In our latest startup story, we get to chat with the co-founders Andrew Jansen and Alexia Ferra of Oparix, an online retailer that delivers unique and memorable gifting experiences.

Since Oparix went live on September 1st, they have been helping businesses forge more meaningful relationships through heartfelt gifts and handwritten cards.


To get us started off, knowing the story behind Oparix is important. “The idea of Oparix came to us after receiving a gift from,” begins Alexia Ferra. “The gift was ‘wrapped’ in a hideous bag with the message transcribed on the gift receipt. It was pretty impersonal, to say the least. We agreed that receiving a gift should be a different experience than ordering cleaning supplies online, and from there, Oparix was born!”

Upon further research, they discovered that the e-commerce sector has neglected to listen to consumers’ desires by charging a fee of $5 to $10 for a stripped-down version of gift wrap. The gift-giver feels taken advantage of and embarrassed, while the recipient is left dissatisfied.

Oparix is on a mission to disrupt the gifting market by elevating a simple transaction into a heartfelt experience for both the gift-giver AND the recipient.

The overall consensus is that it’s a challenge to find the perfect gift. But Oparix simplifies that process by offering the ability to shop via recipient’s personality trait, categories, prices or best sellers. They obsessed with gifting!


Every single Oparix gift arrives beautifully wrapped in Kraft wrapping paper with vintage postage. A bow made of twine and a wax-stamp. They also include a handwritten greeting card that chosen by the gift-giver at the time of purchase. All of which are absolutely free with the purchase of the gift.

They provide consumers with the option to send gift notifications via email, text message or both. Which allows users to send a gift without a shipping address on hand.

Additionally, they’re in the process of integrating Oparix with popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. For businesses, they’re in the process of integrating with Salesforce and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. So that you can easily identify conversions, understand ROI and receive real-time analytics.


The founders are confident that in due time. The market will realize the differences in experience and quality that you receive when using Oparix. It’s the easiest way to send amazing gifts to anyone, for any occasion. It’s such a simple process that it encourages people to be more generous. Whether it’s a gift for a client, family member or friend. Oparix gives you the joy of gifting, without any of the hassle!