Personalize Video Content to Double Your Startup’s Growth

Video is a big deal. 82% of Twitter users watch videos. Over 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube every day. And almost 50% of most buyers look for a video before buying the product in a store. It is true that video has become phenomenal. Personalize Video Content to Double Your Startups missing out on video bound to experience slower growth.

Apparently, by including videos in their webpages, Dropbox were able to double their conversions and increase their sales.

However, it is not just about showering the internet with a gazillion videos about your company. It is about personalizing these videos so that your audience can relate to them and feel like there are real people behind your brand.

To build a real following from your videos and ensure that they benefit your startup you can personalize them as follows:

  • Creating videos that give engaging experiences: Nowadays, so much media production is happening world over. If your content is not engaging enough, then it gets lost in the sea of cheap content around. Building personalized videos that really focus more on the content and create engaging conversations boost conversions. They help you to stand out.
  • Use behavioral data: You can personalize your video content by looking at all the data you have been collecting. Use this data to create videos that speak to the customers on a personal level. You have learnt their actions before they purchase a product, after and in their customer lifetime. You can use this information to create video content that converts more.

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