There is a strange craze that is happening in the financial markets at this time. Cryptocurrencies have everything to do with it. Most banks are dismissing the blockchain market claiming that currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium will not be there for long. However, despite their dismissals, cryptocurrencies keep gaining momentum day in and out. Their values continue to rise and there is of course immense destabilization and disruption happening in the financial markets that are stuck in the traditional monetary ways.

Several platforms online have begun accepting the crypto coins as modes of financial transactions and exchange. With the same vigour, startups are rising to the occasion to provide platforms that enable cryptocurrency existence through the provision of various services. One such startup is Pecunio. When signing up for Pressfarm to amplify the company’s PR efforts, the Chief Marketing Officer of Pecunio, Dominik Berger, had a chat with us about their startup and how it will define the Crypto Market. Catch our discussion below:


Pecunio prides itself as the world’s first decentralized investment platform for the crypto market. In a space where most platforms have not quite diversified into various offerings but focus on one aspect of the market. There is definitely a need for the platform. Dominik says, “A lot of ICOs focus on simple things: some got a crypto card, others do have a crypto fund, and some have a coin exchange or maybe a trading platform.”

This means that if you need a crypto card, crypto fund and a trading platform. You would need to interconnect several ICOs. He says, “Pecunio is different! We don‘t have one single selling proposition. We provide an all in one investment platform for cryptocurrencies.”

The lack of a decentralized platform until Pecunio means that the process of transacting and carrying out normal setup operations on a day to day for crypto enthusiasts is very cumbersome. As the CMO of Pecunio lists below, the startup is eliminating this inefficiency in the following ways:

  1. You can exchange flat into cryptocurrencies with Pecunio.
  2. You can invest in the highly diversified crypto fund that performs currently with 37% per month in return. At a maximum downside of 4.5%.
  3. You can easily spend your earnings with our crypto card.


The strategy to have up to 6 crypto currencies and tokens bundled in one platform from which users can operate their accounts just like a bank is a great proposition. Dominik emphasizes, “Pecunio differs by providing an all in one solution and not just one single application.”

There is of course the aspect of security that arises once you have a decentralized platform handling bitcoin, etherium, ripple, Litecoin, Neo and several others including the addition of Pecunio tokens. However, the CMO is quick to assure of the security currently enabling transactions of their thousands of users insisting that the decentralization makes their platform even more secure. “It makes it secure because we actually do have a working and sustainable business model that already generates profits with our fund. This is unique in the ICO sphere!”


As with every new idea in the market irrespective of the niche, there will always be people who have totally misunderstood the workings of that market. Considering the freshness of this platform in terms of the market outlook.

Dominik agrees that there are misconceptions among common folks that their company is working hard to eliminate.

“(Misconception) That crypto is complicated and hard to get in. It doesn‘t have to be like this! We will lower the current barriers and make cryptocurrencies accessible for everyone,” he says.


Millions of people all over the world have heard about this crypto investment. However, some are not taking the leap. Perhaps giving a pointer to how Pecunio’s investors faired is a way to continually keep breaking the barrier.

While he is not willing to go into the finer details, Dominik says, “We serve sophisticated investors as well as ordinary people. Our fund investors so far made more than 45% return in just 1 month!”


As with any startup, the goal to redefine how the industry works is ripe at Pecunion. “We will make it easy for everyday people to get their share of the crypto market. By making the entrance as simple and easy as possible. It‘s just like managing your daily bank account!”

This platform is therefore like a normal online bank account but as with most people, the process of getting started and doing daily transactions on Pecunio has to be as easy as saying 1, 2, 3. The technicalities have continued to bar people from jumping into the market. The well-spoken CMO remarks, “You don‘t have to worry about all the technical details and private keys etc. it will be all done for you, to assure safe and easy access.”

With technical details handled, then it is a matter of time to see the growth that will take place over time as people don’t have to worry about programmatic issues.


The cryptocurrency market is not perfect. In fact, Dominik advises people wanting to join the crypto market, “Some customers jump in head first into bitcoin and put all their savings in it. You can‘t rely on one asset.” He continues, “It‘s like owning one single stock. This investment strategy is very risky and causes a lot of stomach ache when BTC drops 25-30% or even drops out completely. Because new, faster and smarter blockchain coins could take BTCs place!”

To that revelation, it’s safe to continually beware that the crypto market is not stable yet. It might never actually be. As newer blockchains keep coming out, the instability will always be there. One coin could distabilise the other or market dynamics could cause a shift. That is why Dominik’s sole advise for customers on this is, “The key is diversification. This is why our fund provides maximum diversification and safeness at the highest possible return.”


As we get to the end of our short discussion with Dominik Berger, it is clear that the crypto market won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. As a matter of fact, the adoption of the crypto coins in various market segments as payment methods stamps on this. Beyond 2018 and later, Pecunio needs to be forging ahead in defining the future of this market.

“We plan to list ICOs on our website which will be scanned by our team of experts if they have a sustainable business model. They will then generate profits for the investors,” he notes. “We also plan to develop a trading platform into our Pecunio account so that we can add a whole new target audience (the crypto traders).”