Nudwear is Disrupting the Loungewear Market with Eco-friendly Designs for the Independent Woman on the Go

Nudwear is a sustainably and socially conscious silk loungewear startup that is inspired by today’s powerful, multi-faceted, and independent women on the go. Founded by Astrid Montalta who is also the company’s CEO, Nudwear was started to eradicate the current problem of overpriced, and low quality loungewear in the market.

We had a chat with Astrid on Nudwear. She started entrepreneurship when she was 7 years old, setting up a mobile lemonade stand and had her parents drive her towards construction sites around their home in Sugarland, Texas. Cold lemonade in the intense Texas summer heat was an instant hit. This would be the first time she tasted success by offering something amazing, yet so simple and instinctively astute.

As she tackles the current problem of poorly designed, low quality, and environmentally unfriendly loungewear, her company donates $1 of every purchase to She’s the First in support of women’s education and empowerment in low income countries.

Catch our discussion with Astrid Montalta below.


The ecommerce loungewear space is filled with many other companies that are striving to get bigger. Nudwear just got into the space, it is important to fully understand why it is diffieret. “We are a female run business that places importance on social and environmental responsibility as well as delivering premium fashion that women love,” says Astrid. “And being a direct-to-consumer brand allows us to offer premium products and customer service at competitive and attractive prices.”

Aside from trading in actual products, ecommerce platforms need to realise the immense pressure to offer better quality in customer service. For most ecommerce companies, it is not just about the products on offer but how the customers are treated as well.

The bra and kiminos space carries so much potential but there has to be a lifeline that gives Nudwear an advantage considering the levels of competition here. It would be interesting to note some of the interesting stories from this space as well as how customer response is so far.

“We have over 300 verified 5 star reviews on Amazon of our bestselling Daisies Nipple Covers with women claiming that our product has saved them from ever having to wear a bra again. Our silk products are also made of a special Charmeuse Lycra blend that is softer than regular silk and also more durable, our customers love it!”


Getting into a niche that already has several offerings requires a bit of disruption. Nudwear wants to be that change in the loungewear industry. It might be crowded, but it doesn’t mean there is no space for a new entrant.

“Sustainability should be the responsibility of the brand, customers shouldn’t have to consciously search out brands,” remarks the founder. “We hope to prove that beautiful lingerie fashion. Loungewear that is sustainable is achievable without having to sacrifice design and aesthetic. We hope to inspire other brands to do the same.”

Influencing of markets by other companies from within continues to push boundaries between companies on. How to make eco-friendly products seeing the rise in sentiments about global warming. Innovation has to be a big part of this push to discover new products, designs, and materials.

“Innovation is also a huge part of our lingerie bra alternatives range, we constantly research the market. See what’s available, take into account customer feedback and significantly improve on what’s available giving women real solutions.”


Customers in all types of markets make purchasing mistakes. Astrid agrees, and notes, “80% of women buy the wrong bra size, our lingerie accessories are not bras. Hence there is no complicated band size to choose from making getting your correct size much easier.”

She continues, “We also offer free exchanges and returns to help alleviate these worries. With our introduction of lingerie we also plan to allow women to choose 2 sizes when they order. They simply keep the size that fits.”


As with all ideas, there has to be an action or “aha” moment that led to the realization to start pushing towards formation of the company.

She says, “I noticed that the strapless bra and bra alternative market had not evolved in over a decade.”

When a market has not changed, it could mean that the companies in it are doing something right. The customers have settled for less while these companies mint profits from the same old products.

“There limited options of poor quality with outdated branding. Nudwear set out to fill that gap and give a fresh and relevant update to much ignored category. Since then we have expanded into loungewear and swimwear via a designer collaboration and plan to launch lingerie in 2018.”


“In 2018 we plan to launch a lingerie collection made entirely of recycled ocean plastic. We hope to inspire more fashion brand to do the same,” concludes the CEO.