi AG has created a gaming environment where gamers will be excited to spend their money on these virtual assets.

Combining the traditional gaming industry with blockchain technology with a play-to-earn model also ensures that the in-game assets that gamers collect have real-world applications. By rewarding players in cryptocurrency for achieving specific goals, GameFi AG has created a model where gamers can grow their wealth simply by playing their favorite games.

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