As the Metaverse expands, many industry experts are realizing its potential for supporting wellness and mental health. There’s a reason why the Metaverse experienced such dramatic growth at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid seemingly endless lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, the Metaverse offered people a place where they could interact safely and experience a sense of community. These communities helped people all over the world to feel less isolated and find the support they needed in the midst of so much uncertainty.

In addition to offering a sense of community, the Metaverse also offers limitless entertainment options that people can use to pass the time. This was especially useful at a time when people all over the world were sent to work from home or lost their jobs altogether. Suddenly, people had more free time than ever before, and the Metaverse offered the perfect way to fill that time. With an immersive environment that boasts play-to-earn games, virtual concerts and esports tournaments, many virtual worlds have helped people find something to pass the time during the pandemic.

As people adjust to the new normal and COVID-19 restrictions ease, mental health professionals are looking for more ways to use the Metaverse to support overall wellbeing. One of these mental health experts is Dr. Lisa Cortez (also known as The Anxiety Dr). Dr. Cortez is launching Moody Minks – an NFT collection designed to bring mental health to the Metaverse.

Moody Mink Society will also buy a piece of land in the Metaverse and transform it into a META-tation center, the first meditation center in the Metaverse. Here, NFT holders will have access to events hosted by The Anxiety Dr. Additionally, Moody Mink Society will bring in top mental health experts to provide mental health and personal development workshops for all Mink holders.

Moody Mink Society is proof that we can use the virtual realm to support mental health effectively. In fact, virtual reality is already being used to treat mental health issues such as PTSD, phobias and anxiety disorders in addition to delusions and hallucinations. Technology has transformed the mental health industry, giving us access to more ways in which we can seek out and access professional help and support.

In our ordinary lives, we use mental health and wellness apps on our phones. These apps have proven useful for easing anxiety, alleviating depression and making it easier to connect with mental health professionals when the user needs additional support. By bringing mental health tools to the Metaverse, Moody Minks is creating a similar support system, in a more immersive environment than ever before.

According to The Anxiety Dr., it’s important for people to access these mental health tools before they have to deal with mental health problems.

“I believe that if we all learnt to take care of our mental health at an early age, our lives would be much easier,” says Dr. Lisa Cortez. “Bringing mental health systems to the Metaverse is an effective way to arm people with the tools they need to do this. My ultimate goal is to use this platform to teach US-based teachers stress and anxiety coping skills that they can, in turn, use in the classroom.”

With Moody Minks, The Anxiety Dr aims to empower both teachers and students with the resources they need to take care of their mental health before it turns into a crisis. By hosting workshops and seminars led by industry experts, the Moody Minks META-tation center will serve as a place where people can educate themselves on mental health issues. In this way, this NFT collection from Moody Minks Society will also go a long way towards eliminating the stigma against mental health problems that people encounter every day.

Want to be part of the Moody Mink Society community? Buying an NFT will give you access to mental health workshops, events and more. The NFT collection will be minting soon here.