Mobile application development has come of age with a lot of apps being developed worldwide. There are so many applications today and about 50 that each do the same thing. If you are a mobile app developer or programmer looking to make some money. You want to solve a problem by developing an app. It is important to learn the trends that are changing that industry in 2018 and beyond. Staying informed and innovative is the only way to growth hack your mobile app development.

The Internet of Things (IoT) one of the things predicted by Forbes and IBM to define how people use their devices, and how in turn applications will develop to leverage the growth of this industry. The natural processing of language, deep learning, and image recognition are among some of the trends defining the Internet of Things. Mobile apps will come into the core of this $170 billion industry. To define how these inventions get to used by the consumer.

Wearable devices like smartwatches will become more important in the next couple of years. As every person tries to get themselves a smartwatch. There is more room for invention in the devices that grouped into this category. However, mobile applications will be needed to grow with this market.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is becoming increasingly influential. Several philanthropists and investors are now throwing their money into AI. Machines are now being touted to define the workplace of the future. Their continued iterations by experts means that it is only a matter of time before machines take over in places of work not only doing repetitive tasks like moving products in Amazon warehouses but also doing highly intelligent calculations and defining adoption of big data. Mobile apps that continue to iterate and play into this box. These will have huge potentials for growth in the coming years. Chatbots are now a solid thing in customer support as some saas startups begin to adopt them for guaranteed customer relationships.

Microsoft has for the last few years quit focusing on selling more software. It also shifted to selling more cloud storage to as many hundreds of millions of people as possible. Because cloud computing is where computing headed. Mobile applications that focused on cloud storage to save smartphone space. While having the ability to carry out memory-intensive tasks right from the cloud will play very well into the future.

Other trends include instant applications feature which allows people to access mobile apps from a platform to test first before installing, mobile payments, accelerated mobile pages, mobile security, cross-platform native app development, gesture control and animations, and augmented reality among many others. To read a thorough post on these trends check out this page.