After experiencing how experience and time-consuming graphic design can be for small businesses and startups. The founders at Penji wanted to create a platform supporting thousands of brands and agencies. While also making quality graphic design fast, simple, and affordable for everyone. In a society where many people, sometimes at no fault of their own, tend to think of their gain rather than helping others around them, Penji sets themself apart from their design platforms because they believe that they have a moral obligation to lift the spirits of all those around them and their community of designers as they continue to grow.

Not only is the platform a great place for designers to spread their wings and work with clients all over the world. But Penji’s strong belief in their moral obligation has also led them to pledge 10% of their monthly profits to help those who are helping others, in addition to offering their full service at a highly discounted rate to qualified non-profits and social-impact startups through their Unlimited programs.

Penji Graphic Design

Graphic Designers Worldwide

Penji is an unlimited graphic service/platform that connects users to the top 2% of graphic designers worldwide—understanding. That hiring an excellent graphic designer can be pretty challenging. The team at Penji chose to create a space. That provides complete graphic design services that offer quality and affordable work. The platform offers users unique visual design models. That will fit any needs from the business’s growing demands or the organization’s internal team and clients by receiving creative results without the heavy expense. They can get custom-made design work at a fixed rate every month. Which is a significant resource for any team trying to enhance productivity.

What is excellent about Penji is its easy step by step user-friendly guide to gain access to the platform. All people need to do is sign up for the service and create. Their design project on Penji’s dashboard by filling out a form containing. The project time, design category, project description, attachments, customization level, file deliverables, and associated brands. After that, Penji’s system automatically assigns the request depending on the design category, and the designers get straight to work. When they finish the project, companies will get the first draft and send feedback if there need to be any changes. Once clients are satisfied with the completed project, they can download the design and start a new project if needed.

Penji Prides

Penji prides itself on the values that guide every decision they make. Their company, their culture, and their customers’ success are a reflection of the importance. The team has when working on individual projects. They have achieved and plan to continue striving to put their customers first as. They are the reason the company exists. The team wants to show gratitude by providing the best experience that any company in this industry can offer. By attempting to make an impact, rather than just an impression. They hope to strengthen their community by helping others provide a better quality of life. Ultimately, they believe that a company should do more than generate profit. It should be a supportive community that cares about the people around them. First and foremost, they want clients to be proud that they have picked the right company to work with.

Penji Graphic Design

From their website, it is clear that they have partnered with over a thousand companies, from small businesses to coworking spaces. Their ability to reach different types of clients showing their diverse knowledge of the graphic design industry and how flexible. They are in creating designs. Penji’s unlimited list of services allows them to create as many design projects as clients desire and assign. The best designers for the project. So for agencies, small businesses, startups, marketing teams, influencers, and others looking for anything from app. Design to social media graphics Penji can be just the extra help they need to reach their design goals. Their 24/7 global team is available at any time so that projects are completed as soon as possible.

Sometimes it can be challenging to put a thought or idea on paper, but Penji’s graphic design experts are there to help make that process just a bit easier.

Companies Design Process

The Team plan, priced at $499/month, consists of the Pro Plan features, but with the addition of 24/7 customer support, five users, customer illustrations, infographics, and website and app design. Finally, the Agency plan comprises perks like the previous. But with prioritized support, one more designer, and up to ten users.

With the abundance of graphic designers out there at the moment and pricing being quite steep. Penji has achieved success with its platform because of its ability to be diverse with each project and because it is budget-friendly. There are no hidden charges, and clients only need to pay for their monthly subscription fee. Since no contract needs to be signed before starting the design process. Companies and clients can decide whether they want to continue. Their monthly subscription or take a break if they choose to go on hiatus for a while. Their values are abundantly evident throughout all their processes, from their account managers to their designers. By ensuring that everyone is friendly and accommodating and providing high-quality and creative designs. Their 24/7 customer service not only gets things done quickly, usually within 24 to 48 hours but also in a high-quality manner.

Regardless of what type of company and industry they are in, it is clear that the Penji graphic design platform goes above and beyond to provide quality service in all aspects of the business, from customer service to only hiring the top 2% of graphic designers out there. If you are a company or individual looking for custom, high-quality designs for your brand, Penji seems to be a clear choice.