While they’re still in the infancy stage, NFTs have made major strides in the digital space. Using NFT technology, many people have accomplished great things. For example, artists can now enjoy maximum profits from the sale of their art pieces. On the other hand, collectors can easily purchase various collectibles without worrying about counterfeit products.

Using NFT technology, researchers on noteworthy causes can now raise funds for their projects and institutions with ease. Additionally, NFTs have played an important role in helping Ukrainians save their cultural DNA in the ongoing Russian Invasion.

Unfortunately, NFTs are also at the center of climate change. According to some experts, NFTs contribute significantly to global warming through carbon emission. While there’s some truth to that, not all NFTs are destroying the planet. Some NFT developers are building projects to contribute positively to environmental conservation. Moving Images is an example of one such NFT project.

What is Moving Images?

Moving Images is a one-of-a-kind blockchain project that positively contributes to environmental conservation. Therefore, as an investor in this project, you’ll be contributing to efforts to protect the environment. Investing in this project is an opportunity to lower your carbon footprint while still generating profits.

How it works

Moving Images creates limited-edition NFTs for sale to collectors and investors.

All the profits they make from these sales are dedicated to environmental conservation. In this way, Moving Images is counteracting the negative impact of NFT minting on the environment. As an investor or collector, you’ll be contributing to a variety of environmental causes indirectly while attaining your investment objective.

What makes Moving Images unique

Moving Images is different from other NFT projects in the space. While others target great returns, there’s more to the NFTs from Moving Images than making profits. Instead, the Moving Images team is pursuing a worthy cause that benefits the environment.

Their first NFT collection is the first and only NFT collection created to celebrate the launch of London’s new Elizabeth Line. These NFTs were minted on the opening day of the Elizabeth line – May 24th, 2022. The collection comprises 70 pieces in total, all of which are available for purchase on OpenSea. This commemorates Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.

Who is behind Moving Images?

Christian Walker is leading the release of this NFT collection, along with Alejandro Gramajo, the project CTO.

Christian Walker has been in the blockchain industry for a couple of years now. During this period, he has worked as COO, CEO, Founder, and consultant in this space. Since 2017, he has been trading in crypto. As a result, he has the knowledge and experience that it takes to succeed in this industry.

Beyond that, Walker also has also started other successful businesses from scratch. He’s also obtained an MBA from Hult International Business School.

Gramajo has a successful IT consultancy firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the moment, Walker and Gramajo are also working on a new digital currency that’s designed to transfer transaction fees to environmental causes.

The inspiration behind Moving Images

NFTs offer some of the best investment opportunities in the digital space. This is because NFTs benefit both collectors and artists in this space. Collectors have a safe place to purchase countless collectibles within a short time. On the other hand, artists can sell their artwork swiftly without losing a share of their profits to middlemen.

However, it’s worth mentioning that just as with other projects on the blockchain, the minting of NFTs negatively affects the environment. The process is energy-consuming, which extends the carbon footprint of blockchain technology. Given that NFT technology is still all the rage, more users are adapting it, thus contributing to the ongoing climate crisis. Moving Images NFTs are designed to counteract this trend.

These tokens are minted to help with environmental conservation, thereby mitigating the climate crisis. The profits from the sale of tokens get channeled to environmental campaign charities for conservation purposes. If you care about the environment, Moving Images gives you a rare opportunity to earn profits through NFTs while protecting the environment.

Who is the target audience?

The Moving Images NFTs are specifically designed for those who want to invest in limited edition tokens. Thus, collectors and art enthusiasts can benefit from buying these tokens.

Advantages of limited-edition art pieces

  • Low market fluctuation

Limited edition NFT pieces have a stable market value. As a result, their value on the market doesn’t fluctuate as dramatically. Open editions, on the other hand, expose your investment to greater fluctuations and therefore greater risks.

  • Significant value appreciation

The value appreciation of limited-edition artwork is greater than that of an open edition. Therefore, holders of limited-edition artwork stand to make more profits than those with open editions. The same notion applies to the NFTs space.

Benefits of Moving Images NFTs

This project benefits both the investors and the environment. Let’s talk about how it benefits both independently.

  • Historic

The opening of the Elizabeth Tube Line to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee was a historic moment. Each piece in this collection celebrates each year of Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. By buying one of the NFTs in this collection, you can own a piece of history.

  • Environmental conservation

NFTs and other projects built on the blockchain are negatively affecting the environment. According to different sources, the energy consumption from minting one token equals that of 100k Visa transactions. Since NFT is a new technology that’s growing at an unprecedented rate, we can expect a greater impact on the environment.

This project gives you a chance to mitigate the impact of your investment on the environment. All the profits from your purchase will go to environmental campaigns. Thus, in addition to generating profits, you’ll be protecting the environment.

  • Expert management

The development team behind a blockchain project can boost its success or stunt the project. Both Walker and Gramajo have expertise and experience in this field.

For instance, Walker has years of experience as a crypto trader, CEO, COO, and founder. Also, he holds an MBA. On the other hand, Gramajo is an expert in the blockchain industry and even runs a successful IT consultancy firm. Thus, you’ll be investing in a project that has high chances of success thanks to the expertise of the founding team.

  • Profits

When it comes to tokens, limited editions tend to fetch the highest selling price over time. Moving Images NFTs are limited-edition tokens, each of which is totally unique – you will not find any duplicates.

Make sure you are among the first holders for an opportunity to earn more during the sale.

  • No counterfeits

Artwork is one of the sought-after assets across the world. Some pieces are worth hundreds of dollars and some are sold for millions of dollars.  Unfortunately, due to their value, getting duped is easy.

Fortunately, that’s not an experience you will get with Moving Images tokens. All their pieces are designed to be distinctly unique – no two NFTs will ever be alike. The Moving Images team prides itself in producing limited-edition NFTs. Therefore, there are no copies that will drag down the value of your token.

  • Unique pieces

Moving Images tokens are one of a kind. They’re the first and only token commemorating the launch of the Elizabeth Line in London, UK.

  • Environmental protection

Whether it’s proof of work or proof of stake, both have some level of impact on the environment. Both contribute to the carbon footprint exerted by blockchain technology. Since blockchain technology is here to stay, it pays to invest in projects that cater to these environmental concerns.

Moving Images NFTs are designed to contribute to a better world. By investing in these NFTs, you can play a part in the mitigation of the climate crisis through environmental conservation.

Buy your Moving Images NFTs today

Moving Images NFTs create a win-win situation for both the investor and the environment. Many NFTs harm the environment by actively contributing to global warming. Due to the high energy consumption rate during minting, they contribute to the combustion of more fossil fuels.

Moving Images is designed to stall this effect with benefits for both the environment and NFT investors. The profits from the sale of these tokens are directed towards environmental charities.

Click here to invest in Moving Images and contribute to environmental protection. You can also get updates on the current collection as well as upcoming collections on Instagram.