In search of a convenient bag that can suit any occasion while adapting to changes in the environment? Look no further because Milano System has got you covered. With a set of modules combined in a single backpack, pouches made to meet your daily needs with unique adaptations, Milano System allows you to redesign your bag according to any moment of your day.

Thanks to its efficient modular system, this backpack is built to adapt to your lifestyle. The main advantage of using Milano System is that it adapts to any change events and is fitted with modular settings onto and inside the bag.

What is Milano System?

Milano System is a newborn start-up that was launched on 11th May on Kickstarter. The startup is based in Milan. The founders are launching their first with a Kickstarter campaign to promote the product and test it. Their first product is ready and they are currently creating new modules according to your needs.

The target audience for Milano System is both male and female urban nomads aged 25-54 years old. The backpack is designed to meet today’s mobile lifestyles which require products that go further, adapt, and perform beyond expectations. The founders believe that new generation products should focus on this new dynamic lifestyle. These products should deliver thoughtful solutions to give you the freedom and the possibility of enjoying life’s valuable moments.

The bags are designed to fit the growing needs of the young, multi-ethnic Milanese that look for products inspired by innovative ideas. This backpack is well-suited to meet their daily needs since Milan city is populated by youth with a nomad lifestyle. These youth love fashion and apparel, hence the backpack’s aesthetic design. Milano System can blend in with your outfit for the day, whether you’re in formal wear for the office, or casual clothes for globe-trotting.

Milano System stands out from what is already in the market due to its ability to create high-quality and high-performing products. They partner with local Italian factories to produce high-quality and durable products. This is where craftsmanship meets high standards. The materials are certified 100% made in Italy with  Cordura fabrics. This is the most durable material for daily usage.

What’s the big deal about this backpack?

Thanks to the materials used to manufacture Milano System, the backpack is designed to endure water, temperature, and time. Milano System has a 35-liter capacity, which is 20% higher than modern bags. In addition, it weighs only 900 grams making it portable. Apart from that, it also has an inbuilt system designed to regulate temperature. The backpack also has 3 internal pockets and 1 external fully secured one, with 2 separate compartments inclusive of multiple pockets for ultimate organization.

Milano System is committed to delivering the best-in-class modular backpacks by combining quality, functionality, and aesthetics to meet the needs of the urban nomad worldwide. In this case, you don’t have to worry about a packing system that will solve your needs on the go, when you want something convenient for different environments. This is because Milano system is designed to meet all your packing needs. Since you can customize the different modules, you can make this backpack truly your own. Milano System supports your commuting lifestyle, allowing you to enjoy each new adventure.

The pioneers of the modular bag- idea fell in love with Milan city and its nomadic lifestyle. They were driven by a passion for quality and aesthetics. This founding team launched Modula Milano in 2019 to cater to the fast-paced lifestyle which requires products that adapt and perform beyond expectation. They created a modular bag pack that couldn’t be found on the market, a unique backpack designed to be your ultimate companion on all of life’s adventures.

For more information about Milano System, check out their Instagram page.