Amazon barcodes are considered to be a commonly discussed seller topic that is not complicated as most people think. They are categorized as boring, and no one wants to deal with it, but you have to pass this phase to send FBA shipments.

Consider this a simple and vital article that provides you with all the necessary information concerning Amazon barcodes that are faced by sellers regularly and get confused in most cases. Familiarize with the main barcodes to sell on Amazon.

Types Of Amazon Barcodes

New Amazon sellers mostly find this complicated about barcodes and numbers. Hence, Amazon needs barcodes to quickly sort out products, track the fulfillment process, and make a quicker delivery. People come across policies and abbreviations like UPC, ASIN, etc. They cannot determine what to consider, what is necessary, and the clear difference between them.

If you normally face similar problems, don’t fret anymore. There is nothing complicated, and there are clear explanations for each abbreviation.

UPC And EAN – The Code For Creating A-List

Amazon barcodes

You might have heard of a certain code, and it’s the only one to be used once for listing on Amazon. This code is the Universal Product Code (UPC).  Amazon needs the UPC when creating a list and you can simply buy ean & upc barcodes for amazon from barcode vendors.

The cost ranges from $2-$10, based on the quantity like barcodes pro, then use the unique numbers while making a list to align with the UPC. After that, the UPC will never be used again for any purpose, as it’s a one-time thing. Also, you don’t use it on each product on your list. The Amazon system verifies the code and links it with the whole list regardless of the amount as 5-100 items can be included. However, the color, size, and variant of each product are considered a different listing and need another UPC.


Shall we figure out what EAN is and differentiate between EAN and UPC? These two barcodes are different from each other with unique numbers and the ability of the EAN to identify a particular country. Hence, EAN is for European Article Number and comprises 13 digits, and the UPC with 12 digits.

ASIN – The One You Should Slide On

Now shall we discuss the one you don’t need to work with? Most of you might have heard or seen ASIN. Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), which is made up of 10 unique symbols created by Amazon after you make a new product list using the UPC.

Therefore, ASIN is the only code that is solely Amazon’s concern. You have no business with ASIN while selling your products. Amazon generates ASIN to ease their work. The ASIN can be found in the information of the product.

FNSKU – For Product Packaging

This is the only code to be dealt with physically by you or the suppliers of the product. Fulfilment Network Stock Keeping Unit (FNSKU). This code is for Amazon to effectively track products you sell.

After creating your shipping plan and using the digits of the products you wish to sell. Amazon offers FNSKU based on the number. Let’s assume you wish to sell 300 products. You will need to type in 300 FNSKU labels, which should be sent to the producers of your product, or simply apply them yourself by printing and placing them on the product. Piece of cake!

This is one of the most important topics to familiarize yourself with while starting your selling career. You must figure out your barcodes from the start. After all, this will make selling on Amazon a lot easier and faster for you and your team, even when you start using Amazon ads.