PR is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. In the world of online gambling, almost all businesses use a similar approach. Their first goal is simply to be visible in relevant regions. Operators in Poland want to be on as many gamblers use the site to find reputable online casinos. However, PR is so much more than an online presence. It is about brand identity and spreading the brand message. Most importantly, they want to build trust, as players need to entrust them with larger sums of cash. So, let’s see what some of the commonly used PR strategies in the world of online gambling are.

Authentic Casino Reviews

Honesty is something that all businesses want to embrace, and that means knowing how to handle criticism. This is why mixed reviews that aren’t entirely positive are better than dozens of 5-star reviews. It simply doesn’t look realistic that people have an overwhelmingly positive experience, regardless of the product or the brand. If you look at online reviews, it looks authentic. It has both pros and cons and doesn’t try to oversell the operator. It also shows that the operator is working on improving the experience and that they are not desperately paying for fake ratings.

Expanding Their Gaming Options

The best way to improve your online presence is to inspire word-of-mouth marketing and to do this, you need quality content. Land-based casinos started to expand and go digital in order to attract more users. Online casinos, on the other hand aim to create a more authentic experience by mimicking the content available in land-based counterparts. This is done through live dealer games:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Lotteries

This way, gambling sites make up for the only thing they really lack, social activities. Many even add poker rooms, allowing players to compete against one another. The goal is simply to get people together, and if they re-tell their experience, more of their friends will join in as well.

Marketing for Millenials

Younger generations are more vocal about their gaming experience. They also have higher expectations in terms of responsiveness as they have grown accustomed to the on-demand culture. So, it’s very important for gambling operators to cater to the demands of this user group.

First, they aim to provide slots and other games from top-tier developers. Additionally, they offer more gamified slots with more engaging bonus rounds. This is because lots of millennials play other video games, and they enjoy more skill-based content.

Lots of online casinos also have a live chat feature. This allows them to be more responsive and address issues immediately. In other words, they can turn things around and impress a frustrated customer with a swift response. After all, problems can happen in any business, but if you are quick to resolve them, the whole situation gets a more positive tone.

Online casinos also use social networks to communicate with their users. They are active on gambling forums and use tools to look for feedback on other sites. This type of omnichannel communication is great for PR, and it shows other gambling enthusiasts that your platform is with exploiting.

Reaching Out to Influencers

Methods That Online Casinos Use in Their PR Strategy

Vloggers are semi-celebrities, and they are a great way to promote your service to a niche audience. Viewers are already aware how sponsored videos, but they know that their favorite YouTuber or Streamer wouldn’t promote an operator that is not trustworthy. In fact, they will love your brand because it supports their favorite content creators. In other words, even if this isn’t a subtle form of marketing, it’s still a good tool for a PR campaign.

Furthermore, it’s way cheaper than reaching out to athletes and celebrities to be brand ambassadors. Lots of operators are small and can’t afford such expensive marketing campaigns. So, collaborating with influencers who have a smaller following is a perfect way to get noticed by relevant user groups. Often gambling sites even give the promoter a promo code so that their viewers are rewarded for not skipping over the commercial. Casinos also get better feedback on the conversion rate, as they can monitor how many users used the promo code.

Pros and cons of a good PR strategy for online casinos

Many companies go above and beyond to avoid bad publicity, and they will even give up on influential brand ambassadors if needed. The recent example with Kanye West only shows how PR is important, and that companies want to stay out of any unnecessary conflict. The same applies to companies in the iGaming industry. They want to build positive associations and avoid negative press. This is why user feedback and satisfaction are paramount. It will be difficult to get anyone to trust you after a string of bad reviews. Thankfully, with the right PR and marketing strategy, you can effectively address bad experiences and even turn them into victories.