You care about people’s lives and you want to make them better. You want to support and help them when they go through complicated things, such as facing the consequences of an illness. These are the moments when people feel most vulnerable and need emotional support, but also to feel that someone is taking good care of them.

So, you have become a nurse to be there for people and contribute to improving their lives. But now you are looking for career advancement too. And a lot of questions might run through your head. What can you do? How to do it? What career prospects lie ahead of you? What can you do differently so that you can progress in your career? Well, the answer to all these questions and some tips and tricks that you can apply to stand out in your scrubs are below. Continue reading to find out more about nursing career advancement tips.

  • Find a mentor
  • Search for and read nursing blogs
  • Talk about your goals
  • Get a specialization
  • Continue education
  • Join professional associations
  • Advance your college education

1. Finding a Mentor

One of the first things you could do to advance in your career as a nurse is to find a mentor. Maybe you have a colleague who has more experience than you. Maybe you know a professional in your domain that is ready to share some advice with you. You know you want to advance in your career, but you may not know what to do.

So, having a mentor, someone who you can always ask for advice is crucial. They can guide you whenever you feel lost and tell you about the opportunities and options that lie ahead. As expert writers from nursing resume writing services say, having a mentor can help you identify the best opportunities for you and help you advance in your nursing career.

2. Find and Read Nursing Blogs

The online world is a vast place where you can find pretty much everything. Even though you might think that there are no nursing blogs, in fact, you can find some really good ones. Nurses around the world know the challenges of this profession, but also the things you need to face daily. Being a nurse is rewarding, but it can be overwhelming at times too.

So, finding some nursing blogs and reading them can shed more light on the possibilities you have for career advancements. It can also help you be informed and updated with the latest technological advancements and changes in the healthcare system. You can also find essential tips for a successful travel nursing career online.

Nursing Career Advancement: 7 Ways to Stand Out in Your Scrubs

3. Talking About Your Goals

Letting your supervisors know that you want to advance in your nursing career and you are ready to do more is one of the ways you can stand out in your scrubs. Even though some might feel strange only thinking about this, it is an effective way to advance in your career.

If they see you are dedicated to your work and you are ready and willing to do more, then they will consider you for a higher position. You need to show them that you have higher goals for your career that you want to achieve.

4. Getting a Specialization

Another way to stand out in your scrubs is to get specialization. You probably know already that some healthcare domains pay more than others. And that they require a specific set of skills and for sure a certification too. So, getting a specialization will help you narrow your focus in your nursing career and it will open up new doors of opportunities.

5. Continuing Education

On the same topic, continuing education as a nurse is another way to just advance your career. As mentioned above, there are lots of opportunities in different niches in the healthcare system. If you already know what you want to do, you can advance your career if you advance your education.

There are lots of courses you can enroll in where you can find out about new technologies in the healthcare system or nursing practices. This will help you expand your knowledge and skills, which will help you tremendously with your nursing career advancement too.

6. Joining Professional Associations

Standing out in your scrubs might seem challenging, especially when the competition is so high. But joining a professional association or organization will help you meet like-minded professionals. They will surely share their story with you, stories you can learn a lot from. But you can also find new career opportunities, so why not join a nursing association and start networking with like-minded people?

7. Advancing College Education

There are lots of learning opportunities for nurses out there. So, depending on how much time you want to invest in this, you could also advance your college education. You can easily find master’s degrees in nursing.

You can also think about the option of just conducting some studies and doing research in this field. Or, why not, teach others about becoming nurses. The world is your oyster and there are lots of possibilities there, you just need to decide which ones are the ones you are looking for.


You are a nurse who is looking to advance in her career, so you want to know some ways you can stand out in your scrubs. Talk with like-minded professionals, find a mentor, and let your supervisors know about your career goals. Always look for improving and expanding your knowledge and skills, as these are the ones that recommend you for a higher position.